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Category1:  Blue Angels - Beginning
Beginning/Intermediate Split (Thurs 7:00)Anna Ongoing Year Round ClassesFemale6 - 112(A) Beginner(4) Thu07/06/17 - Th7:00pm-8:00pm75.00
Blue Angels Beg. (Tues - 4:00)
Ages 6-9
Kaitlyn DavisOngoing Year Round ClassesFemale6 - 102(A) Beginner(2) Tues09/02/14 - Tu4:00pm-5:00pm75.00
Blue Angels Beginning (Tue - 5:00) Aissa KosseOngoing Year Round ClassesFemale6 - 121(A) Beginner(2) Tues08/13/12 - Tu5:00pm-6:00pm75.00
Blue Angels Beginning (Fri - 4:00)Anna Ongoing Year Round ClassesFemale6 - 82(A) Beginner(5) Fri03/10/17 - F4:00pm-5:00pm75.00
Blue Angels Beginning (Fri - 5:00)Anna Ongoing Year Round ClassesFemale6 - 121(A) Beginner(5) Fri03/10/17 - F5:00pm-6:00pm75.00
Blue Angels Beginning (Wed - 4:00 Ages 6-10)Aissa KosseOngoing Year Round ClassesFemale6 - 122(A) Beginner(3) Wed09/06/17 - W4:00pm-5:00pm75.00
Blue Angels Beginning Mon - 5:00)
Ages 6 - 9
Aissa KosseOngoing Year Round ClassesFemale6 - 91(A) Beginner(1) Mon09/09/13 - M5:00pm-6:00pm75.00
Girls Blue Angels Beg /Intermediate Class (Monday 7pm)
Ages 6-12
Kitrena WarrenOngoing Year Round ClassesFemale6 - 123(A) Beginner(1) Mon09/09/19 - M7:00pm-8:00pm75.00
Category1:  Flying Aces - Intermediate
Beginning/Intermediate Split (Wed - 7:00)
Ages 8 - 12
Jacque WilliOngoing Year Round ClassesFemale6 - 125(A) Beginner(3) Wed10/13/16 - W7:00pm-8:00pm75.00
Flying Aces Intermediate (Thurs - 4:00)Aissa KosseOngoing Year Round ClassesFemale6 - 104(B) Intermediate(4) Thu09/06/16 - Th04:00pm-05:00pm75.00
Flying Aces Intermediate (Wed - 6:00)Aissa KosseOngoing Year Round ClassesFemale7 - 143(B) Intermediate(3) Wed01/18/17 - W6:00pm-7:00pm75.00
Category1:  Rising Stars - Advanced
Elite Girls (Tue - 7:00)Kristin KowalkowskiOngoing Year Round ClassesFemale8 - 145(C) Advanced(2) Tues01/17/17 - Tu7:00pm-8:00pm75.00
Rising Stars Advanced (Wed - 4:00)
Ages 8-12
Kristin KowalkowskiOngoing Year Round ClassesFemale8 - 122(C) Advanced(3) Wed09/05/18 - W4:00pm-5:00pm75.00
Category1:  Tumbling
Teen Gymnastics Class
This is a teen gymnastics class for ages 12 and up. This is a great class for off season high school gymnasts!
Kristin KowalkowskiOngoing Year Round ClassesFemale12 - 1810--03/01/23 - Th7:00pm-8:00pm75.00
Tumbling Level 2/3 - Intermediate (Mon - 7:00) PERMISSION ONLY CLASS
Ages 10-17 - Must have a handstand, cartwheel, round off, front and back limber/walkover, and be working towards a back hand spring.
Jacque WilliOngoing Year Round ClassesFemale10 - 176(B) Intermediate(1) Mon09/13/21 - M7:00pm-8:00pm75.00
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