Welcome to The Annex! We are so glad you are joining us! Please complete the following registration form. After enrolling, you should receive an email confirmation from The Annex Learning Place. Then within a short time, you should receive a welcome email from the vendor. You can then submit either a purchase order through your charter (submit a purchase order to each vendor seperately) or contact the vendor for private pay. You can find the vendor info at

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                    PLEASE READ BEFORE ENROLLING!!

**We are NOT a drop off campus. Parent/guardian must stay on campus while your student is present.

*You must enroll through the Annex, NOT the vendor to attend classes.

*There is no registration fee for The Annex LP, only class fees payable to each vendor.

*If using Charter funds, please check to see, in the courses & descriptions, if the vendor is with your charter, BEFORE enrolling in the class.

*All open classes will appear in the enrollment page.  IF A CLASS DOESN'T SHOW UP, IT IS FULL.  Click the "show waitlist classes" if you'd like to see if there's room on a waitlist. If the class still doesn't show up, the waitlist is also full, Sorry:(

*Please only enroll in 1 class each hour. If you add your student to a waitlist, please don't join another class that same hour. Either join a waitlist or enroll in a class. One or the other.  If you enroll in a class and join a waitlist the same hour, your student will be removed from the waitlisted class.

*Please only enroll in classes you intend to keep.

*After enrolling, please make sure you receive enrollment confirmation BEFORE submitting payment or a charter p.o.  You will pay each vendor separately for each class. If cash pay, please contact the vendor for the best way to pay them. If using charter funds, please submit a p.o. as soon as possible.

*Payment must be made or Charter p.o. must be submitted before the 1st day of class.

*There will be NO REFUNDS after classes have begun.

*If you would like to change a class after the 1st day, there will be a $25 class change fee payable to The Annex LP. And remember there are no refunds after classes have begun. This is only fair to the vendor, The Annex LP, and the other students who may want a spot in the class.

*If you need to drop a class before the 1st day, please let us know immediately so other students have the opportunity to join. Email and request the drop. Drops can only be done by staff.

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