Welcome to Choice Education Network, Inc! We're thrilled to have you in our network! Please note that we have THREE types of classes/session dates: Co-Op courses (12 weeks); Academic co-op (12-15 wks) and Community Partner Programs (12-16 weeks). ALL COURSES are billed for the entire semester; however CEN allows for monthly payments. Families are responsible for the FULL AMOUNT regardless of payment schedules.

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Enter your family's contact information, names and birth dates of the students you wish to enroll, and select "enroll in classes." Filters can be applied to sort classes by age, time of day, day of week, etc. Please note the TIME as some classes are duplicated each hour.

CLASSES ENROLL AT FULL PRICE. Teacher rates, or other negotiated rates are MANUALLY adjusted after enrollment. Pay only your registration fee per student at time of enrollment if waiting for tuition adjustments.


Classes are a le carte and monthly installments are permitted.

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