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All ballet students in Les Sylphides (Pre-Ballet - Ballet VI) must also complete and turn in the Ballet Participation Agreement.

Costume money is due Mon, Dec. 17 4:00PM.

Enrollment and tuition payments for recital students of spring classes is due by Tu, Dec. 18 4:00PM. If you are not enrolled/paid by that deadline, no costume is ordered and the costume money is forfeited. Additionally, if you enroll after the Dec. 18th deadline there is a $20 per class late fee that applies.

Spring classes begin Jan. 2.

Installment Checks Agreement: If you wish to spread out payments over the spring semester with check payments, our Installment Agreement option allows you to pre-date 3 or 5 checks that will be deposited throughout the semester. Click here for details.

Signed forms and check tuition payments may be placed in our secured, curbside, white postal mailbox twenty-four hours a day. Please email us to notify us that you've placed your enrollment there prior to the deadline. Emails and tuition payments after the deadline are considered late. Cash tuition payments may be handed to Christine before the deadline.

Students re-enrolling for the Spring semester re-enroll in the same classes that they were in during the Fall semester.
The Spring semester is three weeks longer than the Fall semester, but the base rate remains unchanged.

Recital students must pay a Recital Participation Fee. The Recital Participation Fee is pre-loaded into your account. It is $52/first family student and $42/ for one additional sibling. The Recital Participation Fee is not eligible for a discount. This fee covers the expense of technical staff, rentals, other staff, production costs, etc. Even though the show is here at the studio, the expenses are quite high. So whether it is here or at Foellinger, we always have the same recital fee.

  • Christine Rich Youth Ballet Company students in Pre-Ballet - Ballet VI must enroll in Saturday Ballet Rehearsals (end of April - May) for this year's classical ballet in the Recital: "Les Sylphides". You will find the Ballet rehearsal tuition, listed in Saturday's section of the Spring Class Schedule.

  • Class Discount Discounts for tuition are listed on page 2 of the Class Schedule here.
    If you qualify for a Class Discount (see the Class Schedule), please take your discount off your tuition. Discounted tuition must be paid by cash or check (no credit cards) before the deadline. Recital Participation Fees do not qualify for a discount.

    You are required to submit the following form with your recital student enrollments: Student Enrollment Worksheet.

    If paying by credit card on your online portal (Visa, Master Card, or Discover), discounts on classes will not be considered.

    This completes what needs to be read for all returning students. For new students, please continue reading:

    All new families, and NEW families with students age 6 and younger, must initial, sign and submit a CRS Application AFTER you create an online account with us agreeing to our waivers and policies. Once you create your online account, select your dance classes, however, do not pay for them until you've been approved by us via email. Here is the CRS Application to submit. For age restricted classes our date used is Sept 1, 2018.

    Thank you.

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