Once registered for a class, you are responsible for the monthly tuition. Withdrawal from class is permitted with submission of a withdrawal notice to our front office. You cannot drop a class via online. All students/families must pay an annual membership fee for administrative and insurance purposes. This fee will be $20.00 per single child family or $30.00 per family of more than one child. This is not a per child fee, it is a per family fee.

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Auto Pay is run on the 1st of the month. Back up credit cards are run on the 9th of each month. A late fee of $10 will be applied to the account if tuition is not paid by the 15th of each month. All credit/debit cards that are run through RRVG will have a convince fee of $3.00 added per each approved transaction. Pay with cash or check before your payment date to avoid the convenience fee. To withdrawal from class, a notice is needed to stop payments.

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