UDP welcomes you. Call:403-253-4058 for assistance.Please ensure you complete all 3 steps. 1)New customers Register-Family+Student info:Current Address,Postal Code,Ph #s,DateOfBirth for each student. Existing Customers update info as needed via portal. 2)ENROLL each student in each class. 3)Provide Payment detail via Bank Account or Credit Card info. UDP will process payment shortly on your behalf, please choose either 'In Full' or 'Monthly' pymts for 10mth class. 10wk classes MUST Pay In Full.

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After completing registration, providing payment info & enrolling a student into class UDP will review & process payment on your behalf by whatever form of payment you provided. Declined payments for any reason are subject to a $25.00 penalty. Do NOT enter spaces, slashes, dashes, of any kind when entering Credit Card or Bank Account, Transit or Institution Numbers!!! Enter ONLY NUMBERS, do NOT place spaces in between numbers.

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