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Welcome To Premiere!  

Premiere’s most precious assets are our students, therefore in an effort to be proactive and protect your children, we have a security locking system on our door. Each dance family will be required to have either an access card OR a mobile app pass to scan at the front door in order to have entry access to the studio for classes. If a dance family will need additional access cards ($20 each) or mobile app passes ($15 for each additional phone) – these may be purchased at the front office.

Should you choose the Mobile App: 

Download the BRIVO Mobile App pass onto your phone (please note: there may only be 1 mobile app pass allowed per email address/phone.)  We will need the email address associated with the phone that will be used for entry access.  We will send you an email with an invitation to join our Brivo group.  This invitation is time sensitive and the link will expire after 72 hours.  Open the email and click “Add to Brivo Pass”.

Should you choose the Access Card:

If you choose this option 1 week prior to the start of classes, then your card will be given to you on the first class.   If at any time you lose or misplace your access card, it is imperative that you let us know ASAP so that we can deactivate the card.  Please do not write the studio name on the card, because if it is ever lost and falls into the wrong hands before we can deactivate it, that person would have entry access to our studio.  Dance families who loose their access cards will need to pay $20/card to have the card replaced.- this is one of the reasons we recommend the mobile app pass.  

Returning students:  If you have an access card from the 2022-23 season, you NEED to hold onto this card, as you will NOT be issued a new card for each season.  You will use the same card each season.  If you have lost your card from a previous season, you will be charged for a new card for the coming season -$20.

What we need from the "Questions/Concerns: comment" box below, let us know if you want 1 Access Card OR 1 Mobile App.  If you choose the Mobile App option, we will need the email address that is associated with the devise you will use to scan at the front door for entry access.

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