Allegro Dance Arts presents Meadville's very own Nutcracker. The show features dancers ages 6-18, actors ages 6-adult, and guest artists from the region. The show runs Fri., Sat., and Sun. of Thanksgiving weekend. Show times are Fri, Sat - 7:30, Sat, Sun. - 2:00. There are two school performances on Wed. Dancers are not considered "absent from school" for these shows. Dancers need to available 8-3 that Wed. Typically, this show is only: the Battle Scene, Snow, Soloists, and Mother Goose (not the Party Scene, Angels, or Waltz of the Flowers)
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Is Your child available to rehearse and perform Thanksgiving week, Sun-Wed, Fri-Sun?
If your child participates in fall sports, are they able to make 75% of their ballet classes, hip hop or tumbling class that is performing in the Nutcracker?
If your child is a teenager are they available to rehearse late evenings, Saturdays and/or Sundays?
If your child is younger, are they available to rehearse Saturdays and/or Sundays?
If you answered no to #3 or #4, or if you know of a scheduling conflict that your child has, please list here.
Additional Information:
Dancer agrees to attend all rehearsals. The following are considered "excused" reasons for absence: Death in the family, scheduled school programs required for credit, baptism, confirmation or dedication of dancer or member of immediate family, wedding in immedieate family, deathly ill or infectious.

Dancer will watch rehearsal in the case of injury or mild illness. These same rules apply to classes. Dancer may miss class if she has homework that needs to be completed in order to maintain grade point average. Dancer promises to contact Allegro of absence from rehearsal or class and provide letter by parent or guardian. Dancer understands that by missing more than one rehearsal per month, she will be removed from the show cast. Dancer further understands that by having more than two absences, sho may be removed from the show cast. Dancer agrees to make Sautrdays and/or Sundays available for rehearsals.

I've read the above and agree.
Standard of Performance
Dancer agrees to:

a.Be on time for rehearsals, classes, and performance.
b.Dress in class code for rehearsals and in costume for performance.
c.Wear hair and make-up according to requests of the choreographer.
d. Follow rules set by Allegro and the Academy Theatre.
e. be respectful, helpful, and positive in spirit, attitude and behavior.
f. Not gossip, write or otherwise communicate negatively about others or themselves in or outside of rehearsals or performances. Dancer agrees to discuss any dance-related problem with their parent or in a private meeting with the Allegro Director.
g. Be responsible for all performance and rehearsal items.

I've read the above and agree.
Reasons for Termination
The dancer will be given one warning if not abiding by above areas of agreement. If she/he is again in default of this agreement, she/he will be put on probation. If she/he defaults three times, she/he will be removed from the cast.

Resaons for immediate dismissal are smoking, drinking, or use of other illegal substances; behavior that causes physical or emotional harm to others or themselves; visible disrespect toward others of self.

I've read the above and agree.
Statement of Agreement
I fully understand the terms of this agreement, and agree to abide by these terms.
I've read the above and agree.
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