Have you ever heard the magical sound of a handbell? Ever wonder how they're played? Imagine the keys to a piano spread out on a table that you can pick up one or two at a time and play. Now turn each key into an individual bell in your mind and add a bunch of friends to do this with you. The results? Instant music and a great time with your friends. Come out this summer for a Handbell Camp and enjoy a great introduction to this instrument. Handbells are simple enough that you can learn how to play them in one lesson, yet complex enough that you can spend years mastering them. Our summer camp is open to people of all music levels, even if you've never played handbells or any musical instrument. The more advanced you are, the more bells you can get assigned to you! In our one week session you will learn several bell techniques and several songs to play. We will finish up the week with a miniconcert for our friends and families.
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