We invite your lovely little one to put on their most treasured tutu & join us for a TUTU TEA PARTY to celebrate TUTU DAY (2/2)! Delight your dazzling dancer with ballet class, crafts, and a tea party of course, with some of our beautiful DU Ballerinas. Photos of your tiny dancer with the DU Ballerinas will also be taken. Saturday, February 6, 2021 | 9:30am - 11:30am | Ages 3-8 | $35.00 Reserve your spot today! Covid-19 Information: Dancers will each have their own dance space within the studio and maintain social distancing at all times. During craft & brunch time, dancers will be given dedicated space to further ensure the safety of our dancers. Detailed Covid-19 information will be sent to each dancer upon receipt of registration. In the event that this event has to be cancelled Dance Unlimited for any reason, all fees for this event will be refunded
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We will be serving breakfast items to your student during tea time. Does your child have any FOOD ALLERGIES we should be aware of?*
What attire should my child wear? Our special guests should wear a leotard, tights, ballet shoes and their favorite tutu. Princess / Dress Up Gowns are also a wonderful choice.
Do I have to be a student of Dance Unlimited to participate? No, we welcome ALL AREA CHILDREN to participate in this magical event.
What if I don't have ballet shoes? Non Skid socks are also acceptable for this event. You are also welcome to check out our treasure bin of donated shoes.
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