DanceWorks Kenora is continuing to offer online dance classes over Zoom from May 4 to 28, 2020. These classes are open to current, past, and new students. Dancers do not need special dance attire or shoes. If you aren't sure of the appropriate class or level reach out to The suggested fee for unlimited classes in May is just $25.00 (includes HST). However, we do not want the cost to be the reason that anyone doesn't participate! The credit card information below is optional.
4:00pm - Conditioning - Strength
5:00pm - Ballet (Age 11+)
3:00pm - Tap (Age 6+)
4:00pm - Jazz (Age 11+)
5:30pm - Modern (Age 11+)
3:00pm - Ballet (Age 6+)
4:00pm - Pointe/Pre-Pointe
5:00pm - Ballet (Age 11+)
6:20pm - Conditioning - Stretch
3:00pm - Creative Movement
3:45pm - Jazz (Age 6+)
4:30pm - Tap (Age 11+)
5:45pm - Lyrical (Age 8+)
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All DanceWorks Kenora students, or their parent/guardians when the student is under 18, waive any and all claims that they have or may have in the future against DanceWorks Kenora, its legal representatives or assignees, all instructors, contractors, or other persons acting under its permission or authority, and all rental facilities or organizations.

Students and parents/guardians recognize that dance and fitness programs require physical exertion that may be strenuous and may cause physical injury and are fully aware of the risks and hazards involved. Students accept responsibility for listening to their own body, being aware of any physical conditions, and knowing that they are not obligated to follow the instructions being given and can modify instructions as needed for their own body.

Registration represents and warrants that the student is physically fit and has no medical conditions that would prevent their participation in dance classes, programs or workshops. The student and parent/guardian agree to keep the instructor informed of any conditions or injuries which may impact their full participation in class or performances.

The student and parent/guardian realize that at times an instructor may make physical contact with a student to bring awareness to an area of the body and to correct positioning. The student and parent/guardian agree to let the instructor know before class if the student would prefer no physical contact during class.

Parents/guardians consent that they are responsible for students in the studio building or performance venues both before and immediately after their student’s scheduled programming. Students age 12 and under should be escorted to and from the studio classroom.

The student and parent/guardian assume all risks of participation in the programs and related activities offered by the studio. I waive, release and forever discharge any and all claims or actions I or the student may now or in the future have against DanceWorks Kenora for any injury, death, damages or loss sustained as a result of participation in the programs offered by the studio. DanceWorks Kenora will not assume responsibility for any injury, losses, costs or damages resulting from participation in their programs or the related activities.

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Photo & Media Policy
DanceWorks Kenora students and their parents/guardians agree to the release of any photographs and video for the purpose of publicizing and promoting their programs and services, including posts on the studio’s website and social media sites. Compensation will not be expected.

Students and parents are not to photograph or record anything in the studio without the approval of DanceWorks Kenora. Images or videos that include other dancers should never be shared or posted online without permission from that dancer and their family.

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Supervision & Safe Space
With online training we remind dancers to be mindful of the space around them, to do what they can safely and with supervision. Parents, we ask that you monitor your dancers as you feel appropriate for their age and experience.
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