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If your athlete is attending guest instructor camp and would like to add 'Cheer Camp' on for the mornings/afternoons of your guest instructor days this is discounting just for you! 8:30-12:30pm Regular Drop off: 8:30-9pm Regular Pick up: 4-4:30pm Early drop off: 8-8:30am Late Pick up: 4:30-5pm The price you are seeing is your deposit. This is due now and the balance of $55 plus tax is due on Feb 27th by 8pm.
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Do you need early drop off? 8-8:30am If yes, which days? $2.50 per day or $10.00 for the week*
Do you need Late Pick up? 4:30-5pm If yes, which days? $2.50 per day or $10.00 for the week
Do you need both early drop off and late pick up? If yes, for which days? $4 per day of $15 for the full week
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The total of this ADD ON camp is $80 plus tax
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A Deposit of $25 plus tax is due at time of registration (now)
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Etransfer (, Password: Cheer)
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The Balance of $55 plus tax is due February 27th @ 8pm
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This deposit is non-refundable
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Regular Drop off and Pick Up Times
Drop off: 8:30-9am
Pick Up: 4-4:30pm

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If you drop off earlier or pick up later than the agreed time there will be a fee due to cover the staffing and administration costs.
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