Welcome to Introductory Large Animal Vet School! This fun hands on introductory 8- week program takes students through how to care for horses and farm animals. Covers safety, first aid, handling, restraint, bandaging, taking vitals, anatomy, identifying sick and injured horses, nutrition and more... The perfect program to inspire the youth to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Starting April 2nd 5:30pm - 6:30pm. Ages 5 to 8 6:30pm - 7:30pm Ages 9 to 17
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Absolutely NO smoking is allowed on the property. Due to the highly flammable materials found on a farm, smoking is strictly prohibited.

NO DOGS or PETS are allowed on the farm for the safety of our guest, and for the health and safety of the animals on the property.
I've read the above and agree.

I've read the above and agree.
Liability Waiver
Agreement For Acceptance Of Risk And Waiver Of Liability

I on behalf of myself and my child, hereby acknowledge and assume the risk of participation in any and all horse-related activities in association with the Royale Equestrian Centre including its owners, staff, and clients. He/she voluntarily assumes all risk of loss, damage, illness, or injury that he/she may sustain while so engaged or as a result thereof. He/she agrees to hold harmless, release, and indemnify the Royale Equestrian Centre and its owners, employees, and agents in any location where horse-related activities are conducted, horses and/or property are used, of and from all claims which may hereafter accrue on account of any injury, loss, or damage, which he/she may suffer, because of any matter, thing, condition, negligence or default whatsoever.

He/she hereby accepts the full risk and danger of any hurt, injury, or damage that may occur through or by reason of any matter, thing, condition negligence or default, of any person or persons whatsoever. It is further agreed and understood that he/she shall be responsible for and maintain related costs in the event of an injury to him/her as a result of his/her participation in any and all activities at the Royale Equestrian Centre. Liability insurance is also strongly urged.

He/she agrees to assume all expenses, medical, liability, or otherwise, arising out of any injury to him/her at either the Royale Equestrian Centre or off property including but not limited to horse shows, clinics or trail rides, and understands that the Royale Equestrian Centre does not provide health, accident, or liability insurance to volunteers in horse-related activities.

I realize that there are inherent dangers involved in sporting activities and that horseback riding and jumping, in particular, is a high-risk and further acknowledge the inherent risk in riding and working around horses, which risks include bodily injury to both horse and rider which can result from normal use, competition or schooling. In consideration of being allowed to participate at Royale Equestrian Centre, I agree to assume all risk and responsibility for the safety of my property, my horse(s) and myself.

In exchange for being permitted to participate in the above-outlined activities, for myself and/or my child. and legal representatives, I release and agree not to make or bring any claim of any kind against, Royale Equestrian Centre, Emily Bertrand, Dawn Patterson, or officials, employees, volunteers, representatives, officers and directors for any injury (including death) or any damages to my property, arising out of my participation in these dangerous horseback riding related activities.

The invalidity of any statement or waiver of rights above under local, provincial or federal law does not invalidate any other statement or waiver of rights above.

I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand and agree to the terms and conditions stated herein and that it is binding upon my executors, heirs and assigns.

I've read the above and agree.
Participant Responsibilities
Please review carefully with your child.

I understand that horses are independent living beings with their own minds and, as such, can never be entirely predictable. I understand that there are always elements of risk in Equestrian activities including permanent disability or death.
I am aware that at all times when in the stables or working around horses it is MY
-Be alert and respectful of horses intentions signalled with their ears and eyes and carried out with their teeth and hooves.
-Speak in a reassuring tone when approaching horses and avoid sudden movements or noises.
-Never leave horses unattended with the stall door open, in the stable aisles, while they are cross-tied, or in the riding area.
-Always lead horses properly with a lead shank.
-Always wear appropriate clothing including rugged boots.
-Pick up and replace tack equipment I have used in the barn or arena.
-Know the locations of emergency telephones, ambulance phone numbers, and farm staff on duty.
-Know all fire emergency procedures and never smoke or be intoxicated in the stable or allow others to do so.
-Read and obey all posted information and warnings.
-Comply promptly with all verbal directions of stable personnel, officers, and instructors unless I believe that by so doing I will endanger myself, other people, or horses, in which case I will immediately express my opinion to the person involved.
-Refrain from acting in any manner that may cause or contribute to my injury or the injury of other people or horses.
I am aware that at all times when riding, it is MY RESPONSIBILITY to:
-Never ride alone.
-Check all equipment and tack including the saddle, stirrups and stirrup leathers, girth straps, bridle, bit prior to use for signs of weakness and proper adjustment.
-Use proper equipment and attire including a regulation hard-hat with the chin harness snugly fastened at all times and boots with heels.
-Ride in control ONLY on horses rated with my ability level.
-Be constantly aware of, anticipate, and be able to avoid nearby horses, people, obstacles,
natural and man-made hazards.
-Never tailgate and always audibly alert riders and people on the ground in advance of changes in direction or when overtaking another horse.

I understand that this is only a partial list, and I must be safety conscious and exercise safety and judgment AT ALL TIMES.

ANYONE found to be endangering themselves, other people, or horses faces immediate revocation of riding privileges.

Please verify that you and your child have read and understand the above participant responsibilities.

I've read the above and agree.
To confirm your spot payment must be received by e-mail money transfer sent to
Password: lessons
Total with taxes for the 8-week program is $299.45 (with the exception of special offers)
Spots are first come first serve.
All sales are FINAL. There is NO refund for cancelled or missed lessons. NO make ups are provided for missed lessons.

I understand that I must arrive 10-15 minutes prior to my booked lesson time to sign in. I will bring a helmet or use one of Royale's riding helmets. I will be dressed for the weather with riding gear or long pants, rubber boots or similar footwear, NO OPEN-TOED SHOES (FLIP FLOPS, SANDALS, ETC.)!

I've read the above and agree.
I hereby authorize and consent that any images or video taken of myself and/or my child, in whole or in part, individually or in conjunction with other images, photographs, video footage in any format whatsoever as part of the above named program, event and activities as part of a collection of images of the Royale Equestrian Centre, to be displayed on the website, to be used for media purposes, including, without limitation, promotional presentation and marketing purposes. I hereby waive any rights to privacy and compensation, which I may have in connection with such use of my name and likeness, including rights that may be created in connection with any photographic or video production, editing and promotion therewith. I AM OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE AND I HAVE READ THIS WAIVER AND I AM FAMILIAR WITH ITS CONTENT AND I AM SIGNING THIS DOCUMENT VOLUNTARILY AND WITHOUT INDUCEMENT.
I've read the above and agree.
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