2020 5-Week Summer Ballet Program Application: BEGINNING BALLET

One application per student only. Application instructions are available on

NEW students should complete this form in it's entirety.

RETURNING students (those who attended or applied for a 2017-2019 CPYB summer program), click on the red link above to login to your Family Portal BEFORE completing this form for your existing account to be recognized. Please contact CPYB at 717.601.2840 if you need assistance with your username and password. Again, one application per student only.

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I understand all beginning ballet students are accepted into the program immediately upon application (if space allows).
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I understand upon submission of this form, CPYB will charge a $35 application fee, a $55 security fee and the $550 tuition against the payment information in my Family Portal within 48 hours of this application.
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I understand cash is not accepted as a form of payment. All application fees must be via credit card provided with this application or in the Family Portal. CPYB accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

I understand that it is my responsibility to notify my financial institution due to limits on my account or fraud prevention. I understand transactions declined for any reason incur a $35 decline transaction fee. ONLY if a letter from the financial institution stating the account was closed due to fraud is provided within 48 hours prior to the payment being processed will the $35 declined transaction fee be waived. Please visit to access the Refund Policy.

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