Sat, April 13th from 9:00 - 10:45am. Ages 8-10 years old The weekly Summer Classical Ballet Intensive is from July 15 through August 9, 2019. This is to register you for a scholarship audition and to enter the summer intensive.
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Dance Theatre International, a California corporation, its agents, owners, members, volunteers, participants, employees, contractors, and all other persons or entities acting in any capacity on its behalf shall be referred to herein as Dance Theatre International. I am not a minor and I acknowledge that by being a participant in Dance Theatre International related activities, I will have the opportunity to participate in various physical activities. I expressly agree and promise to accept and assume the risk of all injuries and damages, including all related costs thereof that occur during or in connection with my participation in any and all Dance Theatre International related activities. My participation is purely voluntary, and I elect to participate in spite of risks. It is my responsibility to seek my physician's advise before participating in such activities. In consideration of the services of Dance Theatre International, I on behalf of myself forever discharge, and expressly agree to indemnify and hold harmless Dance Theatre International from any and all liability, claim, duty, obligation, demand or cause of action relating to or in any way connected with my participation in any and all Dance Theatre International related activities, whether presently known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, including, without limitation, any such claims that allege negligent acts or omissions of Dance Theatre International. I have adequate insurance to cover any damages I may cause or suffer with participating in dance or other Dance Theatre International related activities. In the event my insurance does not cover any such damages, I agree to bear the costs of such damages alone.
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Use of Student/Parent Images
I hereby grant permission to Dance Theatre International to make movies, videos, and photographs of my involvement in any and all Dance Theatre International related activities and to use them for promotional and commercial purposes without any notice, recourse, or compensation to me.
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School Policies
- Level placement is based on attendance, skills, and strength.
- DTI is only responsible for students during their registered class time.
- Students may wait in the DTI waiting room.
- Students under the age of 5 must have a parent or guardian in the DTI waiting room during class.
- Older students should remain in the studio area until a responsible adult arrives.
- Students under the age of five wear leotards without attached skirts to encourage focus. Students may bring their own creative attire for improvisational free dance for the end of class.
- No gum or jewelry in class.
- All persons keep the waiting room noise and distraction free for students in class.
- Unlimited make-up classes are available during the Summer Preschool and Open Dance program. Students are limited to five make-up classes during the school year. Make up classes must be taken in the same dance style, same level, or lower level class by emailing
- Classes with less than five registered students are considered semi-private classes and are 15-minute shorter.
- Classes consistently with less than 5 students are rescheduled, combined, and /or cancelled.
- Students have 5 make-up classes per school year.
- Students who arrive late may be asked to sit out. Late students enter class quietly.
- Students must follow DTI attire requirements as posted at
- DTI may need to substitute instructors if needed.
- DTI reserves the right to cancel enrollment of disruptive or belligerent persons without refunds.

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