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Are you looking to keep your child busy during the P.A. Day Friday April 12th? Look no further. If your child is in Intermediate Gold level or higher and is interested in learning more about self survival and first aid come join us for a day of fun learning skills that could help save a life! 9:00am-11:30am - in the pool. Will be introduced to various skills offered in CANADIAN SWIM PATROL including but not limited to : - Learning types of victims - Best way to stay safe while assisting victim - How to navigate obstacles in the pool - Learning search and rescue techniques 11:30am-12:00pm - Shower and Lunch time We will provide pizza, juice/pop. If you wish your child to have something different we have a fridge and microwave available. ( if not finished eating can continue to eat their lunch while First Aid begins) 12:00pm-3:00pm - Learning Basic First Aid. This is a certificate course provided by the Lifesaving Society
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Medical Conditions
Individuals with serious medical conditions or developmental disabilities should be accompanied at all times by another individual with knowledge of their condition and who can provide immediate assistance if needed.
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Healthy swim etiquette
To ensure our facilities are kept clean and operate efficiently, all participants are required to:

Take a complete and cleansing shower (while clothed in the swim attire that will be worn inside the pool area).
Wear appropriate swimming attire or clothing that is different from the clothing worn to the facility.
Clothing should be light weight fabric and free from rips/tears, rivets, dangling strings, denim and zippers.
Bottoms must cover the buttocks area and must not be see-through.
Bring clean flip flops or sandals to wear on the pool deck. Street shoes are not permitted on the pool deck.
Refrain from using the pool when ill, or if they have experienced diarrhea in the past week.
Prevent pool fouling! Please refrain from feeding children or eating large meals before swimming. All swimmers are encouraged to visit the washroom before entering the pool.
Ensure children who are not toilet trained wear swim diapers made for swimming. These are available for purchase at the customer service desk.

Bring your reusable drinking containers! Only water in plastic bottles are permitted on the pool deck.
Ensure children are never left unattended.

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no person infected with a communicable disease or having open sores on their body shall enter the pool
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Releases Oakville Swim Academy and all of its associated companies, including but not limited to 1975106 Ontario Inc., and all affiliates, successors, directors and officers and heirs thereof, and/or the facility at which the student(s) attend lessons and/or events from all claims and liabilities whatsoever arising from participation in or attendance at one or more of Oakville Swim Academy's current or future programs by the undersigned, the undersigned's child(ren) or any associated spectator(s).
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Media Release
Authorizes Oakville Swim Academy to take photo's and video's of the clinic for promotional purposes on their websites, social media and other forms of marketing.
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Students that withdraw up until April 4 2019 can receive a full refund, after April 4 2019 will be refunded everything minus a $20 cancellation fee.
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