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Need something fun and exciting for your son or daughter to do while school is out for the day? Bring them to Stacey's Gymnastics for our School's Out Day Camp! Instructional gymnastics including the Vault, Bars, Balance Beam, Floor, Tumble Trak, Foam Pit, Rope Swing, Ninja Circuits, Cargo Net, games, crafts and more! Each camp has a specific theme to add some extra fun to their day as well. The day camp runs from 8-4p with a daily rate of $50. Please bring a sack lunch.
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Assumption of Risk
I fully understand that Stacey's Gymnastics staff members are not physicians or medical practitioners of any kind. With the above in mind, I hereby release Stacey's Gymnastics staff to render temporary first aid to my child, children or self in the event of any injury or illness, and if deemed necessary by Stacey's Gymnastics staff to call our doctor and to seek medical help, including transportation by a Stacey's Gymnastics staff member and/or its representatives, whether paid or volunteer, to any health care facility or hospital, or the calling of an ambulance for said participant should Stacey's Gymnastics staff deem this to be necessary.
I've read the above and agree.
Release of Liability
We, the staff of Stacey's Gymnastics recognize our obligation to make our participants and their parents aware of the risks and hazards associated with the sport of gymnastics, tumbling, cheerleading, dance and aerobics. Participants may suffer injuries; minor, serious, or catastrophic in nature or even death in rare cases. Gymnastics, tumbling, cheerleading, dance and aerobics can be dangerous and can lead to injury!

Parents should make their children/self aware of the possibility of injury and encourage their children/self to follow all the safety rules and the coaches' instructions.

Stacey's Gymnastics, its coaches and other staff members, will not accept responsibility for injuries sustained by any participant during the course of gymnastics, tumbling, cheerleading, dance or aerobics instruction, or open workouts, or in the course of any exhibition, competition, or clinic in which he or she may participate or while traveling to or from the event. With the above in mind, and being fully aware of the risks and possibility of injury involved, I consent to have my child, children or self participate in the programs offered by Stacey's Gymnastics. I, my executors or other representatives wave and release all rights and claims for damages that I or my child, children or self may have against Stacey's Gymnastics and or its representatives whether paid or volunteer. I also understand that it is the parent's responsibility to warn the child about the dangers of gymnastics and injury. The parent should warn the child according to what the parent feels is appropriate. Stacey's Gymnastics will only warn the child through "Safety Messages" and our teaching style and progressions.

I've read the above and agree.
Rules & Regulations
Uniforms/Dress code:
Girls must wear a one piece leotard or unitard (no skirts) for all gymnastics classes. Girls in tumbling classes are recommended to wear a leotard, but a snug fitting tank top and shorts is acceptable.

Boys must wear elastic waist shorts and a fitted T-shirt or tank tucked in for all classes.

No jeans, pants, belts, zippers, or grommets. No Jewelry is allowed. Hair must be pulled up away from face.

Pre-Team and Competitive Team are required to purchase a team leotard each year.
Parents must give a two-week written notice prior to withdrawing a student; otherwise, parents will be billed for the entire month. (Everyone must register for fall classes regardless of membership status.)

No credits or refunds will be given for classes missed. For your convenience, current students missing class (for any reason other than a scheduled holiday) are offered 10 make up classes per season.To schedule your make up class, choose a class you would like to attend for your make up. Call with the day, date and time that will work best for you to confirm availability. Make-ups can NOT be carried over from one season to another, and must be made up within 3 months. You must be currently enrolled in a class to participate in make up classes.
Fees are not prorated due to missed classes!

Valuable items should not be brought to the gym. Stacey's Gymnastics will not be responsible for lost or
stolen items. Items left in your vehicle should be kept out of sight. Please lock your vehicle.

Classes will not be held on the following dates:
Halloween: October 31, Thanksgiving: November 21-25, Christmas: December 20-31, New Year's Day: January 1-2, Memorial Day: May 27-28, Independence Day: July 4.
The class schedule is based on an 11 and 1/2 month year. Holidays are figured into the schedule.
Each class day receives 46 classes in a year; therefore, holidays are made up within our schedule.

Classes: Classes will start on time. Do not drop off students more than 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the class. Students must be picked up on time. Stacey's Gymnastics will not be held responsible for students after their class has ended. Students are required to stay inside until picked up. It is highly recommended that parents of children under the age of 4 remain in the building during class.
Any parent leaving the building during class must sign the sign-out sheet provided as to where they can be reached.

Visitors must sit quietly in the designated areas. NEVER leave children unattended in waiting area. Keep siblings quietly entertained during classes. No running, tumbling or rough housing allowed in waiting area. Please do not distract the children participating in the classes. Any interruptions could result in serious injury. Only children enrolled in classes will be allowed in the gym area.

Snow Days:
Stacey's Gymnastics does not always follow local school districts closing schedule due to inclement weather. Please call the gym 1 hour before your scheduled class time for a recorded message at (636) 327-JUMP. If you hear our regular message, we are open. Snow closings will also be announced on our Facebook page and by email. Classes closed due to weather are allowed to be made up.

Stacey's Gymnastics reserves the right to cancel a student's membership at any time.

I've read the above and agree.
Marketing Release
Occasionally Stacey's Gymnastics uses photos or video of its students in print ads, on its website, or other marketing mediums. I understand that my child's likeness may be used in such advertising. These images will be used for Stacey's Gymnastics purposes only and will not be given or sold to outside companies or individuals.
I've read the above and agree.
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