We are excited you have decided to join the Spice family! Please be sure you have read our Information Packet and Rules & Agreements found on our website. The tryout fee of $100.00 is NOT charged automatically when submitting your registration. Please allow 24-48 hours for fees to be processed to the card placed on file. Be sure you have enter the correct e-mail address, you will be notified via e-mail as to the practice group and session you need to attend for the team reveals! If you have any questions after registering you may e-mail us at
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Medical Release
I/we the parents/guardians of registered student(s) permit my child(s) to participate in dance, cheer leading, gymnastics, tumbling, or other physical activities while a student at PDCS. By granting permission of the said student(s) to participate in this program, I/we hereby assume full responsibility for the said student's personal safety and release PDCS, its supervisors and instructors, whether paid or volunteer, from any and all liabilities that may occur from any injury, including death to the said student that may arise by the said student's participation in this program. I/we understand that there is personal risk involved in any activity that includes motion or height and that these activities can result in serious injury, disability or death. I/we assume all responsibility and waive any claim for compensation for accidental injury, disability, and death while at PDCS or while participating in a PDCS event away from the PDCS training center. I/we furthermore hereby agree to hold harmless PDCS, its agents, employees, servants, whether paid or volunteer, against any and all claims which may arise while participating at PDCS. I/we have received and read the PDCS rules and regulations and agree that my child(s) will follow all rules pertaining to the gym, classes and instructors.
I've read the above and agree.
Team Placement Release
I, the parent and/or legal guardian, understand that my child will go through a clinic/tryout evaluation and selection process and that my child's participation in the Spice Program will rely on her/his skills, abilities, attitude, attention span, history in the program if applicable, etc.

I understand that my child will be evaluated by qualified judges/coaches approved by PDCS management. We the parent
and/or guardian and the tryout participant, agree to abide by all decision made by the judges, coaches, PDCS staff and management without argument. Upon making a Spice Team, my child has permission to participate in the Spice Program and I understand that by their participation in this program my child and I, the parent, must abide by all rules and regulations set forth by the advisers, coaches, staff and management of PDCS and Spice All-stars.

I, and my child/athlete/participant understand that evaluation is not only marked by the tryout dates but is a continuous process throughout the season. We agree to support the coach's professional opinions and the decisions they make.

I've read the above and agree.
Photo/Video Release
I hereby give permission for images of my child captured during regular and special activities through video, photo and
digital camera, to be used solely for the purposes of PDCS promotional material and publications, and
waive any rights of compensation or ownership thereto.

I've read the above and agree.
General Policies

Let us coach/instruct your child. We have their best interest at heart and hope that you allow us to do our job. We have our reasons for line placement, teaching, critiquing, etc. Our goal is to make sure every athlete excels and becomes the best that THEY can be.

PDCS Logos are the official property of PDCS. Any unapproved printing, monogramming, or use of these names/logos can result in dismissal from PDCS. We also ask that you do not purchase any merchandise that has our name/logo on it from anywhere besides PDCS. Logo approved merchandise will only be sold through the office at PDCS. This includes cheer squads, dance competition teams as well as marching. Support the gym that is coaching your Student!

No spirit wear of any kind may be designed, purchased, or distributed without prior written consent of PDCS Managers. All PDCS logos and PDCS Team shirts and/or spirit items may only be purchased through pre-approved vendors by PDCS. This does not include snacks, cakes, cookies, or consumable goodie bag items. In addition, no solicitation of any items while on PDCS property/social media groups will be allowed. Please support the facility that trains you child.

PDCS Staff may dismiss a parent/student for any reasons including these listed with-in the policies with-out any prior warning or notice given at the PDCS Staff's discretion.

I've read the above and agree.
Payment Policy
All customers are required to keep a current credit or debit card on file with PDCS. If the card on file expires or the customer wishes to place a different card on file, it is the customer's responsibility to do so before the 1st day of the month.

All charges at PDCS are billed on or about the last week of each month and become due immediately. Customers have until the 1st day of each month to pay the balance due on their account via cash, check, etc. All amounts remaining due on the 1st day of the month will be charged to the card on file for the account. Any accounts with a balance due after the 10th day of the month will automatically be charged a $15.00 late fee, and the student(s) associated with the account may be withheld from participating in activities at PDCS. This includes accounts in which the credit card transaction on their account is declined for any reason. There will be a $25.00 fee applied to any NSF Checks.

All extra Dance/Cheer fees placed on your account will be automatically charged to the card on file by their posted due dates. If you do not wish to have these fees charged the card on file then it is the customer's responsibility to pay these fees before the due date. If the extra fees cannot be processed by the due date then the student may be removed from that activity. Extra fees may include but not limited to "Extra Performance Fees", "Competition Fees", etc...

Each family account will have only one primary billing contact. This contact person will be responsible for all account balances. PDCS will not be responsible for splitting tuition or any other fees. The family account may have numerous other contacts listed on the account for notification/communication purposes. Family account information will only be discussed with contacts listed on the family account unless otherwise specified in writing from the primary billing contact. Monthly E-mail notifications that tuition has been posted will be sent out.

EXPRESS AGREEMENT TO ATTORNEY FEES, COLLECTION COSTS AND INTEREST/SERVICE CHARGE Any and all unpaid balances are payable to PAIGE'S DANCE & CHEER, L.L.C. or to another designated by PAIGE'S DANCE & CHEER, L.L.C. No interest shall be charged if the balance is paid in full within thirty (30) days from the date of invoice, completion of the service or delivery of the material or participation in the involved activity, whichever occurs first. Any and all balances remaining unpaid after thirty (30) days, per the above, shall bear interest at the rate of eighteen (18% percent per annum (1.5% per month). In the event this account has to be turned over for collection of principal and interest, or any portion thereof, including the making of formal demand or the filing of suit, then any and all attorney's fees in an amount not less than 25% of the total amount due, costs and expenses incurred therefor will be paid by the undersigned.

I've read the above and agree.
PDCS Team Practice Absentee and Late Policy
I, the parent and/or legal guardian, am aware that my child's participation in PDCS TEAMS involves mandatory practicing and that my child's attendance to practice affects the other team member's practice/improvement and that she/he must be present to all mandatory practices to avoid the following consequences:

All-Star Competition Teams
Competitive Teams are allotted 3 excused misses between August 1st and PDCS Recital.
ONE unexcused practice absence results in one pulled performance/competition (unless approved by PDCS TEAM Director prior to).
TWO unexcused practice absences results in dismissal from the team for the present competition year (unless approved by the PDCS TEAM Director prior to). The athlete is also not eligible for a PDCS TEAM the next season (unless approved by the PDCS TEAM Director prior to).

Show/Prep Teams
Show Teams are allotted 5 misses between August 1st and PDCS Recital.
ONE "FREE MISS" is an unexcused absence available to these team members anytime during the season.
TWO unexcused absences results in pulled performance (unless approved by All-star Director prior to).
THREE unexcused absences results in dismissal from the team program for the season (unless approved by All-Star Director prior to).

Late Policy - "Grace Period" - 1/2 of A Practice is considered a missed practice. Time is collected if needed to determine these minutes. Ex. 1 hour practice team - 15 minutes on 3 different occasions would result in missed practice. This is also enforced in early departure from practice. The PDCS Gym/Coaches clock is the time that we use for recording arrival times, and the only time that matters in this instance.

PDCS Gym/Coaches clock is the time that we use for recording arrival times, and the only time that matters in this instance.


I've read the above and agree.
Communication Policy
The majority of communication and notices are sent via E-mail and Remind text messages. It is the parents and students responsibility to stay up-date with practice times, event times, tuition notices, and all other notices, etc..

Since the Customer Portal is essential to communication with our parents and students it is very important that all information is kept up to date. This is the responsibility of the family contacts.

All concerns should be addressed with the PDCS staff via E-mail or appointment. Any concerns addressed on social media that can be deemed damaging to PDCS will result in the dismissal of the family and student from PDCS without refund nor prior written notice.

I've read the above and agree.
PDCS Team Excused/Approved Practice Absence Policy
Inform prior to practice. For absences to be excused the PDCS personnel must be notified in advanced via Absence Request Form. (Office hours 4:00 pm to 8:30 pm Mon.-Thur.). Please speak to management. Notification after a practice has started can result in an unexcused absence.

Sickness/injury that involves a doctor's visit with a doctor's note is excused (Professional 3rd party excuse is key to this rule).
If school was attended then practice should be attended.
THREE sickness/injury misses are allotted per season (unless approved by PDCS TEAM Director prior to).
Sickness/injury absences without approved 3rd party excuse will not be excused absences.

Scheduled appointment (eye appt's, dentist appt's, etc.) should not conflict with practices and are not excused absences (unless approved by PDCS TEAM Director prior to)
Excuses are to be turned in to the PDCS Team Coach upon their first practice back in the gym.

School Function
TWO per season are allotted. These are for Graded Functions, School Plays, Ring Ceremonies, Band Concerts, Etc. Only two per season will be allowed as excused absences. If it is an optional event, it must be approved by the all-star director prior to the absence to check for excuse to be valid.
MUST have a letter from the school on school letterhead stating the date and time of the event and a contact person, at least one week prior to the missed practice.

Death of a family member
A copy of the obituary or something equivalent stating the date and time of the funeral/visitation and the relation to the PDCS Athlete is needed for this to be an excused absence.

The above are the guidelines and standards we have put in place for we as a coaching staff, athletes, and parents to be consistent. Any other excused miss must be excused prior to the miss by the PDCS TEAM director.

I've read the above and agree.
PDCS Team Uniform Policy
Any and all parts of PDCS Team uniforms may only be worn during specific PDCS activities. The uniform may not be worn for any other activity without prior written consent from PDCS. No part of the uniform may be loaned to any person that is not a current team member.
I've read the above and agree.
PDCS Team Competition/Performance Attendance
I, the parent and/or legal guardian, am aware that my child's participation in PDCS Program involves mandatory competition/performance attendance and that my child's attendance to competitions/performances affects the success of the other team members. I understand and will abide by the following stipulations of performance attendance:

THERE ARE NO EXCUSED ABSENCES FROM A COMPETITION: If a PDCS TEAM Athlete (Show or Competitive) does not show up to competition/performance (without prior approval) or does not take the performance floor with his/her team, they are dismissed from the team program and not eligible for tryout/placement the next competition season.

Any competition scheduling conflict must be discussed immediately after the competition schedule is posted. If it is an approved miss, by the PDCS TEAM director prior to the competition/performance, it will result in an additional pulled performance for that athlete but their spot on the team will remain. Practice attendance is still mandatory during the time the athlete is sitting out of practice. ONLY SERIOUS EMERGENCIES will be considered for approval without the above consequence. Approval is given at the PDCS TEAM director's discretion.

PDCS TEAM Athletes are required to be present and on time to their teams "Check In" at competition. Tardiness to their teams “Check In” time may result in the following, athlete being moved in the routine, replaced with an alternate, moved to a non-competitive team, dismissal from the team depending on severity and occurrences of the tardiness. Check-in will be with the head coach of that team, designated staff, or team parent. A "10 minute grace period" is allotted. If athletes are late for multiple competitions they may be moved to a non-competitive team or removed from the program.

Parents must plan to attend any year end "Nationals/Finals" event that PDCS Teams may win bids to throughout the year. If teams win paid or partial paid bids parents are still financially responsible for covering PDCS coaches expenses.


I've read the above and agree.
PDCS Team Athlete Conduct
Practice behavior: I understand that when my athlete arrives at practice, she/he must have a positive, respectful and ready to practice attitude towards her/his teammates, coaches, PDCS staff, PDCS parents and PDCS students (the athletes attitude is judged by the PDCS Staff/Coaches).

NO JEWELRY is to be worn in the gym area.
NO CELL PHONES are to be seen in the gym area with an athlete.

All athletes should arrive in proper practice clothing, cheer shoes, and hair ties to be able to practice effectively. Failure to do so may result in the athlete "sitting out" of practice which may result as a absence.

Behavior Outside of practice: Be aware that athlete conduct outside of practice can impact participation in PDCS TEAMS. Females and males are to demonstrate respectful, courteous and good character behavior away from the PDCS facilities at all times. They must always remember that they are representing more than just themselves and their family, but also The PDCS Program/Family, its coaches, its directors, etc. No fraternization amongst PDCS athletes will be tolerated.

Attending other organizations: While enrolled as an athlete of PDCS Teams you are prohibited from practicing or attending any other training facility with-in a 75 mile radius without written permission from PDCS Managers. This is to show respect to our program and insure the safety of all of our athletes. Failure to abide may result in immediate removal from PDCS Teams.

Internet sites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.); We remind you that the following are not to be posted on the world wide web; Vulgar language, disrespectful comments towards authority or anyone else, indecent pictures, Alcoholic drinks of any kind, tobacco usage, harmful music, etc.

While in uniform or wearing any PDCS Apparel: There is to be no physical contact with the opposite sex, foul or vulgar language, involvement in tobacco, alcohol or drug usage, or any other inappropriate behavior.

Gossip: sharing of information to which you do not have proof or may be hurtful to someone else. This is not permitted in the PDCS TEAMS Program. Athlete violation of the above mentioned can result in athletic conditioning, dismissal from practice and/or dismissal from the PDCS TEAMS Program for the season or indefinitely. I am aware that this program and its decisions are based on Christian Ethics, experience in the industry, and a TEAM Concept and my PDCS Athlete will honor that to the best of their ability.

I've read the above and agree.
PDCS Team Parent Conduct and Responsibility
General Conduct - realize that as a parent/supporter, my behavior affects the success of my athlete, The PDCS TEAMS Program, and other PDCS Parents. I as the parent/supporter realize that my behavior does also affects my athlete's participation in this activity and I agree that if I have a question or concern, I will schedule an appointment with the PDCS TEAM director for discussion. I understand that my job as a spectator is to be positive and supportive at all times, and I understand that my failure to do so will result in the temporary or permanent dismissal of my child from any and all PDCS TEAM Programs. I am aware that this program and its decisions are based on Christian Ethics, experience in the industry, and a TEAM Concept (all decisions are made based on how they affect the team collectively, not just individuals) and will support the coaches/directors or PDCS for the duration of my and my child's involvement in PDCS TEAMS.

Gossip, Public Negativity and Coaching from the lobby area are not permitted. I understand that any time I have a question or a discussion is needed with the head coach and/or PDCS director about my child (not the team or anyone else's child) I will do so by scheduling an appointment with the head coach and PDCS director. I recognize that PDCS wishes to create a positive and pleasant lobby and gym environment and I will honor and encourage this environment for the duration of my involvement in PDCS Program.

Competition Conduct/Etiquette - As a program, we strive to instill the values of good sportsmanship in our athletes. In order to achieve this, we have to ensure that our parents and supporters exhibit good sportsmanship as well. At competitions, all PDCS parents are expected to conduct themselves with exceptional sportsmanship and courtesy for all athletes and spectators at the event. This includes, but is not limited to: remaining seated and quiet while all teams are performing, congratulating teams on their placement/awards, and keeping a positive attitude throughout the duration of the event.

Payment Responsibilities - As a parent/guardian, I have read and understand the expenses involved in this activity and understand that I am responsible for any and all balances owed to PDCS and (Tuition, Participation Fees, Uniform Fees, etc.). I agree to keep my child up to date on all monthly tuition fees, participation fees and uniform fees and understand that any and all fees paid to PDCS TEAMS are non-refundable. I am aware that failure to keep my child's fees and tuition up to date can result in late fees, my child's suspended participation in practice/s and/or can result in removal from the team.

I've read the above and agree.
PDCS Team Commitment
I am aware that by allowing my child's participation in The PDCS Program that we collectively are making a commitment to her/his teammates and her/his coaches for the duration of the season. In honor of that commitment, my child will be at all practices and competitions (unless it is approved in the absentee policy and/or by the PDCS TEAM director) and will be ready to support all team decisions set forth by its coaches and directors. This commitment is for the duration of the competition year (Tryouts through the final scheduled competition) and my athlete and I as her/his parent will honor this commitment. I understand if our commitment is not honored, my child (or other siblings) will not be eligible for the next season PDCS TEAM Tryout/Evaluation and that all moneys spent are non-refundable. I understand that if my commitment is not honored, I will be financially responsible for all fees and tuition within the duration of the season. I understand that PDCS TEAMS are a sport, which is a yearly commitment. I have committed to the PDCS TEAMS for the 2018-2019 season beginning June 2018 through PDCS Recital. I further understand that if my child chooses to leave the team or is asked to leave the program after team choreography for competitive teams and September 2018 for non-competitive teams, I am fully responsible for the remaining monthly tuition for the 2018-2019 season ending June 2019. I understand that there are absolutely no refunds of tuition, competition fees, merchandise, or any other participant fees if my child quits the team or is dismissed from the PDCS Program. I understand that we are entering into this program with our own free will.

There will be alternates from other teams on each team PDCS directors deem necessary. If a team member cannot fulfill their obligation to the team at any time, they may be temporarily or permanently replaced. This includes but not limited to tardiness, absences, dress code infractions, disrespect to staff or team mates, past due accounts. The use of alternates is strictly at the discretion of PDCS Program Directors. PDCS does not ask for many hours of practice but we cannot continue to be a top notch program unless every team member involved is willing to make a 100% commitment. The use of an alternate does not warrant a refund of any competition fees, or tuition for the time a team member is replaced by an alternate.

I've read the above and agree.
I understand that by mine or my child's failure to abide by the rules set forth in this contract can result in dismissal from all PDCS Programs. I am aware that the management of PDCS reserves the right of the dismissal of any student including my own for any reason stated or not stated in this contract if the management of PDCS feels it to be necessary. I also understand that these guidelines and standards have been put into place to protect the time, financial and work investment of the team members of PDCS TEAMS. By my signature, I am in agreement with the terms stated in this contract and will abide by the rules set by PDCS directors for the duration of this season and/or the duration of my child's participation in this activity. Please understand that Competitive Teams are TEAM SPORTS! These sport are set apart from other team sports in that the routines are designed for the personnel that make up that particular team (no second string or bench players are considered in choreography). So, each athlete is vital for the team's success. Due to the "team" nature, it involves much commitment and dedication from all its team members - coaches, athletes, and parents. Although these three groups have different rolls, their understanding and performing those rolls are all vital to the team's success (the big picture). Being part of any team (Ex. Sport, Family, Job, and All teams) requires that its members waive certain personal agendas, preferences and/or rights for the best interest of the TEAM. We have developed these guidelines over several seasons certainly not to scare anyone but to give us (parents, athletes and coaches) a standard to go by to protect the investment of many people and to allow us to do the absolute best that we can do in this fun sport of all-star/competitive cheerleading.
I've read the above and agree.
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