Juniorette Audition - Currently and continually enrolled in Ballet and Tap. Entering 4th grade through the end of 8th grade school year. Kicks must be nose level. There will be practice on May 20th 5-5:30 in which you will learn tryout material and proper technique. Auditions will be on May 21st 5:00-6:00
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5 Miss Rule for Elite Classes
I fully understand that I must not accumulate more than 5 absences. I am allowed 5 total.

Observation without full participation is considered a miss. Sickness, school functions, vacations, funerals, etc. are all considered misses. The only exception to this rule is an injury resulting in a hospital stay or severe injury thus producing a thorough written doctor's excuse. General doctors excuse for cold, flu, infections are NOT acceptable. Proper dance attire, including dance shoes in working order and hair pulled back for each class.
*Accumulation of 5 misses will result in immediate dismissal from this elite dance line.

If a student will accumulate more than 5 misses in an elite class and wishes to continue with the class make-up sessions can be scheduled through the instructor and a $25.00 private lesson fee will be charged.

I've read the above and agree.
Mandatory Choreography Sessions
I am fully aware that there will be Mandatory "Extra Practice" dates in 2017-2018. Please consider the strict rules of all "elite" dance lines before committing to tryout.


*Mandatory - no extra fee for extra practices. If you are not at these rehearsals, you will not be in the show! Dates and times to be announced. Watch your emails!
Be responsible & mark your calendars.

I've read the above and agree.
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