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I will be punctual and ready to audition (ex: leotard, tights, dance shoes, etc.). I may arrive up to 10 minutes early to stretch.
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Physical and Financial Commitment
I will not audition for more teams than I can afford since the Company requires both my physical and financial commitment.
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Allowed into the Studio Room
During auditions, only dancers auditioning are allowed into the studio room. NO EXCEPTIONS.
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Final Placements
Final placements are contingent upon the dancer's audition scores and attitude displayed during the audition.
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Placement or Elimination Notification
Dancers are notified about their placement or elimination within 7 days of the audition.
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Assumption of Risk & Release of Liability
I understand and acknowledge there is a risk of injury inherent in activities at the Studio and that personal injury and/or damage to property may result during participation in the Studio classes. I acknowledge that the Student is physically able to safely participate in the classes selected. I give permission for the Student to perform stunts, aerials, lifts or other activities, related to their respective class, at the Studio and in any and all performances. Account Holder agrees to assume all risk associated with the Student's participation in instruction, rehearsal, performance, and related activities. In consideration of receiving instruction at the Studio, I hereby waive, release and discharge the Studio, its officers, directors, employees, agents, successors, sponsors, legal representatives and assigns, from all present and future claims and liabilities of any kind, whether for bodily injury, property damage, or other loss of Student or Account Holder arising out of participation in Studio classes whether conducted on or off Studio premises.
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I have read and understand the Dance Company Audition Form for Expressions of Rhythm Studio and agree to abide by said policies.
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