Ninja Training Camp is either Friday 6:30pm-9:30pm or Saturday 2:00-5:00 (Please check dates available on Event Calendar) $35 per child. Dinner options include juice, choice of 2 slices of pizza (pepperoni or cheese) or 2 hot dogs. For boys & girls ages 5-12.
No jewelry. Must wear athletic/flexible clothing.

Ninja Training is designed to use gymnastics essential elements and obstacle training, combined with strength, speed, and creativity to traverse a series of challenges. Our ninja students will learn safety concepts and skills, obstacle and gymnastics movements, and develop coordination and cardiovascular strength and endurance. Each student will learn to conquer hanging, jumping, and balancing obstacles in 3 separate circuits. At the end of course, our ninjas will race through the courses and get timed on multiple attempts, hoping to break their own score.

Fee will be run at time of sign up. No refunds.

We're sorry but this event has been reserved.
Please review our calendar for another available date and time.
Thank you.