Welcome Westchester NY Moms! Join us for an event introducing you to one of Westchester's most popular children's facilities as we host an exclusive play event with the very popular children's entertainer Chloe from Chloe's Kids! The event will include open time in the PlayQuad and bouncy castle, 1/2 hour of musical entertainment in the gymnastics room, and refreshments. This event is geared towards children 3 and under but we will welcome older siblings who can stay in the PlayQuad area while Chloe is running the entertainment in the gym. The cost of the event is $10/child and every child in attendance needs to be registered.
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In consideration of my child participating in activities at Kids U, I agree to assume all risk and hereby waive, and release Kids U, LLC and its officers, directors, employees and instructors (collectively "Kids U") from any and all claims or causes of action for injury, damage or loss to the person or property of my child. I further agree to indemnify and hold Kids U harmless from any and all losses, claims or causes of action for injury, damage or loss in any way relating to or arising from any incidents occurring at its facility. This waiver and release is intended to be an express waiver and release from any and all claims against Kids U arising from my child's participation in any activities, including all claims or causes of action based upon the alleged negligence or gross negligence of Kids U. This agreement shall remain in effect as long as and whenever my child participates in activities at Kids U. I also grant Kids U permission to provide emergency assistance and obtain medical care in the event of a medical emergency. Further, in consideration of my child’s participation in Kids U activities, I grant Kids U the right to use and copyright photographs of my child taken at Kids U (but not his or her name) in Kids U print and electronic advertisements.
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Payment in full is required at the time of booking. The cost is $10/child. Each child who will be in attendance needs to be registered. Mastercard or Visa accepted. There will be no refunds or credits issued.
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