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Organization Defaults: Track Student & Staff Immunizations

A new Organization Default setting has been added to provide greater flexibility when tracking Student and Staff immunization information. Located under the Gear (icon) > Settings > General > Organization Defaults > Immunization Settings defaults to Immunizations. This can be changed to another preferred name that will appear throughout Jackrabbit.

Immunization data entered for Students in the Student record (Medical tab) and for Staff in the Staff record (Misc. tab) is accessible in these reports:

  • All Students (Students menu)
  • Class Rolls report
  • Who's Scheduled to Be Here report
  • All Staff (Staff menu)

Refer to Track Immunizations for Students and Staff for additional details.


Reports: Student Detail Report

The option to send a text message or a push notification, when enabled, has been added to the Student Detail report. Located under the Send a Message (icon) select from the menu to send the following:

  • Email
  • Push Notification
  • Text Message

Refer to the Help Center article, Student Detail Report for additional information.


Reports: Print & Email Statements

The option to select one or more students in a family, when generating statements, has been added to the Family/Account Search Criteria section of these two reports:

In addition, statements can be printed or emailed from a Family record using the Statement button.


NEW Integration: Yardstik

Yardstik is a background screening service fully integrated with Jackrabbit. Yardstik provides a convenient, streamlined, affordable choice for background screening. You can include screening for both existing employees and new candidates.

The standard screening package includes:

  • National criminal search
  • National Sex Offender Registry search
  • Office of Foreign Asset Control & Most Wanted Lists search
  • Address & Social Security trace
  • Current county of residence criminal search

Check out a new article and video, Employee & Candidate Screening with Jackrabbit and Yardstik for additional details.


Grids: All Families

These columns have been added to the All Families grid:

  • Contacts - lists the family contacts with contact and authorization details.
  • Jackrabbit Family ID - the unique ID number Jackrabbit assigns to a family (lower-left corner of the family record).
  • Customized Family ID - a family ID you can assign.

The columns default to hidden and can be added to your All Families grid view at any time. Go to Edit Column Settings > Columns and select the check boxes to add these columns to your grid.


Grids: All Students Updates

The Students (menu) > All Students grid has been updated with the following:

  • Student Name - The student's name is separated into Student First Name and Student Last Name columns.
  • Primary Contact - The primary contact name is separated into Primary Contact First Name and Primary Contact Last Name columns (select using Edit Column Settings).
  • Current Classes - A list of the student's classes is shown in a Current Classes column (select using Edit Column Settings).
  • Category 1, 2, 3 - The filters for Enrollment > Find Students by category > Category 1, 2, and 3 have been updated to be multi-select. This lets you filter for students by multiple categories.

Refer to Work with All Students - View, Search, and Take Action for more details.


Legal Policies: Updates for Policies & Policy Groups

  • User Permission Added - A new User permission, View/Assign Policies, limits access to manage policies and policy groups. Refer to Legal Policies & Policy Groups - An Overview for additional details.
  • Copy Policy Groups into Classes - Whether you copy an individual class or a group of classes it's now required to select Yes or No to copy the Policy Groups into the new classes. Refer to Copy a Single Class and Copy Multiple Classes at Once for additional info.


Reports: Student Detail Report

The Save as favorite and load a Favorite feature is available for the Student Detail Report grid. You can choose to save the grid as the default view and each time you run the report the grid view maintains the column selections and column widths.


Reports: Enrollment Detail Report

These options have been added to the Enrollment Detail report:

  • Search Criteria - Multi-select Category 1, 2, and 3 (hold the Shift or Ctrl key to select more than one category in the list).
  • Columns - Address, City, State, and Family Zip columns default to shown in the report. Use the Show/Hide Columns button to hide any columns in the report.

Refer to Enrollment Detail Report for more details.


Class Record: Push Notification Option Added

An option to send a push notification (when enabled) to a single class is available on the Email/Text Families page. Locate the class record, click the Email/Text Class button, select Push Notification from the drop-down menu in the Type field, and compose your message.


Parent Portal: Require Families to Reagree to Policies

You no longer need to update a policy to require parents to reagree in the Parent Portal!

Just follow the steps outlined in Step 1 - Create & Manage Policies to require your families to reagree to some or all of the policies the next time they sign into the Parent Portal.


Staff Record: Staff Availability Updates

An optional email notification setting has been added to Staff Availability. When a staff member makes a change to their availability and time-off, in the Staff Portal, you will get an email notification when Staff availability notifications is set to Yes and an email address is entered.

The setting is located under the Gear (icon) > Settings > General > Organization Defaults > Staff Availability Settings.

See Staff Availability for more info.


Resources: Filter Added to All Families & All Students

It's easy to find Resources in the All Families and All Students grids. A new filter has been added under the Open Filters (icon) to filter for the following (depending on the grid you are viewing):

  • Only show students/families with resources
  • Only show students/families without resources

Click here for more details about Resources in Jackrabbit.


Events: Text & Push Notifications Option Added

If you need to communicate with students enrolled in an event, use the new Email/Text Event button on the Event page. You can send text messages and/or push notifications when these features are enabled.

Refer to Add an Event Step 2 - Create Event Dates/Times for more details.


Family Record: Text & Push Notification Option Added

More options have been added to the Type selection drop-down list on the Email/Text Families page. If you have text messaging and/or push notifications enabled, you can select one of these options from the list and then compose the message.


Staff Record: Staff Availability Redesign

There is a new look and feel to the Availability (tab) in the Staff record. Now you can customize the colors and settings for staff availability and time off! Once scheduled, staff availability and scheduled time off are displayed on the Daily Calendar.

In addition, staff members with access can view and enter their own availability directly into the Staff Portal. This saves you time and effort!

Refer to these articles for additional details and settings info:


Executive Dashboard: Additional Alert Added

A link (Scheduled Tasks next 30 days) has been added to the Alerts section of the Executive Dashboard. Click the link to go to the Task Management page (Transactions menu > Automation > Task Management).

Automated tasks you schedule to post tuition and/or to process ePayments are listed on the Task Management page.


Reports: Who's Scheduled to Be Here Report

This report has been updated and the results are displayed in the new grid format. These grid options are now available:

  • Adjust Columns (Squeeze or Expand the grid)
  • Send a Message (Emails, Push Notifications & Text Messages when enabled)
  • Print and Export to Excel
  • Save as Favorite/Load Favorite

Refer to Who's Scheduled to be Here Report for additional details.


Archived Student Enrollment History

There is no longer a need to run enrollment reports before you archive students to the Lead File. Archived student enrollment information is now included in these enrollment reports:

If a student dropped a class and was archived to the Lead File, their information will be listed in the Class record > Drop List (tab).


New! Jackrabbit Resource Center

Announcing a new Jackrabbit in-app Resource Center! Click the megaphone icon located in the upper right-hand corner of any page to access a wide variety of helpful Jackrabbit information including:

  • Guide Library (Feature overviews and tutorials)
  • Latest Enhancements (What's new in Jackrabbit)
  • News & Events (Featured blogs, events & offers)
  • Trainings & Video Library (On-demand webinars and tutorials)
  • Submit your Ideas (Jackrabbit Idea Portal)


Legal Policies: Create Unlimited Policies for Your Business

Policies and Policy Groups are easy to set up and provide you with great flexibility! You can create specific policies for classes, summer camps, competition teams, billing, etc.

Follow the 4-step process as outlined in Legal Policies & Policy Groups - An Overview:


Parent Portal: Post Registration Fees

A new menu item located under the Gear (icon) > Settings > Registration Fees* gives you additional options for registration fees.

Now you can post registration fees in the Parent Portal for existing families. In addition, for our clients who use ePayments, you can collect registration fee payments during checkout in the Parent Portal.

Refer to Post Registration Fees for more details.

*The settings for registration fees defaults to NO. Any existing fee settings have been migrated to this new Registration Fees page.


Staff Portal: Display Student Disabilities & Immunization Info

Settings have been added to display Student record Disabilities and Immunization information in the Staff Portal. When enabled, the information entered in those fields is displayed in the Staff Portal > Manage Classes > Attendance > Details.

A red medical icon (hover help) next to a student's name in the Staff Portal indicates the info listed for the student. Refer to General Staff Portal Settings for more information.


Parent Portal: Add Student Resources for Parents

Resources (files and links) can be added to an individual student and viewed in the Parent Portal. This option allows you to provide progress reports, documents, and other private information in the secure portal.

CLASS EDITION ONLY: Refer to Add a Student Resource to the Parent Portal for additional details.


ePayments: Receipt Text Editor Updated

The ePayments email message editor for transaction notifications has been upgraded and gives you additional editing options to add color, change font sizes, and more.

CLASS EDITION: Go to the Gear (icon) > Settings > ePayments > Email Notification Settings > Manage Settings > Email Notifications for Approved, Declined, Voided, and Refunded Transactions.

CARE EDITION: Go to Tools > ePayment Settings > ePayments > Email Notification Settings > Manage Settings > Email Notifications for Approved, Declined, Voided, and Refunded Transactions.


Grids: Active Staff

Two new enhancements have been added to the Active Staff grid:

  • Emergency Contact is in the column selection list. The information entered into the Staff Record > Summary tab > Emergency Contact field will display in the grid when the column is checked in the list.
  • Column widths are adjustable.

CLASS EDITION ONLY: Refer to Active Staff for more details.


Transactions: View Recent Tuition Fees & ePayments

For a quick look at all your recent transactions go to the Transaction (menu) > Recent Transactions and select from one of the following:

  • Tuition Fees
  • ePayments

For both options, click the Details link to open a new page with additional information about the transaction.



ePayments: Automate Your ePayment Processing Tasks

It's here and very exciting! Automate your ePayment tasks and process all ePayments (credit cards and bank accounts) at the same time! There is no limit to the number of ePayments you can process!

Located under the Transactions (menu) > Process ePayments, select how you want to handle your ePayment processing:

  • Process Now - Continue the standard way, preview your ePayments and process them immediately.
  • Process Later - Create a schedule to automatically run your ePayments processing task: daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever fits your business best!

Refer to Automate ePayments - Schedule ePayments to Process Later for all the details.


Grids: All Students Filter Added

An additional filter has been added to the filter drawer in the All Students grid. Now you have the option to filter the grid for enrollment by days of the week (Enrollment > Find students by days > select the days of the week and click Apply).


Parent Portal: Schedule Makeup Message

If you allow makeups to be scheduled in the Parent Portal, you can customize the message that appears at the bottom of the Available Makeups window. Go to the Gear icon > Settings > General > Organization Defaults > Parent Portal Absence & Makeup Settings > Schedule Makeup Message and enter your customized message to parents.

Refer to Parent Portal Absence & Makeup Settings - Organization Defaults for more details.


Grids: Single Click to Adjust Grid Column Widths

You can now adjust the width of the columns in most of the grids with a single click!

Click the new Adjust column (icon) > Squeeze grid (top-right of the grid), the columns will squeeze together and all the data in the grid will be viewable on the page. This view can be saved as a default or favorite view.


Parent Portal: Enhancements

Check out these new Parent Portal enhancements:

  • Email Notifications for Scheduled Absences - an additional Absence Notification setting has been added under the Gear (icon) > Settings > General Settings > Organization Defaults > Parent Portal Absence & Makeup Settings (section) > Absence Notifications. When set to YES, Jackrabbit will send an additional email notification to the email address you enter advising that an absence has been scheduled.

    Refer to Parent Portal Absence & Makeup Settings - Organization Defaults for more details.

  • View Details Link in Class Card - a link has been added in the My Schedule section of the Parent Portal for active students. A parent can click the View Details link to read the class description. (This enhancement is included for Care Edition)


Grids: Active Staff

The List Active Staff (Staff menu > Active Staff) page has been updated with a new title, Active Staff, and the information is presented in a grid format. Use the More icon located to the top-right above the grid to Print or Export to Excel.


Spot TV: User Permission Added

A User permission has been added for Spot TV. This permission defaults to ON, uncheck the permission if you do NOT want a User to make changes to your Spot TV setup.

Refer to Spot TV - Offer Online Streaming to your Families! for more details.


Email Student Schedules: Class Status Filter Added

A new filter, Class Status, has been added to Email Student Schedules under the Students (menu). The new filter (located in the Schedules section) defaults to Active, you have the option to change the selection or select multiple statuses.


Costume Management: Duplicate Fee Detection Added

If you use Costume Management (located under the Classes menu) to post fees for costumes, you can now check for duplicate fees. This enhancement identifies if a fee was previously posted and will not repost the same costume fee.

At the bottom of the Post Deposit/Balance page, select a specific Transaction Date or set a Duplicate Check Date From/Through range to search for duplicates. The Post Class Item Fees results page highlights previously posted deposits.

Refer to the Help Center article, Post Costume (Apparel Fees - Deposits and Balance Due for more details.


Grids: All Students & All Classes

A group of column filters have been updated to give you the option to type in a date (MM/DD/YYYY) to filter the grid. These columns include:

  • Students (menu) > All Students > DOB (Date of Birth column)
  • Classes (menu) > All Classes > Registration Start DateStart Date, and End Date


User Permissions: Task Management Permission

A new permission has been added to allow you to limit Users who can work with the Task Management feature located under Transactions (menu) > Automation > Task Management.

This permission is defaulted to ON:

  • Category: Automation
  • User Permission: Task Management
  • Description: Edit, Pause, or Delete an Automation Task

Uncheck the Setting in User Permissions and the User will be limited to "view only" on the Task Management page.

Refer to Permissions for Jackrabbit Users for more details on User Permissions.


Sent Emails Report: Updated to Search for One Year

Sent emails now remain accessible and can be viewed in the system for 365 days (previously 6 months). 

See Sent Emails for more details on this report.


Increased Waitlist Visibility

A new section has been added to the Classes tab of the Student and Family records listing the details of any waitlists the student, or students in a family, are on.


Reports: Who's Scheduled to Be Here Report

Additional Search Criteria has been added to this report:

  • Enroll Type - Select from the drop-down list if applicable. Leaving it blank is the same as selecting all. Drop-down lists are created from the Gear (icon) > Settings > General > Drop-down Lists (left menu) > Student > Enroll Type.
  • Enrolled in Session - Select which session you would like to filter for or leave blank to select all.

Refer to Who's Scheduled to Be Here Report for more details.


Staff Record: View Emails Sent to Staff

A new button, View Sent Emails, has been added to the Staff record. Just click the button to open an Email History pop-up window with a list of emails sent to the staff member. Click the View link to see a copy of the email the staff member received.


Reports: Staff Portal Log

An additional column has been added to the Staff Portal Log report. The new column, Sign In, indicates if the staff member logged in from within Jackrabbit (Internal) or used a link or URL bookmark (Remote).

See Staff Portal Log for more details on this report.


Tuition Posting: Automate Tuition Fees to Post Later

Use the new automation scheduler to set and post fees on a regular schedule or a one-time post. No more need to set a reminder for yourself to post your tuition fees weekly or monthly! Schedule it once and let the Jackrabbit Scheduler do the rest!

Some key highlights of this new feature:

  • Select when you want to post your tuition fees (weekly/monthly).
  • Options to post to all or just some of your families.
  • Customize the cycle for posting tuition fees.
  • Receive an optional email reminder when tuition is set to post.
  • The Task Management page shows details of your schedule.
  • View, edit, pause, or delete a scheduled task.

See Help Center article Automate Tuition Posting - Schedule Fees to Post Later for more information.


Parent Portal: Additional Settings Added

These settings have been added for the Parent Portal:

  • Allow a credit card to be saved without payment made - If parents are NOT required to make payments in the Parent Portal when enrolling a student, you can allow a credit card to be saved. These settings are found under the Gear (icon) > Settings > ePayments > Credit Card & Bank Account Settings > Manage Settings > Parent Portal Settings. Set Can parents make payment through the Parent Portal? to No and set Do you require parents to save a payment method before enrolling in classes? to Yes.

  • Exclude a class from payment in the Parent Portal - This new setting is located on a Class record > Summary tab. A fee is posted to the account; however, no payment is required in the Parent Portal during enrollment. This option has been added as additional search criteria for Classes (menu) > Edit All Classes.


Staff Portal: Guided Staff Portal Setup

The steps in the Guided Staff Portal Setup have been reordered to improve the workflow. The steps start with global Staff Portal settings and end with sending login information emails to your staff.

See Help Center article Guided Staff Portal Setup for details.


Parent Portal: Require Payment in Parent Portal (Optional)

This new feature, available for Jackrabbit clients who use ePayment processing, allows you to require payment when parents enroll students in classes or events in the Parent Portal. This is a huge timesaver!

  • Enrollment and payment in real-time
  • Transactions are posted immediately
  • Payment is made and linked to the fee automatically

Refer to Require Payment in the Parent Portal for more details.

Please note: This is ONLY for enrollments made through the Parent Portal.  It does not apply to NEW family registration/enrollments made via your Online Registration form.


My Account: Gear (icon) > Account > My Account

The My Account page has been enhanced to show your billing tier, total students, organizational details, and more:

  • Organizational Details (default view, includes ID, Name, Status, General address info, email, and website address).
  • Billing (all your billing details and a link to your Billing Portal).
  • Marketing Communications (check the information you are interested in receiving).

Refer to My Account - Organizational Details, Billing, and Marketing for more details.


Email: Email Enhancement

Sent emails are now retained for 365 days. Sent emails can be found on the Family record > Misc. tab > View Sent Emails button.


Parent Portal: Optional Category 1 Settings Added

Settings have been added to allow you to display Category 1s in the Parent Portal.

  • Class Enrollment Settings - Show Category 1 Value, when checked, adds a Category 1 column under Classes.
  • My Classes - Show Category 1 Value, when checked, shows a Category 1 on class cards.
  • Communication - Show Category 1 in Email Confirmation, when checked, shows Category 1 on email notifications and enrollment receipts.

The Help Center article, Set Up your Parent Portal has been updated with this information.


New Menu Update: New Simplified Menu Finalized

Thank you! You provided us with main menu feedback and we listened! The final menu has been completed.

Here are a few key updates that require fewer clicks and will simplify your tasks:

  • All main menus have a related reports option at the bottom of the drop-down list. For example, go to Families (menu) > Family Reports, this will open the Families/Students reports and you can click the report you need. Don't forget to click the outline heart to make a report one of your favorites.
  • Reports you designate as favorites will be listed under the Reports menu with a red heart. There is NO LIMIT, add as many as you like!
  • Costume Management and Skills have been relocated under the Classes menu.
  • Recital can be found under the Events menu.
  • Store is one of the main menu selections.

Refer to Classic Menu to the New Simplified Menu - A Map of the Changes for more detailed information. All related Help Center articles have been updated with the new menu information.


Online Registration: Flexible Registration Fee Option

Now you can select which classes will have a Registration Fee for your families when they sign up online for classes. There are 2 settings required for this action to occur:

  • The check box in the Class Record (Summary Tab) for Has a Registration Fee? is checked.
  • Select Yes for Post Registration Fee(s) in the Registration Fee Settings section in your Online Registration Settings.

Note: The Online Registration Settings control if the Registration Fee is charged. When this is set to No, no registration fee will be processed even though the check box in the Class Record is checked.


Classic Menu Update: Classes (menu) > All Classes

All Classes (NEW) has replaced List All Classes under the Classes (menu). This is a terrific opportunity to start using the powerful grid, just like you do with the All Families and All Students grids! The grid features the following:

  • View interactive class data visuals, click sections to display the class info in the grid
  • Filter classes, save and load your favorites
  • Sort, perform searches, and move columns
  • View classes in calendar formats (daily, weekly, room view)
  • Send messages, add classes, and perform mass actions
  • Use the row menu to edit and make changes to individual classes

Refer to Work with All Classes - View, Search, and Take Action for more details.


New Menu Updates: Families & Classes Menus

The Lead File is now easily accessible with one-click under the Families (menu). It was previously located under the Gear (icon) > Settings.

Add Class has been added as an option under the Classes (menu). Select Add Class from the menu to open an Add Class window. Additionally, a class can be added from the All Classes grid using the Add New Class (icon).


Tax Enhancements: Tax Columns Shown on Receipts

Effective with today’s release, all ePayment and payment receipts will automatically include a tax column when taxes are applicable.

Additionally, the Parent Portal > Billing & Payments > Recent Activity and Full Transaction History will show a tax column when the Show Tax setting is selected in the Parent Portal Settings > Fees & Payments section.


Grids: All Families & All Classes

Families (menu) – A Credit Card (CC) Expiration Date column has been added as an option to the All Families grid. To view this column in the grid, use the Column Menu (icon) > Columns and select the check box for CC Expiration Date.

Classes (menu) – A Registration Start Date column has been added in the default view for the All Classes grid. In addition, Duration is an additional show/hide option in the grid. To see this column in the grid, use the Column Menu (icon) > Columns and select the check box for Duration.


Search ePayment Transactions: New Options Available

From the Transactions (menu) > Search, select one of the ePayment options along with a Transaction Date range:

  • All - all ePayment transactions will display.
  • Successful Only - successful ePayment transactions will display.
  • Declined Only - declined ePayment transactions will display.

Refer to Find Declined ePayment Transactions for more information.


New Menu Update: Classes (menu) > All Classes

The All Classes page, like All Families and All Students, provides you with a comprehensive view of all the classes in your organization. On the All Classes page you can do the following:

  • View class data visuals, click sections to display the class info in the grid.
  • Filter classes, save and load favorites.
  • Sort, perform searches, and move columns in the grid.
  • View classes in calendar formats (daily, weekly, and room view).
  • Send messages, add classes, and perform mass actions.
  • Use the row menu to edit and make changes to individual classes.

Refer to Work with All Classes - View, Search, and Take Action for additional information.


New Menu Update: Families (menu) > Email/Text Families

A menu item has been added to the New Simplified Menu under Families to give you an additional email option.

Go to the Families (menu) > Email/Text Families to open the Email/Text Families page. This enables you to compose an email and select multiple criteria:

  • Family/Student Search Criteria
  • Class Search Criteria
  • Recipients selection

Refer to Email Families for more details.


Grid Updates: All Families, All Students, and All Classes

Column Search Added
A Column Search field has been added below the column header in the All Families, All Students, and All Classes pages. Use the column search, when available, to quickly locate information in the column. Click the red x to remove the search phrase.

Send Message (icon) Updated
Send an email, a push notification (for customers with Mobile Inventor), or a text message from one location on the page. Select the recipients in the grid and click the Send Messages (icon) to access the drop-down menu and choose the action you would like to take.


More Grid Updates: Action Buttons Moved

The Print and Export to Excel buttons have been modified and added to the drop-down list under the More (icon). In addition, the Refresh Grid (icon) has been moved. These actions, when available, are found above the grid to the right in the following:

Class/Event Revenue Summary Report
Notes in Jackrabbit
Sent Emails Report
Staff/Instructor Certifications
Student Detail Report
Tuition Not Posted Report

Related Help Center articles have been updated to reflect this information.


Grid Updates: Families (menu) > All Families and Students (menu) > All Students

Both the Print and Export to Excel options have been moved to one location under the More (icon). In addition, the Refresh Grid (icon) has been moved. These can all be found, above the grid to the right, next to the Send Message (icon).

Refer to Work with All Families and Work with All Students for more details.


New Menu Update: Families (menu) > Quick Registration

The Quick Registration option has been added to the Families (menu) drop-down list.


Reports: Drop History Report

Under Search Criteria in the Drop History Report > Show Drops, you can now multi-select from the drop-down list. Refer to Drop History Report for more details.


Copy Classes: Copy Virtual Links & Resources

When you copy a single class or copy multiple classes at the same time, you now have the option to copy the class resources and the virtual class/video information.

Refer to Copy Multiple Classes at Once and Copy a Single Class for more details.


Staff Portal: External Staff Portal Link Added

A Copy Portal Link button has been added to the top right of the Staff Portal Settings page. Click the link to save it to your computer's clipboard and paste the link in an email or text to share with your staff.


Multi-Class Discounts: Number of Discounts Increased to 20

If you offer multi-class discounts to your families, the limit for the number of classes has been increased to 20. The previous limit was 6.

Refer to Create/Add a New Class Discount Rule for more details.  

This will go into effect Dec 1


Grids: Select Grid Data to Perform Mass Actions

There are 3 options to select grid data to perform mass actions on these pages: Families > All Families, Students > All Students, and Classes > All Classes (Beta).

  • Leave the check box in the 1st column unchecked and all rows of grid data are selected.
  • Select individual checkboxes.
  • Select the check box in the 1st column header and the data displayed on the page is selected (max. 250/page).

Refer to Work with All Families - View, Search, and Take Action and Work with All Students - View, Search, and Take Action for more detailed information.


Grids: Column Functionality Updated

When you Save a Favorite in All Families, All Students, and All Classes (Beta) these column attributes are saved:

  • Column width
  • Columns in locked positions
  • All your sort preferences

In addition, if you use the sorting function for columns, the column width will adjust automatically so you can see the sort and the sort number:

Refer to Work with Grids (Tables) in Jackrabbit for more information on grids.


Grids: Additional Features Added

These features have been added to some grids:

  • Save Column Placement - when you click the Save a Favorite (icon) on an All Families, All Students, or All Classes page, the column placement is saved along with your filtered criteria. This Save a Favorite (icon) is located on the top right of the page next to the filter.
  • Add a Note - on the All Families page, you can now add a note for an individual family. Select the check box in the 1st column of a family row, click the Row Menu, and select Add a Note.

  • All Classes (Beta) - a Data Visual has been added for Classes by Location. The Data Visual is interactive and for customers with more than one location, you can click to display the classes by each location in the grid. More Data Visuals will be added shortly!



Parent Portal: Charitable Donations Added to Select Reports

Now that Jackrabbit offers the ability to collect charitable donations from your families using the Parent Portal, you can also pull report information on the donations with these reports:

  • Revenue Summary Report - Display settings for Show Charitable Donations has been added.
  • Revenue Snapshot Report - Charitable Donations are listed in the report automatically.
  • Paid Fees Summary Report - Display settings for Show Charitable Donations has been added and defaults to Yes.

Refer to Accept Charitable Donations in Jackrabbit for more details.


Simplified Menu Beta Release

Introducing a new simpler menu for Jackrabbit! We encourage you to give it a try and toggle the new menu on, located at the top right side of the page in Jackrabbit. Try it today!

  • Get the data you need faster.
  • Simplify your tasks.
  • Provide real-time feedback.
  • You choose to turn in on and off with the toggle:

Refer to the Help Center article: Classic Menu to Simplified Menu - Where is it now? for more details on the new menu.

Watch the Jackrabbit Menu Bar video for additional information.


Parent Portal: Collect Charitable Donations

Jackrabbit now offers the ability to collect charitable donations from your families in the Parent Portal.

  • Swim Clients - Jackrabbit has an exclusive agreement with the Hope Floats Foundation and default settings have already been set up for you.
  • All Other Clients - You have the option to select a charity of your choice.

Refer to Accept Charitable Donations in Jackrabbit for more information.


Grids: Column Multi-Sort Functionality

All Families and All Students now support multi-sorting for columns in the grid. For example, in All Families, click on the Family column header to sort the column in ascending order (A-Z), then click on the Status column title and the grid will be sorted by Family (A-Z) and all Active families will be listed first in the grid.

Refer to Working with Grids in Jackrabbit for more details.


Parent Portal: Additional Class Makeup Settings Added

These additional makeup settings are now available:

  • Makeup Date Lead Time - This setting allows you to select the amount of lead time you require when makeups are scheduled in the Parent Portal.
  • Makeup Success Message - Create a custom message that will display in the Parent Portal when a makeup is successfully scheduled.

In addition, once a makeup class has been scheduled in the Parent Portal, an automatic email is sent to the class instructor, primary family contact, and the Parent Portal user.

Watch this video Parent Portal Absence & Makeup Settings for more details.


Reports: Fee Summary Report

Additional location selections have been added to the Fee Summary report. This enhancement provides multi-location businesses with additional options to align the report to their reporting needs.

The location drop-down list now includes the following: 

  • Show all transactions (default setting).
  • Limit results to families from certain locations.
  • Limit results to fees from certain locations. 


Staff Portal: Staff Members Can Add and Manage Resources

Now you can allow staff members, you have identified, to be able to manage resources for classes directly in their Staff Portal. Select a staff member and go to the Portal Settings (tab) and set Allow staff person to manage resources to Yes.

Refer to Resources in Jackrabbit - Family, Student, Class, and Staff for more details.


Post Tuition Fees: Advanced Detection

Duplicate detection for Post Tuition Fees has been enhanced to detect both duplicate tuition fees and tuition fees set to post for a student who dropped a class in the same billing cycle. This is designed to save you time and effort when you go to post your tuition fees.

Refer to Advanced Detection in Post Tuition Fees for more details.


Students Menu: All Students (New Menu Item)

You can see all your student data easier than ever before! View enrollments, absences, skills, and so much more! Sort, filter, and perform mass actions in the grid. Refer to Work with All Students - View, Search, and Mass Actions for more details.

With this new enhancement, there is no longer a need for Students (menu) > Search or Students (menu) > List All Students, so they have been removed from the menu to simplify the list.


Families Menu: Families > Search Removed

All your family data is in one place in the Families (menu) > All Families. There is no longer a need for Families (menu) > Search, so we have removed it from the menu to simplify the list. 

  • Go to Families > All Families to sort, filter, and view all your families in one grid. Refer to Improvements to Searching Families for a quick comparison of All Families to Classic Search.
  • Migrate your Favorites to use with All Families. If you were using Favorites the old way, you will need to go through a one-time process to migrate your Favorites over to All Families. See Recreate Your Search Favorites in All Families for easy to follow instructions.


Web Registration Forms: Collapse/Expand Added to Policies & Agreements

Less scrolling during online registration for classes and events! The Required Policies and Agreements sections in both the Web Registration and Online Events Registration forms have been updated to a collapse/expand format. The user just clicks + to expand the policy to review.

This takes up less space on the form and means less time scrolling through the Policy Agreements

Sample View - Web Registration Form


Parent Portal: Added Settings for Absences & Makeups

New controls have been added to the Parent Portal Absence & Makeup Settings to allow you to select the following:

  • Limit the number of absences a parent can see in the Parent Portal.
  • Only allow makeups to be scheduled in classes with at least one student enrolled.
  • Create a scheduling window for makeup classes. You select the number of days out a parent can schedule a makeup class.

Refer to Parent Portal Absence & Makeup Settings for more information.


Online Web Registration Form: Class Instructions Updated

Now you can enhance Class Instructions information in your Online Web Registration Form with the use of color fonts, rich text formatting, and styling (HTML supported).

Refer to Online Web Registration Settings - General Settings for more details.


Payment (row menu list and button) updated

For Class Edition Only: To help provide clarity when you want to post a credit to an account, the row menu selection, in the All Families page, Accept Payment has been updated to Accept Payment/Post Credit.

For Class and Care Editions: On a Family record, the Payment button has been updated to Payment/Credit. When selected, a Payment Transaction Entry page opens in a separate window so you can post a credit to the account.


Time Clock Menu Updated

Your process payroll workflow just got a little easier. The 1st step for processing payroll, Incomplete Time Entries, has been moved and is now located at the top of the menu. Staff Portal > Time Clock > Incomplete Time Entries.

See the updated Time Clock menu


User login status more intuitive

A new button was added for you to set a User to a revoked status. This button is for staff members who no longer need access to Jackrabbit. Go to Tools> Manage Users and Permissions. Click on the User ID to see the User Details and the Revoke User ID button. 

Refer to the Jackrabbit Help Center article, User ID Login Status, for more information.
Refer to the Jackrabbit Care Help Center article, User ID Login Status, for more information.


Allow parents to schedule absences & makeups in Parent Portal

Save those admin hours with the option to allow parents to submit absences and schedule makeups right from the Parent Portal. Go to Tools> Edit Email Templates, select 136 or 137 to send informative emails to your families so that they know how to do this!

Watch the video on how to set up this new feature

Be sure to check out this template

Watch the instructional video for your families


Email Student Schedules: Contact and Student names added

Contact and Student names are now showing in Email Student Schedules when sending a Student Schedule to a family when sending from the Student page.

See Student page - Email Student Schedule

Click here to see our Help Guide Article


NEW Mass drop classes

Jackrabbit users can now drop all classes for a student or family at one time from the student and family records.

See new mass drop classes button

See this article in the Help Guide for more details


Class Skills Worksheet: Display additional information

Class Skills Worksheets now have the option to display roll notes, allergies, and special needs.

See new display settings for Class Skills Worksheets


Revenue Reconciliation Report: Add search criteria

Location and Payment Method search criteria options added to Revenue Reconciliation Reports.

See new search criteria for Revenue Reconciliation Reports


Credits: Search and mass apply

With a new option under the Transactions menu, Find Unapplied Credits, you can now search and apply outstanding credits to multiple family accounts at one time.

Help article and video for more information


Absences: Add multiple for student or family

Quickly submit absences for a period of time from the student or family record.

See new submit absence option


Staff Portal: Display Virtual Classes and Resources

Virtual Classes and Class Resources are now viewable in the Staff Portal.

Note: All Resources that were previously shared to the Parent Portal will automatically be shown in the Staff Portal. New Resources added from this point forward should be shared to the Staff Portal as needed.

See Virtual Classes and Resources in the Staff Portal


Classes Search: Resources criteria added

The Classes Search now includes search criteria for Resources to help quickly find classes that have resources added.

See new Classes Search criteria


NEW All Families

The All Families page allows you to quickly and efficiently find the information you need, related to family accounts.

Walk through the tour

Help article and video for more information


Skills: Display options for Staff Portal

Select which skills show in the Staff Portal based on whether they are class-assigned skills or student-assigned skills.

See Skills settings for Staff Portal


NEW Gender Customization

You now have the ability to edit your drop-down lists for gender to include more inclusive options in addition to male and female.

See Gender drop-down list


Sent Emails report: Add Contact Us correspondence

The Sent Emails report will now show correspondence sent by your customers to your organization through the Parent Portal's Contact Us form. This report is not retroactive and will only show correspondence from the parent portal going forward.


NEW Resource Management

A new Resources tab is now available on the Families, Students, Class, and Staff Records. Resources added to the Class records can be viewable from the Parent Portal.

See new Resources tab

Help article and video for more information


Classes Search: Virtual Class fields added

The Classes Search now has the option to search for classes that do or do not have a Virtual Class link added.

See new Classes Search criteria


Edit All Classes: Virtual Class fields added

Edit All Classes now includes the Virtual Class fields (Link URL and Link Text) to help add links to multiple classes at one time.

See new Virtual Class fields on Edit All Classes

Help article and video for more information


Post Late Fees/Misc Fees: Duplicate detection optional

When using Post Late Fees/Misc Fees, you can now decide when you want to use duplicate detection.

See optional duplicate detection


Mobile Inventor: Reload Punch Cards

Parents can now reload and purchase punch cards from the Mobile Inventor app for your organization. Purchases of punch cards will be recorded on the family's account in your Jackrabbit application.

Learn more about Mobile Inventor punch cards


NEW Virtual Class Links

Take your classes online with the new option on the class record to add video links to the class record. Parents will able to access the video in the Parent Portal if they have an active student enrolled in the class or scheduled for a makeup.

See new virtual class fields on class record

Help article for more information


NEW Email Templates

To help you communicate with families during unexpected closures, there are new email templates available for use.

See new email templates


SpotTV: NEW Integration

Jackrabbit now partners with SpotTV for video streaming integration through the Parent Portal.

Learn more about SpotTV integration


Email Student Schedules: Contact and Student name added

Contact and student names now show at the top of the page when sending student schedules to a family from the Family page.

See Email Student Schedules


Edit All Classes: Duration Search Criteria Added

In Edit All Classes, you can now search for classes by Class Duration.

See Edit All Classes Search Criteria


Email: Contact and student name added

Contact and student names now show at the top of the email editor when sending an email to a family.

See contact and student names

Blog for more information


Staff Portal: Enter future absences

Staff who use the Staff Portal to take attendance can now enter future absences for students.

See Staff Portal future absence example


Parent Portal: Display wait listed classes

The Parent Portal will now display the classes that a student is on the wait list for, below their normal classes.

See Wait Lists in the Parent Portal example

Blog for more information


Post Late Fees/Misc Fees: add tax option

A checkbox for Tax was added to Post Late Fees/Misc Fees in the Transactions Detail section. 

See Post Late Fees/Misc Fees tax option


NEW Staff Certifications

Staff Certifications allows you to track trainings and certifications for each staff member. Certifications can be marked as required and set with an expiration date. 

See Staff Certifications example

Blog for more information


Parent Portal: Gender optional

The Parent Portal has a new setting to give flexibility to the gender drop-down. Gender can be required, hidden, or optional to match the web registration form.

See Parent Portal gender settings

Blog for more information


Parent Portal: Email notification settings added

New options have been added to the Parent Portal settings tab to allow you to decide which automated email notifications your organization and families will receive.

See Parent Portal email notification settings

Blog for more information


Paid Fees Report: Multi-select Session option added

The Paid Fees Report now allows you to select more than one session at time when running the report. 

See Paid Fees Report example


Lesson Plans: Visible in the Staff Portal

Lesson Plans are now visible from inside the Staff Portal when lesson plans have been added to a class record. 

See Lesson Plans in the Staff Portal

Blog for more information


Web Registration Form : T-shirt size added

The T-shirt size drop-down is now available on the Web Registration form. The field defaults to optional, however, you can change the field to be hidden or required on your form. To do so, go to Tools > Online Web Registration > Field Options/Labels.

See T-shirt size setting on Web Registration Form


Student Detail Report: Print button added

A print button was added to the Student Detail Report for easy printing.

See updated Student Detail Report example


New Sent Emails Report

The Sent Emails Report allows you to search for emails that have been sent by users in your database. You can preview the email sent and check on the status per recipient.

Blog for more information


QuickBooks Online Authentication

In order to keep up with the the authentication supported by QuickBooks Online, we have updated our integration to the newer authentication system. You will need to reconnect your QuickBooks online account to Jackrabbit. 

Blog for more information


New Student Detail Report

There's a new Student Detail Report, which is a great tool to find information about students in one place. The report results includes important student information such as:

  • student's name,
  • student's birthday
  • student's age
  • student's gender
  • student's classes
  • contact's name
  • contact type
  • contact's email
  • contact's address

See Student Detail Report example

Blog for more information


New Notes Tab

A new Notes tab is available on Family, Student, Class, and Staff records for keeping internal notes. Each note shows:

  • who created the note and when,
  • the content of the note
  • who modified the note and when

Notes are NOT viewable in the Parent Portal.

See an example of the Notes tab

Watch the video on Notes

Blog for more information


Billing Portal: Automatic Login for Billing Contact

Billing contacts can automatically login to the Billing Portal when clicking the link from the My Account page in Jackrabbit.

Billing contacts will also see a new option under the Tools menu, Pay My Bill/Update Account, for quick access to the Billing Portal.


Discounting & Prorating: New Class Setting

Each class record has a new check box that allows you to exclude the class from multi-class discounts or the total hours count when checked. The new setting is only available when using the new Post Tuition Fees.

See New Class Setting

Blog for more information 


Email Student Schedules: Display First Class

When using Email Student Schedules, the first class will display for each student enrolled. The date shown is the first class the student can attend based on when the student enrolls and when the class meets. See Display First Class in Email Student Schedules


Parent Portal: Display First Class

The Parent Portal displays the first class for each student enrolled. The date shown is the first class the student can attend based on when the student enrolls and when the class meets. See Display First Class in Parent Portal


New Revenue Reconciliation Reports

With the new Revenue Reconciliation Reports, you now have the option to track revenue by Class Location. When tracking revenue by Class Location, you can report how much revenue is generated at each location, regardless of the family's location. This is most helpful when you have multiple locations. See Revenue Reconciliation Reports

Blog for more information


    New Tuition Not Posted Report

    There's a new Tuition Not Posted Report which searches by date range for any class enrollment that doesn't have a corresponding tuition fee posted, as identified by the student and class assigned to the tuition fee.  See Tuition Not Posted Report

    Blog for more information


    Process Class Registrations Report: Several Improvements

    The Process Class Registrations Report has been improved with the following:

    • Update records when a student is dropped, deleted, or moved from a waitlist
    • Allow users to mass update records
    • Add 'Session' drop-down to Search Criteria. See Search Criteria
    • Sort report with the newest registrations and enrollments at the top

    See Process Class Registrations Report example

    Blog for more information


    Dashboard: Added Class Registrations Settings

    You can now control which records show on your dashboard to help you keep your dashboard clean. See Class Registrations Dashboard settings


    New ePayments Wizard

    For those who haven't set up their database to accept ePayments, there's a new wizard to make it easier by walking you through the process. See ePayments Wizard


    Email Listing: Added Email

    Email Listing now has the ability to email from the search result list. See Email Listing


    Aged Accounts Details: Added search option

    Aged Accounts Details has a new search criteria called Do you want to show all families or only those with unpaid fees? This gives you the option to pick either Show all families or Only show families with unpaid fees. Showing all families includes families with credit balances and zero balances, even when there are no unpaid fees. This change will help when reconciling to the Family Balance Summary report.

    See Aged Accounts Details new search option


    New Process Registrations Report

    There's a new Process Registrations report which allows office staff to review pertinent information for online registrations, class enrollments from the Parent Portal, and waitlist additions! There are two ways to get to the report: Dashboard and Reports menu See how to find the report

    Blog for more information


    Add Classes: Billing Method & Billing Cycle Required

    When adding classes, Billing Method and Billing Cycle are now required. These fields are very important when posting discounted and prorated tuition. Therefore ensuring classes are set-up correctly will help when it's time to post tuition. Haven't started discounting and prorating tuition yet? Click here for more information


    Student Photos - Added in Parent Portal

    Parent Portal now shows student photos and allows the parent to upload their own photo! Additional benefits are: the photo also shows in the Clock and adding photos in Jackrabbit Care was improved to be more user friendly. See Parent Portal Edit Photo 

    Blog for more information


    New Tax ID

    A new Tax ID field has been added! This allows you to enter your tax ID number so it can appear on receipts, statements and parent portal transaction lists. You also have the ability to name the field yourself. To see this, go to Edit Settings>Tools>Org Defaults. See Tax Id Fields

    Blog for more information


    Discounting & Prorating Tuition - New Settings

    Tuition Fee Settings has two new settings so you can choose how to calculate tuition from web registration, quick registration, enroll button/links, and parent portal:

    • How to count multi-class discounts across different
      • Sessions
      • Category 1 values
      • Tuition Discount Rules
    • How to add hours across 
      • Sessions
      • Category 1 values

    See New Tuition Settings

    Blog for more information


    Families Search - Added Email

    Families Search can now send emails! To do so, select the individual families or use the Email All checkbox at the top of the column. Then click the Email button. See Families Search Email


    Aged Accounts Details: Several Improvements

    Aged Accounts Details has been improved with the following: 

    • Search by Transaction Type
    • Search by Subtype
    • See the Billing Contact Email, Transaction Type and Subtype in report columns
    • Email directly from the report
    • See Aged Accounts Details


    Class Skills/Levels Report: Several Improvements to the Worksheet Display

    Class Skill/Levels Report Worksheet display has new options!

    • Display Enroll Type
    • Display Birthdays in the next X Days
    • 'Include Skills without a date started' can now be changed to 'Yes'
    • See Class Skills/Levels Report

    Blog for more information


    Transaction Search - Added Mass Edit

    Search Transactions can now edit multiple transactions at once! To do so, run the transaction search and individually select the transactions you want to edit or use the Edit All checkbox at the top of the column. You'll then see a blue message box with an edit icon on the right. Click this edit icon to change the transactions. See Transactions Mass Edit

    Blog for more information



    Online Web Registration - Added Show/Hide Class Information

    Online Web Registration Settings now have the ability to hide class information on the registration form, including instructor nickname, openings and start/end dates. To do so, go to Tools>Online Web Registration>Settings and look for the new Show/Hide Class Information on the Registration form section. See Show/Hide Class Information

    Blog with more information


    Transaction Subtypes - Added Hide Option

    Hide Transaction Subtypes you're no longer using to reduce errors. To do so, go to Tools>Edit Settings>Drop-Down Lists and select Transaction Subtypes. See Hide Transaction Subtypes

    Blog with more information


    Masking Personal Information

    For continued protection of sensitive information, we're now masking these fields:

    Blog with more information


    Enrolling Students - Improved Workflow

    Enrolling students is now easier with several improvements made to the workflow. For more information, use the blog links below:

    Blog Information Part 1

    Blog Information Part 2



    Express Payroll Improvements

    Several improvements have been made for Express Payroll clients:

    Staff ID will be automatically populated when a staff person is created

    Export to Payroll has 2 new options:

    • Export Staff Details - Export staff details to send to your payroll company See Export Staff Details
    • Payroll Codes - Add payroll codes as a column in the export to payroll file. Use these to enter flat wage payroll items, such as birthday parties, competitions, etc See Payroll Codes


    Post Tuition Fees - Added Category 1,2,3 as a Class Filters when post by Class Fee

    Post Tuition Fees, when posting by class fee, now has Category 1,2,3 as a class filters. This allows you to target your families easier and ensure you are posting fees to the right people. See PTF Cat 1,2,3

    Blog with more information


    Staff Search - Added Email

    Staff Search now has the ability to email staff from the search results list. See Staff Search Email Option

    Blog with more information


    Email Template: Added Search

    Email Templates now has the ability to search by template name to make finding the template quick and easy. See Email Templates Search

    Blog with more information


    Staff Portal - Added Email Reply Option

    When a staff person is allowed to send emails from the staff portal, there's a new option to have the email replies be sent to the staff person's email, instead of the organization email. This setting is found either in Staff Portal>Settings>Edit All Staff Portal Settings or in each person's Staff Record>Portal Settings tab. See Setting

    If you haven't started using the staff portal, use the Staff Portal Guided Set Up to get it up and running.

    Blog with more information


    List All/Active Classes - Improved Tuesday & Thursday Filters

    Filtering classes by Tuesday and Thursday is now easier! Simply use Tu to search for Tuesday classes and Th for Thursday classes. Blog with more information


    Fee Summary Report - Added Summary

    The Fee Summary Report now has a Summary option which summarizes fees for each Category 1 and Transaction Type. See Summary Setting,   See Summary View


    Paid Fees : Added Fee Date Search Criteria

    Paid Fees now has Fee Date From/Through as a search criteria! This will helps schools using accrual accounting, to make adjustements for:

    Blog with more information



    Class Skills/Levels Report - New Progress Report Option

    Class Skills/Levels Report has a new progress report option! This report includes:

    • An overall skills status bar 
    • Status bar for how many skills have been started, tested and attained
    • A legend for started, tested and attained
    • Each skill and sub-skills' status
    • Your logo
    • See New Progress Report

    To see the progress report in your database, go to the Class Skills/Level Report and in the Display Settings Section, select I would like a skills progress report. See Skills Progress Report Setting

    Blog with more information


    Scheduled Emails - Added Send Now Option

    Scheduled Emails now has the ability to send a scheduled email now. To do this, go to Scheduled Emails and click the new Send icon See New Send Icon

    Then click the Send Now button See Send Now Option

    Blog with more information



    Student Attendance Report - Added Setting

    Student Attendance Report has a new display setting option to Ignore class start and end dates. This is helpful to those who run perpetual classes, meaning their classes don't have end dates and the same classes are used indefinitely. This allows more attendance history to be displayed. See New SettingBlog with more information


    Email Families: Search Criteria Change

    Email Families now has the Enrollment Status search criteria grouped together and moved to the top. Also, if you select search criteria which doesn't work together, Jackrabbit recognizes this and will notify you with an on-screen alert. See Email Families Changes


    NEW Fee Summary Report

    A new Fee Summary Report was created to help you easily see what has been paid and what is still owed. Highlights about the new report:

    • Simple format provides valuable information using the Transaction Date
    • Easy to read - only one row per fee 
    • Amount paid column includes all account credits, not just the payment
    • View accounts receivable by a specific Category 1 or Transaction Type

    See Fee Summary Report


    New Makeup Expiration Date

    New makeup expiration date option is now available to you! Go to Tools>Edit Settings and in the Student Settings section, you'll see the following options:

         *No expiration date - they can makeup the missed class at any time

         *Based on a time limit - # days, weeks, months

         *Until the last day of the session

    See Makeup Expiration Setting


    Family ePayment Listing: Add email from grid

    Family ePayment Listing now gives you the ability to send an email from the results page, to make contacting families easier.


    Parent Portal - Fixed Fee Messaging for Enrollments

    Families with fixed fees will now see messaging in the parent portal when enrolling. This lets them know they have a fixed fee and no fees will be posted at the time of enrollment. It also tells parents the fixed fee amount is subject to change due to the new enrollment and will be reviewed by your organization. See Messaging Example

    Your organization will receive an email letting you know a family/student with an active fixed fee has enrolled into more classes. This is your notification to review the fixed fee for possible changes.


    Attendance Improvements in Staff & Parent Portal

    Staff Portal has been improved to make it a cleaner and easier experience.

    *Replaced icons with words See Example
    *Added Attendance button to shows the student's attendance history. This makes it easier to identify any attendance issues. See Example

    Parent Portal now has the option to show attendance issues. If you'd like parents to see this information, go to Tools>Parent Portal>Setting to turn it on. See Example


    Skills Email - Added Notes, Date & Direct Links

    The skills email sent to parents now includes the skill note, along with the date the note was updated. We've also added a direct link to the Parent Portal and links to view the skill or watch the skill video. See Skill Email Example


    New Family Discount Rule

    Tuition Discount Rule can now be at the family level. This makes tuition discount rules even more powerful by over-riding the rules associated with the student's classes and forcing Jackrabbit to use the family assigned rule insted. See Family Rule Example


    New Custom Billing Cycle

    New Custom Billing Cycles are now available in Tuition Billing Settings! You can now easily create a custom billing cycle starting from the date of your choice and running anywhere between 1 to 52 weeks. To add a custom billing cycle, click Tools>Edit Settings>Tuition Settings. Then click on Manage Tuition Billing Settings.
    Visit our Help Center for more information
    See Tuition Billing Settings Example


    Post Tuition Fees - Billing Cycle Format Change

    Post Tuition Fees' Billing Cycle start date is now a drop-down list. See Billing Cycle Start Date Example


    Student Attendance Report - New Summary Option

    Student Attendance Report now has a summary option, which will show one row per student. See Student Attendance Report


    Staff Portal - New Skill Started Icon

    Staff Portal has a new icon to represent the Skill Started status. See Skill Started Icon


    Parent Portal - Added Add/Update Credit Card Address

    The Parent Portal now allows parents to add and update their credit card billing address.


    Skills Email - More Visually Appealing

    The Skills email sent to parents is now more visually appealing and mobile responsive. See Skill Email Example


    Discounting & Prorating - Added to Parent Portal, Quick Registration, Class & Student Enroll Buttons

    Automatic discounting & prorating has been added to several places!

    *Parent Portal - Parents will see an accurate tuition amount in their cart to see the exactly amount of tuition. Parents can also click on the transaction after it's posted to see the calculation details. See Parent Portal Cart
    *Quick Registration - Jackrabbit calculates the discounted and prorated tuition in the Post Enrollment Fees page so your front desk doesn't have to! See Quick Registration Post Enrollment Fees
    *Class Detail's Enroll button - Similar to Quick Registration, the Post Enrollment Fees page calculates the discounted and prorated tuition.
    *Student Detail's Enroll button - Similar to Quick Registration, the Post Enrollment Fees page calculates the discounted and prorated tuition.


    Staff Portal - New Attendance Options

    Staff Portal has additional attendance options! These are Late, Left Early, and Observing. This allows staff to correctly represent the student's presence in a class. To try it in the staff portal, click the Present button's down arrow See New Options in Staff Portal

    The Student Attendance Report was also updated with new columns for % Late, Left Early, and Observing. This will allow you to quickly and easily identify problems. See Student Attendance Report New Columns


    Student Attendance Report: Misc Improvements

    Student Attendance Report has a few improvements:

    *New Absence/Attendance button on the student page. This button opens the Student Attendance Report
    *Button also added to the class page
    *Instructor list now separates active and inactive instructors. Active instructors sort to the top
    See Absence/Attendance button example in a student page


    Parent Portal: Fees for Waitlisted Classes Not Shown

    Parent Portal will no longer show the class tuition fee when a student is waitlisted into a class.


    Student Attendance Report: Added Class Status

    Student Attendance Report now has Class Status as a search criteria See Class Status


    Class Rolls: Added Parent Last Name

    Class Rolls will now show the parent last name. Also, if you track attendance, the Absences/Makeups section will no longer show.


    Parent Portal - Added Staff Nickname

    There's a new Parent Portal Setting for Show Instructor Nickname. When set to Yes, a new field appears in the Staff page called Public Nickname. When a nickname is entered, the Parent Portal shows the nickname instead of the instructor's first and last name. See Parent Portal Setting, See Staff Page, See Parent Portal


    Calendars - Font changed for dark backgrounds

    The calendars (weekly calendar, day view, room view) now use a bold white font when the class's background color is dark. This makes it easier to read. See Calendar Example


    Family Address Listing: Added Email Option

    You can now email directly from the Family Address Listing report. Simply check the families to include and click the Email button at the top left of the page.


    New Term Legacy Skills

    A new term has been added to Jackrabbit for Legacy Skills. This is to differentiate between the skills shown at the top of the student's Skills tab and the skills shown at the bottom of the page. See Students Skills Tab. The Skills label on the Class Rolls search criteria page was also updated to Legacy Skills. See Class Rolls Search Criteria


    Staff Portal: Added Grade Level

    Staff Portal now shows students' grade level inside the More button. The layout of the information was also updated to make it easier to read. More button with Grade Level & New Layout


    New Discounting & Prorating Wizard

    A wizard for discounting and prorating tuition is now available to guide you through the set-up! We also updated the tuition settings page to a simplified look. To see the wizard and the new settings page, go to Tools>Edit Settings and click on Tuition Settings. See Wizard , See Tuition Settings


    Email Listing Report: Added Column Search Filters

    Email Listing now has a search filter in each column to find what you need faster. See Email Listing


    Family Balance Summary & Contact Listing: Added Email Option

    You can now email directly from the Family Balance Summary and Contact listing reports. Simply check the families to include and click the Email button at the top left of the page. See Email Option Example


    New Student Attendance Report

    New Student Attendance Report is now available! This report gives visibility to the following for each student:

    *Number of classes for the date range
    *Number of absences
    *Number of attendances
    *Percentage of attendance
    *Ability to email directly from the report
    To see the new report, click on the Report option in the top menu and then click New Reports. Find the report, See search criteria, See report


    Weekly View/Schedule: Name Change to Weekly Calendar

    The Weekly View, Weekly Schedule and Monthly Schedule names have changed to Weekly Calendar or Monthly Calendar. See Name Changes


    Parent Portal: Added Print Skills, Cart Financial Summary

    Parent Portal now has the following:

    *Print Student Skills See Print Skills
    *Financial Summary in the Cart See Cart Financial Summary


    Events: New Copy & Edit Options

    Events have new copy and edit options!

    *New Copy Event Type button See Copy Event Type
    *New Copy icon inside an Event Type's Dates & Times tab See Copy Event Date
    *New options when editing an Event's Date See Edit Event Date


    Edit Settings>Drop-down Lists: Renamed Hide & Private

    Edit Setting's Drop-down List pages were changed to improve the Hide and Private names, so they are more meaningful to you. The new names are Hide from customers and Hide from users. See New Names


    Staff Portal: Change to Class Name for Private Classes

    Staff Portal's Manage Classes list now shows the student name, instead of the class name, when the class max size is 1 and enrollment is also 1.


    Parent Portal: Added Print, Changed Category Display

    Parent Portal now does the following:

    *Print Class Schedule See Print Schedule
    *Print Absences See Print Absences
    *Uses Category1-3 customized labels for filtering when enrolling See Category Filter


    Parent Portal: Cart Improvements

    Parent Portal's Cart is updated to improve the parent experience when enrolling

    *If you don't post tuition fees in the parent portal, parents will not see the cart. Instead they'll see a confirmation of enrollment.
    *If you do post tuition fees in the parent portal, parents will see the cart. The language and workflow was made more intuitive to guide them to the next step
    See example


    Who's Scheduled to Be Here: Multiple Changes

    Who's Schedule to Be Here report has improved with the following:

    *Category1 is multi-select
    *Instructor added as a search criteria
    *Show Student/Barcode ID added as a display setting
    *Columns added for Category1 and Student/Barcode ID
    See New Options


    Reports Menu: Added Report Categories, Removed Individual Reports

    The Report menu no longer shows a long list of individual reports. Instead, it shows report categories, for example Families/Students, Classes/Enrollment, etc. See Report Menu

    If you don't know the category the report you're looking for belongs to, click on Find Reports in the Report menu and use the Keyword Search field.

    You can save any report as a Favorite for quick access. Saving a report as a favorite


    Time Report: Added Salaried Search Criteria

    Time Report has a new search option for Salaried. This includes a drop-down option for Yes, No and No Value. No Value makes it easy to find staff who's Salaried field is blank because it hasn't been set. See Time Report's Salaried Search Criteria


    Problem Accounts: Added Search Criteria to Several Pages

    Several pages have a new search criteria for Include Problem Accounts, with a Yes/No drop-down list. Each page is listed below with it's default setting value:

    *Email/Text Families - default is Yes
    *Email Listing Report - default is Yes
    *Lead File's Mass Archive - default is No
    *Lead File's Email Leads - default is Yes
    *See Lead File's Mass Archive Example


    Parent Portal: New Events Calendar Icon

    Parent Portal's Find Events page has a new View Calendar icon so parents can see events in the old calendar format. Once a parent selects an event in the calendar, it takes them back to the portal, where they click Add to Cart.
    See Find Event's View Calenard Icon
    See Event Calendar


    Parent Portal: Added Class Start Date Options

    The Parent Portal's Find Classes page has a new class Start Date sort and filter option. See Start Date Sort & Filter

    The Parent Portal Settings page in your database has a new setting for Show Class Start Date. Your database is set to Yes so there's no change for parents. If you change this to No, then all start dates in the parent portal will be hidden. This also hides the new Start Date sort and filter mentioned above. See Show Class Start Date Setting


    Calendars: Added Class Count

    The class calendars now have class count above the calendar to show how many classes exist. This appears in the Weekly View, Room View and Day View. Where are the calendars? Go to your Dashboard and look for the Calendar button towards the top center of your screen.
    Where's the Calendar?
    See Weekly View Class Count


    Family Search: Added Total Cards on File column

    In Family Search, when Show ePayment Fields is set to Yes, a new Total Cards on File column will display in the report results. This gives you more visibility to how many credit cards each family has saved on file. See Total Cards on File column


    Parent Portal: Added More Event Filters

    Parent Portal's Find Events has new filters for Event Type and Days of the Week. See Parent Portal Event Filters


    Parent Portal: Added Session and Class Start Date

    Parent Portal's Find Classes page now has the Session and Class Start Date displayed in the class list. See Find Classes


    Parent Portal: Added Print Transactions

    Parent Portal can now print transactions from the Transaction History page. We are working on adding the ability to print from more pages and these will be announced when they are completed. See Parent Portal Print Transactions


    New Mobile Responsive Parent Portal is Live

    We are excited to tell you the new mobile responsive Parent Portal is live! The new portal has a modern look and adjusts to a mobile-friendly view when using a smartphone or tablet. This makes it easier for your customers to register, make payments and view schedules online.

    Recommended Procedures:

    1.Use email template #108.2 to tell parents the new Parent Portal is now live. Replace the yellow highlighted text with the following link to the parent portal: Make sure to replace the XXXXXX with your Org ID (found under Tools > My Account). See template 108.2
    2. Verify your Parent Portal Settings for Communication are correct
    3. Watch this video so you can see the new portal in action New Parent Portal Video

    There's nothing more for you or your families to do. Here's some more detailed information:
    *Website links to the parent portal don't need changed. The old URL automatically redirects to the new URL.
    *Mobile Inventor has been updated to work with the new version so there's nothing for you to change.
    *Printing from the parent portal is being developed and will be announced when it's finished
    *The old parent portal version is no longer accessible.


    New Parent Portal Coming 4/10/2018

    We are excited to tell you the Parent Portal is being updated on April 10th! We wanted to share the news with you so you can notify your families in advance.

    The new portal has a modern look and adjusts to a mobile-friendly view when using a smartphone or tablet. This makes it easier for your customers to register, make payments and view schedules online.

    We have created two new email templates and a new portal video to send to your families. This is the recommended procedure:

    *Use email template #108.1 to tell parents the new Parent Portal is coming April 10th.
    *Watch this video so you can see the new portal in action New Parent Portal Video
    *Verify your Parent Portal Settings for Communication are correct
    *Use email template #108.2 on April 10th to remind parents the new Parent Portal is live. The new portal video is included in this template
    There's nothing more either you or your families need to do. When the new portal goes live on April 10th, families will log in as they always have and they'll have a nice new portal experience!


    Student Enroll Update

    The Student Enroll page is updated with the following:

    *The filters above the grid are changed to column searches. Each of these columns has a drop-down list of options to help you pick the right option.
    *Location added as a new column
    *Date was split into two columns
    *Time was split into two columns
    *Row numbers added
    See Student Enroll


    NEW Twilio Texting Service

    Jackrabbit now offers Twilio as another option for sending text messages! Twilio's benefits:

    *Send more texts daily by purchasing multiple texting numbers.
    *Purchase numbers with your area code in the United States and Canada.
    *Cheaper than Plivo for US and Canada ($1/mo for each phone number and $0.0075 per text message). Price varies for other countries. Twilio Pricing Information
    Click Here for Twilio Setup Information


    NEW EMV Chip Card Terminals

    Jackrabbit now supports EMV chip credit card terminals (swipers)! If you're interested Click here for more information


    Updated Help Center

    Jackrabbit's help center has a new look! Saved help center bookmarks need to be updated to open the new help center.
    Here are a few highlights:

    *Intuitive, easy to use search
    *Easy to navigate
    *Clean, modern design
    *Fully mobile responsive
    *See New Help Center


    New User Roles

    To communicate more effectively with you and other people at your company using Jackrabbit, we've added User Roles. When logging in, users are asked to pick the role(s) which best fit them. Roles has also been added to Manage Users & Permissions and Add/Edit Users. This doesn't change user permissions. See Login with User Roles Question


    Online Web Registration Settings: Page Updates

    Several changes made to the Online Web Registration Settings page:

    *Reorder several fields
    *Changed field Google Analytics Profile/Property ID to Google Tracking ID
    *Changed the confirmation options to be easier to understand and use
    See Online Web Registration Settings


    NEW QuickBooks Online Integration

    Jackrabbit now integrates quickly and easily with QuickBooks Online! To see it in action, watch this video


    Who's Scheduled to be Here Report: New Options

    The Who's Scheduled to be Here report has new options:

    *Added display criteria for Show Skill/Level Started
    *Added option to Sort By display criteria for Instructor, Class Start Time, Student
    *Added column for Age to the report
    *Added future enrolled students to the report
    See new options, See report


    New Favorite Reports

    You can now set your most frequently used reports as your Favorites! Favorite reports are easy to find by hovering over the Reports menu and clicking the new Favorite Reports option.
    How do you set reports as a Favorite?

    *Go to the Reports menu and click All Reports
    *Hover over the report name you want as a favorite
    *Click the gray heart to turn it red
    *Reports with red hearts are favorites
    *To un-favorite a report, click on the red heart to turn it gray
    Favorite reports are per user, meaning your favorites won't be set as anyone else's favorites. Favorite reports are different than the favorite search criteria you can save after you've opened a report.
    See Favorite Hearts, See Favorite Reports Section


    Future Transfer: Update to allow transferring into a class with a future drop date

    Future transfers now allows transferring a student into full classes which have a future drop.

    When searching for classes to transfer into, check the Show Full Classes checkbox in the Filter Classes section at the top of the page. After selecting the class, the first date the opening is available is shown.
    See Search Class, See Transfer Student


    New Class/Event Revenue Summary Report

    There's a new report called Class/Event Revenue Summary! This report shows per class/event the number of enrolled students, the average revenue per student and the revenue total. This report is available in both a detail and summary format. Things to be aware of:

    *A transaction needs to have a class/event selected in order to be included in the report
    *All fees are included, not only tuition fees
    *Fixed Fees don't have a class/event selected, therefore these appear grouped together at the end of the report as "No Class/Event"
    *When Enrollments (as of) is a date range, the enrollment number is the highest number of enrollments during the date range
    *Find this report from the Reports menu by clicking on New Reports or Find Reports (Transactions/Financials>Recommended and Who Has Paid tabs)
    Find New Reports, Search Criteria, Report


    Submit a Support Ticket Update

    The Submit a Support Ticket page was updated to make it easier for you to tell us what you need help with!

    *First pick either Jackrabbit feature or My account Submit a Support Ticket
    *Then tell us more details (page is different depending on what you selected above) Jackrabbit Feature, My Account


    Transfer Student: Added Edit Transfer

    When a student has a scheduled transfer, it can now be edited! Click on the Edit Transfer link from either the Student Classes tab or the Classes Enrollment tab to edit the transfer information.
    View Edit Transfer Link, View Edit Transfer page


    Absences-Makeups Report: Various changes

    The following changes were made to the Absences-Makeups Report:

    *Category1 changed to multi-select
    *Drop Date added to the report
    *Makeup Room added to the report
    *View Search Criteria
    *View New Columns in the report
    Note: This report is only available to clients tracking absences, clients tracking attendance don't have this report.


    Enter Absences: Moved Absence Date

    When entering absences inside the Jackrabbit application, the Absence Date was moved from each row in the student list to above the student list.
    It will also give a warning when an absence date is possibly incorrect. For example, when the absence date isn't a day the class meets or the date is before the class start date.

    View Enter Absences
    View Possible Incorrect Date Alert
    Note: This change is only for clients tracking absences, clients tracking attendance don't have this screen.


    Show/Hide Columns: Added to more pages

    The ability to show and hide columns was added to the pages listed below. View Show/Hide Columns Example

    *Students>Add Skills to Classes
    *Classes>Sign In/Out Sheets
    *Events>Sign In/Out Sheets
    *List Active Staff
    *List All Staff
    *Approve/Unapprove Time
    *Manage Users & Permissions
    *Search User Activity
    *Edit Settings>Locations


    Internet Explorer running on Windows Vista & earlier no longer supported

    We've stopped supporting Internet Explorer (any version) running on Windows Vista or earlier. This means you will not be able to log in to Jackrabbit if you're using one of these.
    If you aren't able to change or don't want to change your current device or Internet Explorer version, you can use Chrome or Firefox to access Jackrabbit. Below are the links:

    *Download Chrome
    *Download Firefox


    Staff Portal Skills: Added Check All

    In the Staff Portal, when a staff person clicks on the skill column header, a modal opens with a list of students. Checkboxes were added above the student list to act as check-all students. This will make it a lot faster to mark all students when needed. View Staff Portal Skills Check All Students


    Staff Portal Settings: Added Setting to Update Skill/Level Date Attained

    Skills/Levels has a new setting called "Update Skill/Level date attained when all Subskills are attained". When set to yes, the system automatically sets a Skill/Level with a date attained when the last Subskill becomes attained. This is defaulted to No for all databases. To change to Yes, go to the Students menu and click Skills/Levels. View New Skills/Levels Setting


    Staff Portal's My Schedule: Added Events and Filters

    The Staff Portal's My Schedule tab now shows Events! There are two tabs, one for Classes and one for Events. The Classes tab has a new Session filter and the Events tab has a filter for event timing. View Class Example, View Event Example


    Class Summary Tab: Auto-update Enrollment Numbers

    The Class Summary tab enrollment numbers section will automatically refresh/update when any of the following are done:

    *Edit Max Size & save changes
    *Edit Future Drop Date & save changes
    *Drop Student
    *Transfer Student
    *Waitlist>Add and Delete Student
    *Enroll Student


    Transfer Student; Added Future Transfers

    Transfer Student now allows you to schedule future transfers! There are new fields to enter the current class's Drop Date and the new class's Enroll Date. When the drop date arrives, the system will automatically drop the student from the current class and enroll the student in the new class. A few format improvements were also made to make it easier to use. View Transfer Student


    Statements: Added Text Formatting

    Statement's header and footer now have text formatting options. These are located in Edit Settings>Statements, Statements Email and Statements Print. Simply click the pencil icon to open the text formatter. View Header Text Formatter Example


    Staff Portal: Updated Date & Time Entry

    Staff Portal's date and time pickers were updated to allow manual entry, along with adding a calendar icon and time filed formatting as time savers. View Staff Portal Date & Time


    Password Requirements Update

    The next time you change your password or add a new person with a password, the requirements have changed. Passwords need to be 9 digits long, with at least 1 upper case letter, 1 lower case letter and 1 number. View Password Requirements


    Weekly Calendar for Makeups: Changes Made

    When scheduling makeups, the Weekly Calendar has been changed to hide classes not at the Family Location. If you'd like to see classes at all locations, click the Change Criteria button to select Locations.


    Statements: Paid/Unpaid is Smarter

    Statements Print and Email were made smarter when you're running statements for paid and unpaid transactions with a transaction date range. It now looks at the timing of payments in relation to the transaction date range entered, to determine which transactions are paid and unpaid.


    Staff Portal My Time Card: Added Expand/Collapse

    An Expand All button was added to quickly open all date's detailed information. This makes it easier and faster to see and enter time. View Expand All


    Families Search: Added "(no value)" ePayment Schedule Option

    Families Search - ePayment Schedule's drop-down list has a new option for "(no value)". This gives you a way to find families who don't have anything entered in their ePayment Schedule field. View ePayment Schedule's New Option


    Staff Portal Settings: Added setting Include Skill/Level Notes

    A new setting was added to the Staff Portal Settings page, called Include Skill/Level Notes. This is defaulted to "Yes" for all databases so it works as it always has. Change this setting to "No" if you don't want to include the skill/level notes in the Skill Activity Email. View New Setting


    Staff Portal: Added buttons for easier navigation

    The Staff Portal now has buttons to go between the Attendance and Skill/Level pages faster. A button was also for Email. View Staff Portal Buttons example


    Transactions Search Page Update

    Transactions Search was updated to make it easier to read by adding more space between fields, moving page notes into tool tips and removing colons. View Transactions Search


    Email Student Schedules: Sort by Student Start Date, Day, Time

    Email Student Schedules has a new setting to allow you to choose how the classes sort in the schedule. The setting is called Sort by, with these options:

    *Class Day of the week
    *Class Start Date
    *Session in alphabetical order
    *Session Start Date
    *Student Start Date
    The emailed schedule will sort the list of classes according to the setting. View Email Student Schedules


    New Column Display (Custom Reports) Feature

    Search pages & Reports with "Favorites" and "Show/Hide Columns" now let you save your column display preferences with more flexibility. Here's an example to better describe the feature.

    Step 1: Go to a page with Favorites and Show/Hide Columns (eg. Class Schedule) and select a Favorite. View step 1
    Step 2: After the Favorite is loaded, click the Show/Hide Columns button
    Step 3: Make necessary column changes and click the Apply & Save button
    Step 4: Decide and select where to apply the changes, either to the default column layout, the favorite or both. This is the new feature View steps 2-4


    Add/Edit Credit Card: Smarter for Cards Accepted

    When adding or editing a credit card, Jackrabbit is now smarter to check what types of credit cards your database accepts and won't allow a card type which isn't accepted to be saved. To see and change the card types your database accepts, go to Tools>Credit Cards/Bank Account Settings. View Tools>Credit Card/Bank Account Settings


    Report Subheadings Added to Several Revenue Reports

    Several revenue reports have a new display setting for Subheading. This let's you enter text you want to see printed under the report title. Reports with subheadings: Deposit Slip, Paid Fees, Revenue Snapshot, Revenue Summary. View report subheading example


    Instructor Schedules: Added Include Classes for

    Instructor Schedules has a new setting called Include Classes for. This setting gives you control over which classes are shown in the report, based on the level of instructors: Only Primary Instructors classes or All Instructors classes. View Include Classes for


    Edit Settings: Added Preferred Recital module name

    Edit Settings has a new option called Preferred Recital module name. This allows you to rename the Recital module to something which better suits your needs, ie exhibition, show, etc. View Preferred Recital module name


    Email Leads: Added Favorites

    Email Leads now has Favorites, which allows you to save settings and use them again in the future. View Email Leads Favorites


    Skills/Levels: New Skill/Level Category replaces Category1

    A new setting on each Skill/Level has been added, called Skill/Level Category. This replaces Category1. To ensure you don't see any changes, we've copied Category1s assigned to your skills into the new Edit Drop-down List for Skill/Level Category and throughout your existing skills/levels. View Edit Drop-down Lists View student skill tab


    Close Pay Period: 0 Time Entries Allowed

    Pay periods without time entries can now be closed the same way as pay periods with time entries. View example


    Aged Accounts Details: Added Show Fees with a Future Date option

    Aged Accounts Details has a new checkbox filter named Show Fees with a Future Date. Unchecking this option will hide fees which aren't due yet, making it easier to see fees which are due today or past due. We also changed the existing filter named Apply Family by Location Grouping to a simpler name of Show Family Balance and Totals. View Aged Accounts Details New Option


    Skills/Levels: Moved Auto Set Start Date Setting

    The Skills/Levels setting for Auto Set Student Start Date was moved from Staff Portal Settings to the Students>Skills/Levels page View New Place for Skills/Levels Auto Set Start Date Setting


    Class Lists: Added Makeups & Adjusted Openings

    Adjusted Openings and Makeup columns were added to class list grids to give you more information for making enrollment decisions, in these places: transfer class, student enroll, class search and global class search. Also, the column for Master Class was renamed to Per Day in the transfer class search. View Transfer Class List Example


    Preferred Costume Module Name: Added Uniform

    You can now choose to change your database's costume module name to Uniform. To do this, go to Tools>Edit Settings and scroll down to the Costume/Apparel Module Settings section. View Preferred Costume Module Name


    Enrollment Detail Report: Added Email Option

    You can now email directly from the Enrollment Detail report. Simply check the families to include and click the Email button at the top left of the page.


    Reports: Added Email Option

    You can now email directly from more places! These reports have a new Email column for each family and an Email button at the top of the page. Simply check the families to include, click the Email button and then type/send the email.

    *Drop History
    *Enroll History
    *Students Search
    *Who's Scheduled to be Here
    *Search Waitlist
    View Email Option Example


    Weekly Calendar: Added Date Sensitive Enrollment Counts

    The Weekly View Calendar, along with daily view and room view, are improved to show accurate enrollment counts on every day. There's also a new option for Show Full Classes. When this is unchecked, all full classes are hidden to help find open classes for new enrollment.

    To see the Weekly View Calendar, click on the Weekly View button under the Executive Dashboard page title. or go to Classes>Daily/Weekly Schedule. View Weekly View Example


    Class Skills/Levels Report: Added Display Settings & Improved Spacing

    The Class Skills/Levels Report has new Display Settings for: Include Makeups, Include Skills Without a Date Started and Show Location. The report was changed to remove excess white space, in order to save paper when it's printed. View New Display Settings, View Report Example


    Advanced Searches Renamed & Student Search Page Update

    All Advanced Searches have been renamed "Search" View Menu Example
    Student Advanced Search has been updated to make it easier to read by adding more space between fields, removing colons, etc. View Student Search Example


    Skills/Levels Search: Multiple Enhancements

    Several enhancements were made to the Skills/Levels Search:
    *Added the following search criteria:

    -Has No Date Attained checkbox
    -Date Skill/Level Tested date range, with option for And Has No Date Attained
    -Option for And Has Not Date Attained to both the Date Skill/Level Due and Date Skill/Level Started
    *Added Date Tested to the search results
    *Improved the page layout to make it easier to read and use
    View Skills/Levels Search


    Approve/Unapprove Time Email: Added Send Additional Emails To

    Approve/Unapprove Time's email icon, has a new option for Send Additional Emails To. This is also available from the Staff Time Card tab, when clicking the email icon. View Approve/Unapprove Time Email


    TutuTix offers Jackrabbit clients special promotion to try software

    TutuTix provides full support for reserved seating or general admission, unlimited discount and access codes, and free printed tickets, all at no cost to the studio. To see more information, Click Here.

    The Recitals Listing also has a button to take you to the TutuTix promo website. Recitals Listing Button, TutuTix Website Example


    Process Credit Cards/Bank Accounts Page Update

    Process Credit Cards/Bank Accounts has been updated to make it easier to read by adding more space between fields, moving page notes into tool tips and removing colons. Also, the summary preview and the detail preview pages were combined into one page to eliminate a step. View New Combined Preview


    Aged Fees Report: Changed Name & Added Links

    Several changes were made to the Aged Fees report:

    *Aged Fees renamed to Aged Accounts Details (Aged Fees)
    *Aged Accounts renamed to Aged Accounts Summary
    *The amounts shown in the days oustanding columns are now links
    *The links open up a list of the outstanding fees
    View New Report Names, View Aged Accounts Summary Links


    Process Credit Cards/Bank Accts: Added Search Criteria

    Process Credit Cards/Bank Accounts has new search criteria to give you more control when searching for outstanding fees. View New Search Criteria


    Drop History Report: Added Family

    Drop History Report has a new column for Family. View Drop History Family Column


    Receipts: Fee Receipt Update

    The fee receipt was updated to the look the same as a non-ecommerce payment receipt. Also, if your database's "Show Itemized Receipts" setting is set to yes, the receipt will show all linked transactions, including refunds. View Fee Receipt Example


    User Permissions: Added Staff Skills Tab

    Added a user permission to control access to the Staff Skills tab.


    Web Reg Settings: Added Confirmation Redirect URL

    Web Registration Settings has a new option for Confirmation Redirect URL. This allows you to enter a URL which redirects the parent to your website after completing the web registration form. When entered, the parent will no longer see the Jackrabbit confirmation page. This allows you to add and track more Google Analytics on your website. View Web Reg Redirect to Website Option


    Web Reg Form & Confirmation: Follow Date Formats

    Web Registration Form and the email confirmations will now follow the date format setting for dd/mm/yy


    Store Item Tax Report: Added Date Paid From/Through

    Store Item Tax Report now has search criteria for Date Paid with From and Through dates. View Item Tax Date Paid


    Statements Email & Print: Updated Account Summary for Refunds

    Statements' Account Summary section has been updated to give more information, including refunds. View Statement with Refund Example


    Drop Student: Added Completed Class Checkbox

    Drop Student now has a Completed Class checkbox. This makes it faster to mark when a student completed the class before the class end date. View Drop Student


    Emails: Upload Music Files

    Upload music files can now be uploaded into emails in these formats: mp3, aac and wav.


    Calendar Class Details Hover: New Format

    The calendar's class details hover has a new look which makes it easier to read and understand. The change was made on all class calendar views: weekly, daily and room. View Calendar's Class Detail Hover


    Aged Accts Reports: Added Email Option

    You can now email directly from the Aged Accounts Report! The report has a new Email column for each family and an Email button at the top of the page. Simply check which families to include, click the Email button and then type/send the email. View Aged Accts Report Email Option


    Email/Text Families: Added Waitlist Only Option

    Email/Text Families Enrollment Status list has a new option for Waitlist Only. This enables you to send only to the waitlist families, without also sending to currently enrolled/previously enrolled families. View Waitlist Only Enrollment Option


    Quick Registration: Misc Changes

    Quick Registration had miscellaneous changes made:

    *Changed Source and Home Phone to be optional fields
    *Added ePmt Schedule, Special Needs, Immunization Notes and Skill Notes
    *Changed the field labels to use the same labels as the web registration form. These are set up under the Tools menu>Online Web Registration>Field Options/Labels


    Dashboard's Enrollment Cat1 Chart: Added Cat1 Name

    The Dashboard's Enrollment Category 1 Chart now shows the category1 name next to each piece of the pie chart. View Enrollment Cat1 Pie Chart


    Add Credit Card / Edit Credit Card: Default Zip Code to Billing Contact Zip Code

    The 'Add Credit Card' and 'Edit Credit Card' modals have been updated to default the Zip Code to the Billing Contact Zip Code . We also moved the Zip Code to be near other required information. View example


    Email Enrollment Confirmations: Added an option to hide 'First Class' dates

    You can now control if the 'First Class' date appears on email confirmations that are sent when a student is enrolled in the class. This setting has been defaulted to show the 'First Class' date. You can hide the 'First Class' date in Tools > Online Web Reg > Settings, and Tools > Customer Portal Settings > Settings. View new settings


    Search Wait List: Added a 'Future Drop' column

    We added the column 'Future Drops' when searching Wait Lists to allow you to determine which classes might have availability soon. View Search Wait List


    NEW Class Skills / Levels Report

    This report shows skills progress by class. You have the option to display All Skills, Skills Attained , and Skills Not Attained
    View Class menu
    View Example


    Student Summary Page Update

    Student Summary has been updated to make it easier to read by adding more space between fields, moving page notes into tool tips and removing colons. The 'Active' field was renamed to 'Status' and moved higher on the page. View Student Summary


    Favorites added to several places

    Favorites were added to these areas:

    • Students : Skills/Levels Search
    • Reports: Student Info Sheets
    • Tools: Costume Management - Costume Listing
    • Tools: Costume Management - Student Costume Listing
    Favorites allow you to save your favorite search criteria to use again in the future.


    Favorites added to several places

    Favorites were added to these areas:

    • Families : Lead File > Search Leads
    • Classes: Edit All Classes, Class Schedule, Sign In/Out Sheets, Search Wait Lists
    • Events: Event Sign In/Out Sheet
    • Reports: Family ePayment Listing, Payment Method Summary, Telephone Listing, Transaction Summary Report
    Favorites allow you to save your favorite search criteria to use again in the future.


    NEW Process Credit Cards/Bank Accounts - Ignore pre-payments

    You are now able to ignore pre-payments (such as costume deposits) when processing credit cards for specific transactions. Details:

    • New option collect the full amount of unpaid fees and ignore pre-payments/ credits on account View example
    • New User Permission 'Process Credit Cards - Ignore Pre-Payments'. Any user with 'Process Credit Cards' permission was defaulted to have the new permission. View User Permission
    • Accounts where the where the credit card payment is greater than the Balance are highlighted yellow.
    • View an example


    NEW Scheduled Date & Time Emails

    The Email Preview page now lets you schedule an email to be sent later! Details:

    *Emails which have the Email Preview page: Email Families, Email Class, Email Event Enrollment, Email Staff
    *Email Preview has new buttons for Send Now and Send Later View Preview
    *After the Send Later date and time is saved, you'll see confirmation in the Preview View Send Later Confirmation
    *Dashboard has a new Scheduled Emails alert View Dashboard Alert
    *New User Permission for Emails - Scheduled. Any user with the Email/Text Families permission was defaulted to have the new scheduled permission. View User Permission
    *New Scheduled Emails report, with icons to let you edit the email content, preview the list of recipients, change the scheduled date/time and delete the email. View Scheduled Emails Report
    *Scheduled Emails report is found in the Reports menu from either Find Report or All Reports, within the Email/Text/Marketing category Where is the Report found?


    NEW Canadian Children's Tax Credit Receipt

    Clients located in Canada have a new Children's Tax Credit Receipt! This receipt shows the art or fitness credit amount for parent's tax returns. Details:

    *Receipt is found in the Reports menu, in either All Reports or Find Report, located specifically in the Families/Students or Transactions/Financial categories. Where is the Receipt Found?
    *Receipt is controlled by the Email Statements user permission. Any user without the Email Statements user permission will not be able to see the receipt until the permission is checked.
    *Receipt search criteria lets you pick the credit type (art or fitness) . It also lets you pick what is displayed as the eligible program name, either Category1 or Class.
    View Receipt Search Criteria
    *Preview lists the recipients and allows the receipt to be emailed or printed. View Receipt Preview
    *Clients located in other countries do not have this receipt.


    Email/Text Staff: Added Class Session

    Email/Text Staff now has Class Session as search criteria to make it easier to find the staff you're trying to email. View Email/Text Staff's Class Session


    NEW Tuition Billing Method

    What is Tuition Billing Method? Tuition Billing Method was added so you can tell Jackrabbit how you post tuition fees, either By Class Tuition Fees (using Post Tuition Fees) or By Total Hours (using Post Tuition Fees by Total Hours) or both.
    Where was Tuition Billing Method Added?

    *User Permission 'Post Tuition Fees' was updated to include the ability to edit the Tuition Billing Method. View User Permission
    *Edit Settings has a new Tuition Settings page. Tuition Settings page has the Tuition Billing Method setting to select how you post tuition fees. All databases are set to have both By Class Tuition Fees and By Total Hours checked. If you only use one, un-check the one you don't use. View New Tuition Settings
    *Class Summary tab has a new Tuition Billing Method setting. Every class is set to blank until you change it. This class setting is useful if you use both By Class Tuition Fee and By Total Hours to calculate tuition because each class can be set appropriately.View Class Tuition Billing Method
    *Edit All Classes, including an option to Clear Value
    *List All/Active Classes
    *Class Advanced Search, including a drop-down option for No Value
    *Weekly View>Create New Class
    What does this mean for your Jackrabbit database?
    *If you don't change anything in the Tuition Settings page or set the Tuition Billing Method in any class , the only difference you'll notice in Jackrabbit are the new Tuiton Billing Method fields in the places listed above.
    *If you set a class's Tuition Billing Method to either By Class Tuition Fee or By Total Hours, tuition for that class will only be posted when the matching tuition calculation is performed (Post Tuition Fees or Post Tuition Fees by Total Hours)
    *If you set the Edit Settings>Tuition Setting to only one billing method ( either By Class Tuition Fee or By Total Hours), all classes in the database will be updated with a matching Tuition Billing Method.
    Click this link for more information in the Help Center New Tuition Billing Method


    NEW Email Non-Credit Card/Bank Account Receipts

    You now have the ability to email receipts for all payment methods! When entering a single payment, click on the Receipt checkbox and save the payment. You'll then see a new window to either Print or Email the receipt. View Receipt Example.
    We've also added the receipt settings on the Tools>Credit Card/Bank Account page to a new section in Edit Settings. This enables you to see and edit the receipt settings in both places. View Edit Settings' Receipt Section


    Skill Email Changes

    New email settings were added for skills, including: logo, class location, header and footer. To set these, go to the Staff Portal menu>Settings. The format of the email sent to parents was updated to add the selected information and make it easier to read when multiple skills are updated on the same day. View New Skill Email Settings, View Updated Email Example


    New Look for the Help Icon Pop-up

    The help ? icon has a new look! Help ?'s are seen throughout Jackrabbit to provide helpful information right where you need it. View Help Example


    Quick Reg Location Change for Multi-LOC Databases

    If your database has multiple locations, the Quick Registration form will now default the Location to blank and you'll need to select the correct location. Prior to today, it was defaulting to the first alphabetical location which could cause reporting problems if it wasn't selected appropriately.


    User's Permission List: Added Search Filters to Grid

    Search filters were added to several columns of the user's permission list. This makes it a lot easier to find what you're looking for. View User Permission


    Post Late/Misc Fees: Added Post Fee Per Option

    Post Late/Misc Fees has a new Post Fee Per option called Student That Meets Criteria. This makes it possible to post a fee only to the student who matches the search criteria without posting the fee to all active sudents in the same family. View Post Late/Misc Fees New Option


    Transaction Listing: Improved Totals

    The totals at the end of the Transaction Listing are improved to give more detailed information for debits, credits and net total. This will make it easier to compare this report to other financial reports. View Trans Listing Totals


    Recitals: New Check In/Out Sheet

    New recital report added called Recital Check In/Out Sheet. This sheet lists the recital students with a checkbox for Check In and Check Out, to help keep track of students arriving and leaving a recital.
    View Recital Check In/Out Search Criteria
    View Recital Check In/Out Sheet


    Families Advanced Search: Added More Dates

    Families Advanced Search has new search criteria for: Date Created, Date Imported and Last Updated.


    Online Web Registration Settings Screen Update

    Online Web Registration Settings has been updated to make it easier to read, with adding more space between fields, moving page notes to tools tips and removing colons. View Online Weg Registration Settings


    Email Drafts: New Auto-Save

    Email drafts are now saved automatically every 30 seconds! This means if you're writing an email and need to stop, when you come back to the same email screen, you will be asked if you want to recover the draft. Information saved: subject line, type and message. Email drafts are saved for 24 hours and then they are deleted. View Email - Recover Draft


    Partial Refunds: Added "Are Fees Still Due" Option

    When doing a partial refund of a payment, you now have the option to mark fees as still due. For both full and partial refunds, you'll also be able to select which specific fees are still due. View Partial Refund Example


    Contact Details Screen Update

    Contact details screen has been updated to make it easier to read, with adding more space between fields, moving page notes to tools tips and removing colons. Note: the Reset Portal Password and Manage PINs Care editions only) buttons were moved from the top of the contact page to down below. View Contact Details


    Edit All Classes: Added Class Meets

    Class Meets was added to Edit All Classes as search criteria. This is especially helpful if you bill based on the number times a classes meets in the billing period, as it provides a quicker way to update class tuition amounts. For example, there are 5 Fridays in December. Use Edit All Classes and select Friday for Class Meets. All Friday classes are found and their tuition amounts updated in one place instead of going into each class individually. View Edit All Classes Search Criteria


    New Email File Attachments & Image Inserts

    Emails now have the ability to attach a file and insert an image! There are new buttons on the page for each one. Important Notes:

    -Files and images need to be saved onto your computer
    -Files and images need to be uploaded from your computer to Jackrabbit before they can be attached/inserted into emails
    -Attached files appear as links in the email body and inserted images display the image in the email body
    -After files are uploaded, they can be deleted by hovering over the file to see a red x icon
    -2 new user permissions added: Upload a file and delete a file. User who have the Email Families permission were given these permissions automatically
    View New Attach & Insert Buttons
    View Uploading Files to Jackrabbit - Before
    View Uploading Files to Jackrabbit - After
    View Delete Uploaded File
    View Email Families After Attach/Insert
    View Email Received by Parent


    Email Bounce Report: Added Loc & Phone

    Email Bounce Report has new columns for location and home/work/cell phone numbers. View New Columns


    Family Summary Screen Update

    Family Summary has been updated to make it easier to read, with adding more space between fields, moving page notes to tools tips and removing colons. Several fields were moved to a order: status, account#, family id, current balance and problem account. Home phone was renamed to Home or Primary Phone. View Family Summary


    Skills: Added Import

    Skills/Levels can now be imported! There's a new button in the skills/levels screen for Import Skills/Levels. This will open up instructions and a spreadsheet to enter your skill information, which can then be imported into Jackrabbit. View Skills/Levels Import

    Note: Imported data can be deleted by going to Tools>Delete Imported Data.


    Student Info Sheet: Added Student Search

    Student Info Sheet has a new option to search for a specific student. View Select Student

    Students have a new Info Sheet button for quick access to the report. View Student's Info Sheet Button


    Family/Student Fixed Fees/Disc: Added Expiration Date

    Family fixed fees and discounts and student fixed fees now have an expiration date! After an expiration date has passed, the fixed fee/discount will be ignored when posting tuition fees. Family and student advanced searches have a new option in the Has Fixed Fee drop-down list for Expired. This makes it easy for you to find expired family/students. View Expiration Date

    There's also a new option under the Tools menu for Clear Fixed Fees & Discounts. This enables you to quickly clear this information by yourself instead of contacting our Support Team. This was added onto the existing user permission for clearing family/student user definable fields, therefore, only users who already have that permission will automatically see this in the Tools menu. View Clear Fixed Fees & Discounts


    Edit Settings: New Apply Payment Setting

    Edit Settings has a new setting for Apply Payment To, with 3 options. This setting will be used during Process Credit Cards/Bank Accts and in a single payment when the payment isn't fully applied. All databases have been set to Oldest fees first, so you won't experience any changes without changing this setting yourself. The apply options are:

    -Newest fees first
    -Oldest fees first (within 12 months)
    -Oldest fees first
    -View New Apply Payment Setting
    Process Credit Cards/Bank Accts has a new section for How to Apply Payments. This defaults to the Apply Payments To setting selection but it can be changed if necessary. View Process Credit Cards New Option


    Payment & Re-Apply Payment: Added Apply Buttons

    There are two new options to apply payments to fees in the payment and re-apply payment screens: Apply to newest fees first and Apply to oldes fees first (within the last 12 months). The following was also changed: the receipt checkbox was moved above the family name and the payment field is highlighted yellow. View Payment Apply Buttons


    Store Profit Report: Added Current Qty On Hand

    The Store's Profit report now shows the Current Qty on Hand. View Store Profit Report


    Costumes: Added Picture Upload

    Costume pictures can now be added! The ability to upload a picture was added to Add Costume and Edit Costume. Click on the Upload button and then select the picture from your computer's saved files.
    View Costume Picture Upload


    New Option to Calculate Class Duration

    There's a new Tools>Edit Settings option for Calculate Class Duration. This will calculate the class duration using the class's start and end times. Important notes:

    *All databases were updated to have Calculate Class Duration set to Yes. You can decide to turn it off by changing it to No.
    *Pages which use the setting: Class Summary tab, Edit All Classes, Weekly View Calendar
    *No retroactive changes made to existing durations. If you have classes with incorrect durations, these haven't been changed.
    *If you need a class to have an incorrect duration for posting tuition fees by total hours, you can overide the calculated class duration OR you can turn this setting off.
    View Calculate Class Duration Setting


    Web Reg Settings: Added More Options

    The Web Registration Settings screen has been updated in several ways:

    *Column order changed
    *Organization and spacing improved
    *Updated existing settings to consistently have options for hidden/optional/required
    *Added the missing fields to the page so now all web reg form fields have options for hidden/optional/required
    If you've asked Jackrabbit in the past to hide the "How did you hear about us" question on your registration form, you can now do so!
    View Updated Web Reg Settings


    Enrollment Snapshot1: Added Class Days

    Enrollment Snapshot 1 report now has the option to search by Class Days. A Days column was also added to the report. View Enrollment Snapshot1


    Who's Scheduled To Be Here Report

    New options to:

    • Display the name of the first class based on the Class Start Time
    • Sort by Class Start Time or Student Name
    • Show all of a Student's classes
    If you track absences, new options to:
    • Exclude Students that are scheduled to be absent
    • Include Students that are scheduled for a makeup
    View Who's Scheduled to Be Here Report


    Staff Portal: Makeups can be marked present/absent

    In the Staff Portal only, the Staff will be able to mark a makeup student as present or absent.
    In Jackrabbit, this information is shown in the 'Makeup' tab of the makeup Class, the 'Absence' tab of the enrolled Class, and, and the 'Absence' tab of the Student.
    View Staff Portal
    View Makeup Attendance in Jackrabbit


    New Family Balance Summary Report

    There's a new Family Balance Summary report which is a list of families with basic information and their balance! There are always two balance columns: Balance and Balance As Of (date). The Balance column is not date dependent and is the balance shown throughout Jackrabbit . The Balance As Of (date) column is date sensitive and can be ran two different ways:

    -If the As Of Date search criteria isn't entered, it will use today's date. Important to know: This column will not include future dated fees
    -If the As Of Date search criteria is entered, this column will reflect the balance as of that date.
    View How to Find This Report
    View Search Criteria
    View Family Balance Summary Report Examples


    Global Class Search: Added Waitlist & Show/Hide Columns

    The Search Classes option, located at the top of every screen, now has a column with the class's waitlist count. We also added the Show/Hide Columns feature which allows you to hide columns you aren't interested in. The hidden columns will continue to be hidden until you unhide them. View Added Waitlist & Show/Hide Columns


    Enrollment Detail Screen Update

    The Enrollment Detail Report has been changed to make it easier to read, with adding more space between fields, moving page notes to tools tips and removing colons. Fields were moved to a different order to make data entry easier. View Enrollment Detail Report


    Costume Measurement Worksheet: Added Session

    The Costume Measurement Worksheet now has Session as a search criteria. View Costume Measurement Worksheet Search Criteria


    Staff Portal Class Filter: Added Category 2

    Staff Portal's Class Filter now has Category 2 give staff more options when looking for specific classes. View Staff Portal's Class Filters


    NEW Student Skills Added to the Staff Portal

    Staff Portal now has Student Skills! What does this mean?

    *Staff can see and update student skill progress quickly during class using a mobile device
    *Staff can also see/update skill notes, watch skill videos and send parents an email when a student skill is updated (optional)
    *New Tested skill status added in the portal and main Jackrabbit database
    *Note: Skills must be assigned to the class inside your main Jackrabbit database before skills are seen in the staff portal
    *View Skills in the Staff Portal
    For instructions to set up and use skills, use the following links to the Help Center:
    Setup skills inside Jackrabbit
    Skills inside Staff Portal


    Event Date/Time Screen Update

    The Event Date/Time Summary tab has been changed to make it easier to read, with adding more space between fields, moving page notes to tools tips and removing colons. Fields were moved to a different order to make data entry easier. View Event Date/Time Summary tab


    Class Web Registration Form - Now Mobile Aware

    The Class Web Registration form is now mobile aware! What does this mean?:

    *The form recognizes when a parent is using a mobile device and sizes accordingly
    *The form has been re-organized to be easier to read and complete the information
    *There's nothing for you to do! The new form is activated for all databases with no action needed by you
    View Web Reg Mobile Aware Form Screenshot

    Note: The event registration form and the customer portal have not changed. These will be made mobile aware in the future


    Sessions: Added Dates

    When creating Sessions from Tools>Edit Drop-down Lists, you can now enter the Start, End and Registration Dates! These dates aren't required. Other pages were also updated for the enhancement:

    *Class Summary tab: When a session is selected, the class dates default to the session dates. If class dates already existed, you'll be asked which dates you want to use
    *Copy Classes: When a session is selected, the new class dates default to the session dates
    *Add Class pop-up: Session, end date and registration dates were added. When a session is selected, the new class dates default to the session dates
    View Session Dates


    Email/Text Families & Email Student Schedules: New Look & Include Waitlist Option

    Email/Text Families & Email Student Schedules have a new look to group related search criteria together with new headers to make it easier to use. Email/Text Families has a new option to allow waitlisted students to be included in the recipient list. View Email/Text Families New Look & Option


    New Staff Portal Log Report

    A new report was created called Staff Portal Log, which is located in the Staff Portal menu>Settings. This report will show staff portal login activity along with the following: when staff try to login using incorrect IDs, when password reset emails are sent, and when staff update their password. View New Staff Portal Login Report


    Web Registration Settings: Registration Fee Changes

    Several changes were made to the Web Registration Settings page for registration fees:

    *Added option to post registration fees Per Student Per Class
    *Added 3rd Student Registration Fee
    *Added Maximum Fee per Family/Acct so that Jackrabbit won't post a registration fee over this amount.
    View Web Reg Settings


    Edit Settings Screen Update

    The Edit Settings screen has been changed to make it easier to read, with adding more space between fields, moving page notes to tools tips and removing colons. Other changes:

    *Fields reorganized to place related fields together
    *Help icons added to provide more information at your fingertips
    *Minor label changes
    View Edit Settings


    Event Type Summary Screen Update

    The Event Type Summary tab has been changed to make it easier to read, with adding more space between fields, moving page notes to tools tips and removing colons. Outlines were also added to group related fields together for Transaction Details and Display on Calendar. Important note: Internal Description was moved to the Description tab. View Event Type Summary tab


    Staff Portal Password Reset Email: AddedPortal LInk

    If your database allows Remote Access to the Staff Portal, the email sent to staff to create/reset their portal password will now have a link to the staff portal. This makes it easier for staff to immediately login after creating/resetting their password. View Staff Portal Password Reset Email


    Makeup Class Dates: Change Made

    A couple changes were made when scheduling makeup classes for absent students.. First, the class needs to be selected before selecting the makeup date. Second, the makeup date is now smarter to only allow you to select a date the class meets. For example, if the makeup class meets on a Thursday, it won't allow you to select a Saturday date. View Makeup Date


    Web Registration Confirmation Email: Added First Class

    Web Registration confirmation emails sent to parents, instructors and your organization, now show the First Class date the student should attend class. We've also deleted the Class Start Date and added the Class End Date. View Email Confirmation Example

    The confirmation emails sent to instructors when a Jackrabbit user enrolls a student was also updated. We're still working on updating the Quick Registration and Portal enrollment confirmation emails.


    New Closed Dates for Staff Portal Attendance

    There is a new Edit Settings option for Closed Dates! This enhancement helps clients who are using Staff Portal Attendance. On a closed date, the staff portal won't allow attendance to be taken and the Incomplete Portal Attendance report won't include closed date classes.
    There's a new user permission for Closed Dates. This was set according to users Edit Settings permission:
    *UserIDs with Edit Settings checked, now have Closed Dates checked
    *UserIDs without Edit Settings checked, won't have Closed Dates checked

    View Closed Dates Page, View Staff Portal with Closed Date

    Closed Dates will be used in a future enhancement for tuition discounting and prorating.


    Staff's Portal Settings: Added Attendance Option

    Staff's Portal Settings page has a new option called "Allow this staff person to enter attendance". When set to No, staff can see the list of students in the staff portal, but can't mark students present or absent. This is helpful for schools which don't allow teachers to enter attendance but still need to see student information. The Edit All Staff Portal Setting page and Staff Portal Guided Setup both have this new setting, which makes updating multiple staff at the same time quick and easy. View Staff's Portal Settings new Attendance setting,


    Class Summary Screen Update

    Jackrabbit has started to "clean up" our screens to make them easier for you to read and use. The Class Summary tab is the first screen! You'll notice the following changes on each page as they're completed:

    1. More space between fields
    2. Field name colons deleted
    3. Short page notes moved to a tool tips, which display when hovering over the field
    4. Long page notes moved to new help ? icons
    5. Some fields may be moved to a different place on the screen for easier data entry
    View New Class Summary tab


    Post Tuition by Total Hours: Added Trial & Waitlist Options

    Post Tuition by Total Hours now has options to include/exclude both Trial enrollments and Waitlist enrollments from the tuition calculation. View new Trial & Waitlist options


    Staff Portal Settings: Added Email Setting

    The Staff Portal now has the option for staff to send emails! Each staff person's portal settings tab has a new setting called Allow this staff person to send emails. When set to Yes, the staff person will see an Email button in the staff portal's Manage Classes tab. From here, staff can enter the email subject, message and select which student's contacts should receive the email. All of the selected students' contacts with a unique email address will receive the email. Staff will also see a new email icon on the attendance page. View email setting & staff portal button/icon, View email pop-up


    Post Annual Fees: Added Taxable Option

    Post Annual Fees has a new option to add tax when posting the fees. The option is called "Taxable?" and is automatically checked if your database's Edit Setting's option for 'Tax Registration Fees' is set to Yes. View Post Annual Fee's Taxable Option


    Dashboard & Aged Accounts Report Changes

    The Dashboard Aged Accounts section has a new look! View Dashboard Aged Accounts
    The Aged Accounts Report was also changed to a similar format. Several columns were added: billing email, days outstanding, total and unapplied credit. The balance date column was removed. View Aged Accounts Report


    Post Annual Fees: Added Maximum Fee

    When posting annual fees per student, there's a new option to enter a Maximum Fee per Family/Acct. If the total of the student annual fees is over this amount, the maximum fee will be posted instead. View Post Annual Fees


    Staff Portal Guided Setup: Added Email to All Staff

    When using either the Staff Portal Guided Setup or Edit All Portal Logins, a new section was added to the Send Email step. The new section lists all active staff with checkbox to select which staff should receive the email containing their login information. View Send Email step with option to select all staff


    Staff Portal My Time Card tab: Added Department Filter

    There's a new Time Filter for Department in the My Time Card tab of the staff portal. This makes it easier for staff to find specific department time entries. View Department Time Filter


    Portal Settings: Added Video Setting

    New portal settings were added: Show link to Portal video on Login Page and Portal Video Message. When checked, the message and link will appear on the customer portal login page. View Portal Video Settings, View Portal Login Page


    Edit Settings: New Notifications page

    Edit Settings has a new option for Notifications. This new page makes it easier to find/view/edit all notification email and reply to email information. The user permission for Email Families & Email Student Schedules controls whether this page is shown to each userID. View Notifications page


    Web Registration Form: New Portal Account Password

    The web registration form has a new Portal Account Password field for parents to create their portal password while registering with your school. If your customer portal is active, the parents' confirmation email will contain a link to your customer portal. View Web Reg Portal Account Password


    Statements: New Settings & Options

    There are a few new statement setting for Show Account Summary, Include Link to Customer Portal and Customer Portal Text. Go to the Tools menu>Edit Settings>Statements/Ecomm Receipts page to view/edit these settings. View New Settings
    Statements Print & Email have two new Format Options: Show Account Summary and Show Statement Description. The account summary and statement description were always shown before. Now you can hide each of them. View Format Options, View Statement Examples


    New Update Grade Levels

    There is a new option in the Tools menu for Update Grade Levels. When selected, you can either increase or decrease all student grade levels by one. This new feature is controlled by the UserID permission for Clear Student User-defined fields; therefore, if you don't see it in the Tools menu, you'll need this UserID permission checked for your UserID (Tools menu>Manage Users & Permissions). View Update Grade Levels


    Transactions Menu: Added Post Fees to a Family

    There's a new option in the Transaction menu for Post Fees to a Family. This opens the Make Sale/Post Fees page, where a family/account can be selected. Also, the Store menu option for Make Sale/Post Fees was ranamed to Make Sale. View Menu Changes


    Customer Portal: Added Current/Future Events

    The Customer Portal's Event Registration tab has a new section for listing current and future events per family. The My Students tab also has a new bottom section tab for Event Enrollment. View Events in the Portal


    New Options to Find Reports

    There is an easy new way to find the report you're looking for! Go to the Reports menu and click on either Find Report or All Reports. View Reports Menu

    *Find Report opens a Keyword Search to find all reports matching the typed in key word View Find Report,
    *All Reports opens an alphabetical listing of each report. Hovering over the report name will show a description of the report View All Reports,
    *Selecting either of the above also shows report categories listed underneath them. Selecting a category will show the related reports with tabs along the top to further categorize the reports. For example, clicking on Transactions/Financials on the left shows 5 tabs to the right for Recommended, Who Has Paid, Who Owes Me Money, Transaction Research, For the Accountant and All View Categorized Reports & Tabs


    QuickBooks Report/Export: Changed Name and Placement

    The QuickBooks Report and Export have been separated and renamed:

    *The report stayed under the Reports menu and was renamed to the Revenue Snapshot
    View Reports Menu
    *The export is moved to the Tools menu and is named QuickBooks Export. This is also where the accounts can be assigned/edited
    View Tools Menu
    View QuickBooks Export
    The Revenue Snaphot is a great way to see a total of how much money was collected by payment method and category 1 at the same time View Revenue Snapshot Report,


    Email Student Schedules: Added Options

    Email Student Schedules has more options!

    *New search criteria for Enrolled From/Through Date
    *New section which allows you to select which schedules to include in the email, based on Session, Category1, Category2, Category 3 and Future Enrollments
    *New display option for Show Location
    These new options give you more control for who receives the email and what schedules are included in the email. View Email Student Schedules


    Transaction Grids: Moved Amt Column

    The Amt column in the Family Transaction tab and Advanced Transaction Search is now placed between the Tax and Unpaid Amt columns and is highlighted blue. View Transaction Columns


    Transfer Student: Added Note & Future Drop Date

    When a student is transferred to another class, a note field was added to save important informaton. Also, when a student has a future drop date in the original class, the future drop date is now added to the new class. View Transfer Note


    Tuition Defaults: Moved to PTF/PTFH

    The Tuition Defaults page has been moved from Tools>Edit Settings to Transactions>Post Tuition Fees and Post Tuition Fees by Total Hours. View Post Tuition Fees


    View Unapplied Credits & Unpaid Fees: Added Green Highlight

    In a Family's Transaction tab, when unapplied credits and unpaid fees exist and they're dated within the last 12 months, the View Unapplied Credits & Unpaid Fees button is highlighted green. This was done to alert you when recent transactions and payments can be linked. Linking fees and payments is highly recommended for accurately categorized revenue reports. View Button Highlight


    Transactions of Deleted/Archived Families: Added Name

    For families that are deleted or archived (moved to the lead file), the family name will now be kept on their transactions from today forward. Transactions for families deleted or archived prior to this morning could not be updated. View Deleted Family Transaction


    Statements-Email: Added Location Email Address

    Statements-Email option for "Email Replies Sent To" now includes location email addresses. We also added formatting to the page to make it easier to read. View Statements-Email


    Staff Portal: My Schedule Tab Mobile Aware

    Staff Portal's My Schedule tab is now mobile aware! This means staff schedules are easier to see on smart phones and tablets.


    Transaction Type Drop-down List Editor: New Credit/Debit Setting

    The transaction type drop-down list editor has a new setting for Credit and Debit. This means the credit/debit wording no longer needs to be included in the transaction type name. We've updated all of your existing transaction types to use the new setting. View Transaction Type Credit/Debit Setting


    New Credit Card/Bank Account Settings page

    There's a new option under the Tools menu for Credit Card/Bank Account Settings. This new page has all the ePayment settings in one central location to make it easier for you to manage. The settings are still in their original pages and can be edited from either page. There's also a new user permission. If you have the Edit User Permissions permission checked, the new permission was defaulted checked and you should see the new option under the Tools menu. All other users do not have the new permission checked. View Tools Menu, View New ePayment Settings Page, View New Permission


    Quick Registration: Added Adjusted Openings Column

    The Quick Registration class search page has a new column for Adjusted Openings. This column calculates Adjusted Openings as Openings plus Future Drops less Future Enrolls less Waitlist less Makeups. When the total is 0 or less, the column is highlighted red. View Adjusted Openings Column


    Lead File: New Rapid Entry of Leads

    The Lead FIle's Add Lead option now has an Email field and a button to Save & Add Another Lead. These will enable you to add multiple leads quickly . View Add LeadE


    Staff Portal Attendance

    The mobile responsive Staff Portal with Attendance feature is now available in your database!

    *Time Clock menu renamed Staff Portal
    *Staff Portal menu moved to between Reports & Tools
    *Time Clock feature works as it always has and is now mobile aware for easier tablet and smart phone use
    *Staff can enter attendance in the staff portal instead of using paper Class Rolls
    *New Dashboard alert for Incomplete Staff Portal Attendance (yesterday). If you don't want to see this, it can be turned off (go to Staff Portal menu>Settings>Portal Settings and uncheck the Staff Portal Attendance Feature checkbox)
    For more detailed information, Staff Portal Help Center


    Event Registration Form: Added Fee Information

    The Event Registration Form now shows the fee information (fee per family or per student and the amount) . This information was also added to the email confirmation sent to the parent. View Event Registration Form


    Families Adv Search: Added Cards on File Column

    When the Show ePayment Fields display setting set to Yes, a new column for "Cards on File" will display in the search results. View Cards on File Column


    Email & Print Statements: Added Fully & Partially Paid Fees Option

    The Email and Print Statements search criteria for "Paid/Unpaid Transactions Only" has a couple changes: Paid Only is now Fully Paid Fees and Payments, Unpaid Only is now Unpaid Fees and a new option was added for Fully and Partially Paid Fees. View New Search Criteria, View New Statement


    Family & Student: Added Email Schedules

    Family and Student pages now have an Email Schedules button to make it easier to send the emails. View Email Schedules button


    Revenue Summary: Added Class/Event Location

    Revenue Summary has a new search criteria for Class/Event Location. The original Location search crtiteria was renamed to Family Location to clearly describe what it searches. For clients with multiple locations, having both search criteria allows you to see revenue based on these differing location types. View Revenue Summary


    Staff Adv Search: Added Skills & Certifications

    Staff Advanced Search now has a search criteria for Staff Certifications. Display Settings were also added for Staff Skills and Staff Ceritifications and a Birth Date column was added to the search results. View Search Criteria, View Search Results


    Time Report: Criteria Name Changes

    A few of the Time Report search criteria names' changed:

    Pay Period changed to Time Entries Dated in Pay Period
    Dated From changed to Time Entries Dated From
    Pay Date changed to Closed Time Entries with Date Paid
    Pay Date From changed to Date Paid From
    View Time Report Changes


    Email Staff: Added Favorites

    Email Staff now has Favorites! Favorites save search criteria to make emailing faster in the future. View Favorites


    Show/Hide Columns Added to More Places

    The Show/Hide Columns feature was added to these places:

    Student menu: Skills Search
    Classes menu: Openings, Class Schedule, List Archived Classes, Wait List Search
    Events menu: List Event Types, Online Event Registration
    Clock menu: Here Now Report, Time Clock Login Report, Staff Time Audit Report
    Store menu: Store Reports (all types)
    Costumes: Student Costume Listing, Costume Listing, List Orders, Print Orders, Vendor Size Charts


    Transaction Adv Search: Top 250 Customers

    Transaction Advanced Search has a Special Search which finds customers who've paid the highest amount of money within the date range selected. This used to list the Top 100 Customers but it's changed to the Top 250 Customers. View Top 250 Customers Special Search


    Families & Students: Added Events tab

    Families and Students have a new tab for Events. The Event tab shows event Enrollment and Past Enrollment. Before today, this information was only seen in the Family Classes tab by clicking on the View Event Enrollment button. This button was deleted and replaced with the Event tab. View Family Event Tab


    Recitals: New Export Program to Word

    The Recital Editor has a new button called "Export Program to Word". This makes it easier to get the recital information into the right format to edit and print. View Export Program to Word button


    Show/Hide Columns Added to More Places

    The ability to Show/Hide Columns in grids has been added to these places: Aged Accounts, Aged Fees, Birthday Report, Costume Sizes, Customer Portal Log, Email Bounce Report, Email Listing, Enrollment Snapshot1, Family ePmt Listing, Family Transactions, Online Registration, Payment Method Summary, Source Report, Transaction Summary, Text Activity Report and Text Undeliverable Report.


    Paid Fees Summary: Added Sub-type

    Paid Fees Summary now has a search criteria for Transaction Sub-type. View Paid Fees Summary Sub-type


    Tuition Defaults for PTf by Total Hours: Added setting Fees Based on Total Hours per

    Tuition Defaults for Post Tuition Fees by Total Hours now has a setting for "Fees based on Total Hours per" family/student. Settings saved in Tuition Defaults are defaulted into the Post Tuition and Post Tuition Fees by Total Hours pages for quicker posting of tuition fees. Tuition Defaults are located under the Tools menu>Edit Settings. View Tuition Defaults PTFbyT otal Hours


    Portal: Updated Policies Agreements Checkboxes

    The Parent Portal's policy agreeements now have a checkbox for each policy, which requires the parent to check each one before saving. The copy of the policy agreements was updated to show a checkmark for each policy. View Portal Checkboxes


    Process Credit Cards/Bank Accts: Added ePayment (no value) option

    Process Credit Cards/Bank Accounts now has a '(no value)' option in the ePayment drop-down list. This will help search for families that don't have an ePayment value set. View ePayment (no value) option


    Post Tuition Fees & PTFby Total Hours: Added ePayment (no value) option

    Post Tuition Fees and Post Tuition Fees by Total Hours now have a '(no value)' option in the ePayment drop-down list. This will help search for families that don't have an ePayment value set. View ePayment (no value) option


    Quick Registration: Updated Registration Details Save

    Quick Registration is updated to now save the registration details when the confirmation email isn't sent. This means, every time a Quick Registration is saved, the registration details can be seen in the Family Misc tab's View Registration button. View Family View Registrations


    Lead File: Saving Attendance/Absence Information

    Prior to this morning, when a family was moved to the Lead File, the Student's attendance/absence information was deleted and couldn't be restored. This has changed so the attendance/absence information is saved. This means when the family is restored, the attendance/absence information will also be restored.


    Payment Method Summary: Added Show Refunds

    Payment Method Summary now has the option to Show Refunds. View Payment Method Summary


    Quick Registration: Use Web Reg's Field Labels

    Quick Registration now uses the Web Reg field labels if they are entered (to see yours, go to Tools>Online Registration, click Field Labels/Hidden/Required in the left navigation) View Web Reg Field Labels


    Customer Portal: Added View Of Sent Emails & Registrations

    Customer Portal now shows the last 5 communications sent by email (including registrations) in the News tab when a parent first logs in. Parents can see more history in the My Acount tab, by clicking either the View Emails or View Texts buttons. View Portal News tab , View Portal My Account tab


    Email Families: Added Registration Search Criteria

    Email Families now has search criteria for: Registration Month, Registration Date From and Registration Date Through. These search criteria can help you send emails to families to celebrate their registration anniversary date. View Email Families Registration Search Criteria


    Absence Tracking: Added setting Eligible for Makeup when Absent

    For clients tracking absences, there is new setting to help make entering absences easier. The new setting is located under the Tools menu, Edit Settings option, then Org Defaults in the left navigation. The setting is called "Eligible for Makeup when Absent" and has the following options:

    Select with Each Absence: The Eligible checkbox is un-checked (how it's always been)
    Always Allow Makeups: The Eligible checkbox is checked
    Never Allow Makeups: The Eligible checkbox is hidden
    This setting was defaulted to 'Select with Each Absence' for all clients tracking absences, therefore you won't notice any difference. If your school always allows or never allows makeups, change your setting appropriately. View Eligible for Makeup setting


    Aged Fees Report: Added Select a Family search criteria

    Aged Fees Report now has the ability to search for a specific Family/Account View New Criteria


    List All/Active Classes & Who's Scheduled to Be Here: Time Sorting Change

    List All Classes, List Active Classes and Who's Scheduled to Be Here report can now be sorted in proper time order by clicking on the Start Time or End Time column header.


    Transaction Grids: Added Credits to Orig & Pre-Tax Amt columns

    The Family Transaction tab, View Transaction History and Advanced Transaction Search now have Credit amounts showing in the Orig Amt and Pre-Tax Amt columns. This means the column totals will be a sum of all debit and credit transactions. View Transaction Grid Credit Example


    Search User Activity: Added Links for More Info

    Search User Activity now displays Family, Student and Class IDs as links. Click the link to see more detailed information. View Search User Activity Links


    Event Questions: Added Optional, Required, Hidden

    Event Questions can now be Optional, Required or Hidden when enrolling families/students into the event. All event enrollments from Web Registration, Customer Portal and inside Jackrabbit will follow this setting for individual event questions. View Event Questions New Setting


    Students/Staff Pictures: Buttons Added

    Students and Staff now have buttons to Upload Pictures (instead of a link) and Delete Pictures (new capability). View Student/Staff Picture Buttons


    Aged Accounts: Added Balance As Of Date column

    When the Aged Accounts "Balance As Of Date" is set to a prior date, the report will now calculate the balance for the past date and display a new column called "Balance As Of Date". The original "Balance" column was renamed "Current Balance" to help clarify what it represents. View Aged Accounts with Balance As Of Date column


    New Merge Family Feature

    You can now merge families without having to contact the Support Team! There is a new user permission called "Merge Families/Accounts" which was defaulted 'off' for all users. Once a user has the permission, the new option will appear in the Families menu. It is very important to select the correct families when merging families.
    View Family Menu with permission, View Merge Family Feature


    Staff: Added Instructor Setting

    A new setting was added to the Staff summary tab, called "Instructor" with a yes/no drop-down list. This setting was added to signify staff who teach classes from those who don't. All staff was defaulted to Instructor=Yes (please change non-instructors to No). These are the places where changes were made to follow the new setting:

    *Approve Time won't show Actual vs Scheduled Hours when the staff person isn't an instructor
    *Non-instructors aren't found when searching for Instructors=yes
    *Calendar Day View doesn't include non-instructors
    *Staff Advanced Search criteria "Staff/Instructor Type" was changed to "Instructor" and an Instructor column was added to the search results
    *List Active & List All Staff have a new Instructor column in the results
    *Staff Scheduled Time Report & Staff Schedules had the "staff" wording replaced with "Instructor"
    *Email Staff: Added "Send Message To" with options: All Staff, Instructors Only, Non-Instructors Only
    View Instructor Setting


    Paid Fees Summary: Added Family & Trans Type Search Criteria

    The Paid Fees Summary report now allows you to search for Family and Transaction Type. The report title will also change from Summary to Detail when Show Detail is set to Yes. View New Criteria


    Time Clock: Added Multiple Dept Managers

    Departments can now have multiple Department Managers. This change was made to both Edit Department and Add Department. View Dept Managers Multi-Select


    New Time Clock Here Now Report

    There is a new Here Now report for clients using the Jackrabbit Time Clock. This report will show which staff are currently clocked into the Time Clock.
    This report is located under the Clock menu. There is a new user permission which was defaulted 'on' for all users who had the Approve/Unapprove Time permission and defaulted 'off' for all other users.
    View Here Now Report, View Clock Menu with Here Now Report


    Statements Print: Added Return Address

    Statements Print has a new Print/Format Option for Return Address. This allows you to select either the Family Location Address or the Main Organization Address to appear on the printed statement. View Return Address Setting


    Post Tuition Fees/PTFby Hours: Negative Tuition Fees Changes

    Post Tuition Fees and Post Tuition Fees by Total Hours will now display an alert at the top of the page when negative tuition fees have been calculated. Each negative tuition fee will be shown in red text to help draw your attention to it. View Negative Tuition Fees


    Time Clock: Added Hour Type Filter

    The Time Clock's My Time Card tab now has a way to filter time entries by Hour Type. Staff can select a specific Hour Type from the drop-down list and only the matching time entries will show. View Hour Type Filter


    Merge Family Change

    Merge Family was enhanced to delete the From family for you! Note: This means any From family information you want to copy into the To family MUST be done BEFORE the merge.


    Family Transactions: New Chronological Order

    The Family Transaction tab and View Transaction History now display transactions in chronological order, with the most recent at the top. View New Transaction Sort


    New Export and Print User Permissions

    User permissions were added for both Export and Print Grid information. All users have these permissions set to "yes". If you don't want a user to be able to export or print, go to Tools>Manage Users & Permissions to un-check them. View Export & Print Permissions


    Times: Added Formatting

    All places Times can be entered have been updated to not allow an incorrect time format (ie, too many numbers, missing colon, etc). Note when entering 1 o'clock times: you must either enter a "0" before the 1 or enter the ":" after the 1.
    If you have incorrectly formatted times in your database, you'll be alerted when you're in the time field to correct it. View New Time Format


    Web Registration Confirmation: Added Fee Section

    Web Registration confirmation emails now list all fees posted in a separate section labeled Fees (prior the fees were listed separately throughout the email). View Web Reg Confirmation Fee Section


    Events Sign In/Out Sheets: Added Display Settings

    Event Sign In/Out Sheets have new display settings for: Show columns for Staff Sign In/Out, Separate Sign In/Out Sheets for Each Event and Sort in Event Start Time Order. View New Display Settings


    ePayment Receipts: Added Itemized Fees Setting

    ePayment receipts were recently enhanced to include itemized transactions. You can now choose to send a summary receipt instead. There is a new setting which controls this, located under Tools>Edit Settings>Statements/Ecomm Receipts View New Setting, View Summary Receipt Example


    ePayment Status Icons

    In the Family Transaction tab, Family View Transaction History and Transactions Advanced Search, the ePmt column's status has been changed from a word (eg Success) to an icon. View ePmt icons


    Events: Added Min/Max Age & Cut Off Date

    Events now have the Minimum Age, Maximum Age and Cut Off Date fields (which is similar to Classes) View Event Min/Max Age


    Portal: Partial Payment Change

    A few changes were made to the Portal's fees & payments setting called "Portal Users Can". First, the options were renamed to be more descriptive of what each option allows. Second, when parents are allowed to make a partial payment, the parent can select which fees the partial payment is applied to. In the past, partial payments could only be applied to the oldest fee first. Third, when a parent is entering a payment, they no longer need to enter the Payment Amount. Instead the Payment Amount will be calculated as the parent clicks on the fees to pay. View Portal Users Can Setting, View Partial Payment Example


    Australian ACH/eCheck Bank Drafts

    Autstralian databases now have fields for Bank State Branch # and eCheck Authorization Type. View Australian ACH


    Absences-Makeups Report: Added Show/Hide Columns

    The Absences-Makeups report now has the Show/Hide Columns feature. View Show/Hide Columns


    Approved/Declined eCommerce Receipts: Added Itemized Fees

    Approved and Declined eCommerce Receipts were upgraded to display an itemized list of fees the payment was applied/linked to. The format of the emailed receipt was also improved to be easier to read. View Approved eCommerce Receipt, View Declined eCommerce Receipt


    Student Info Sheets: Added Classes

    Jackrabbit Student Information Sheets now have display settings for Show Classes (current, future & waitlist) and Show Roll Notes. View JR Student Info Sheet display settings, View JR Student Info Sheet Example

    For Care clients, the new display options are Show Schedules, Show Class Start Date and Show Roll Notes. View Care Student Info Sheet display settingsView Care Student Info Sheet Example


    Student's Size Notes: Added to Reports

    Student's Size Notes were added to the Costume SIze Entry and Student Costume Listing reports. View Size Notes in Costume Reports


    Calendars>Add New Class: Added Description

    When adding a new class from the Calendars, a Description can now be added at the same time. View Calend>Add Class


    Send Enrollment Email to Instructors: Changed Default to Yes

    A change was made to the "Send Enrollment Email to Instructors" setting. If you hadn't previously set it to No or Yes manually, it was updated Yes. This means instructors will get an email when a student is enrolled into their class. To verify your setting (and change it if necessary), go to Tools>Edit Settings and scroll down to the Class Enrollment Settings section.


    Quick Registration: Added Family & Student User Defined Fields

    Quick Registration now follows the Web Registration settings for Family and Student User Definable Fields to be hidden, optional or required. To update these settings, go to Tools>Online Web Registration. View Quick Registration Family UDF example


    Class Sign In/Out Sheets: Multiple Changes

    Several changes were made to the Class Sign In/Out Sheets, inlcuding a new search criteria for Class Meets days which allows you to search for specific days of the week and three new display settings:

    1. Show Columns for Staff Sign Out/In columns: This provides extra columns for staff to sign students out and back in
    2. Separate Sign In/Out Sheet for Each Class: Prints each class on a separate page, with a page header for each with the class name
    3. Sort In Class Start Time Order: Sorts the results by class start time
    View New Class Sign In/Out Sheets Criteria
    View New Class Sign In/Out Sheets Result


    Email Families: Added Send Message To option for Contacts & Instructors

    Email Famiies has a new option to Send Message To "Contacts & Instructors". This allows you to target these two types of recipients at the same time easily. View Send Message To options


    ECommerce Single Payment: Added Declined Reason Code Help

    When a single eCommerce payment is declined, the Post ePayment page will show a ? icon next to the Reason Code. Click on the ? to see a list of the decline codes with their description. The Payment Processor name was also added to this page, along with other format changes to make it easier to read.
    Declined Single eCommerce Payment Example
    Approved Single eCommerce Payment Example


    Family Source Drop-down List: Added Private and Hide Features

    Family Source drop-down list editor now has both the Private and Hide features. Private hides the value from online pages and Hide hides the value from inside Jackrabbit pages. Go to Tools>Edit Settings>Drop-down Lists to use this new feature. View Family Source Drop-down List Editor


    EPayment Listing: Added Membership Type

    Several improvements were made to the ePayment Listing report: added Membership Type search criteria, added ePayment Schedule drop-down option 'no value', changed ePayment Method default value to blank, added new option 'no value, yet has credit card or bank account on file' and made it a required field. This report is intended to identify families which will be processed using "Process Credit Cards/Bank Account" and also identify families who are missing necessary ePayment information .View ePayment Listing Report


    Text Replies: Smartphone Opens Text Message

    Text reply emails, when opened from your smartphone's native email app, will display the Reply From number as a link. Clicking on the link opens a new text message to quickly reply directly to the person. Note: The text will be sent from the cell phone number and not the Plivo text number.


    e-Payment Schedule Drop-down Editor: Added Private & Hide

    e-Payment Schedule Drop-down List Editor now has the "Private" and "Hide" options. "Private" means the value will not appear in the e-Payment Schedule drop-down list in Online Registration or Parent Portal. "Hide" means the value will be hidden from e-Payment Schedule drop-down lists within Jackrabbit. View e-Payment Schedule Private and Hide


    Grid List: Clicked Row Change

    When in a grid list, a clicked row used to highlight in yellow and could cause confusion if the row was already highlighted yellow for another reason. The clicked row will now be outlined in blue. View Clicked Row Blue Outline


    Quick Registration: Bank Acct Info Update

    Quick Registration will now allow Bank Account information to be entered when the Online Web Registration Setting for "eCheck/Bank Draft Required" is set to Optional.


    Email/Text Families: Added "Inlcude Text Opt-In Status" search criteria

    Email/Text Families now has a search criteria for "Include Text Opt-In Status". This criteria allows you to search for contacts/students/staff dependent on whether they have opt in for texting or not. For example, if contacts and students have been opting-in for texting and now you want to email only contacts/students who haven't opt-in, set the "Include Text Opt-In Status" criteria to "Not Opt-In".

    If you do NOT have Text Messages set-up in Jackrabbit, this new setting is not available. View Email/Text Families "Include Text Opt-In Status"


    Email Families Preview: Added Export button

    The Email Families Preview page now has an Export button. This enables you to search for specific families /students and export them into Excel. This is helpful for emailing from outside of Jackrabbit. The exported file can be used to copy the email addresses into another email service and a file attachment can be added. Email Families Preview's Export button


    Event Registration: Added Email check (similar to Web Reg)

    After a parent submits an event registration, the system will check to see if the family exists. If they exist, the parent will be alerted to visit the portal to enroll in the event. This now works the same as Web Registration for classes.


    Post Enrollment Fees: Format Changes

    After enrolling a student into a class, the Post Enrollment Fees page opens. This page has been updated so the Tuition Fees section and the Other Fees section are similar and are closer in format to the Make Sale/Post Fees page. Changes include: moving fields into the same order, adding the Student and Class fields, and adding the Tax checkbox. View Post Enrollment Fees


    Text Messages Now Available!

    Jackrabbit now has the ability to send Text Messages to Contacts, Students and Staff! An account with a third party text message provider called Plivo needs to be activated before texting can be set up in Jackrabbit. For a direct link to setup a Plivo account, go to the Tools>Edit Settings>Text Messages page.

    Important Note: Users which had the "Edit Settings, Logo, Announcements" user permission were given two new texting permissions: texting set-up and sending text messages. All other users were NOT given the texting permissions and need to have their permissions updated to see/use texting.

    For detailed information on pricing and setup/usage, Click Here for Jackrabbit Help Center. or Click Here for Care Help Center.


    Enrollment Details: Added Drop Reason

    If your database is set up to allow Future Enrollments, a Future Drop Reason can now be entered when enrolling a student with a Future Drop Date. View Enrollment Details


    SAP/ACH/Forte: Added eCommerce Receipts

    For organizations using Studio Auto Pay, ACH Direct and Forte Payments, you can now control the eCommerce receipts emailed to your clients for approved, declined, voided and refunded payments. These settings must be activated to start sending the emails. To do this, go to Tools>Edit Settings> Statements/eComm Receipts. For more information, CLICK HERE


    Process Credit Cards/Bank Accts: Added Favorites

    Process Credit Cards/Bank Accounts now has the Favorites feature! This means search criteria which you use frequently can be saved as a 'Favorite', to then use again in the future. The Favorites feature is located on a lot of Jackrabbit pages and is a big time saver! View Favorite buttons


    Lead File: Added Enrollment and Skills

    For families being archived to the Lead File today and in the future, the students' prior class enrollment and skills information will be viewable in the Lead File. If a family is restored from the Lead File, the students' prior enrollment and skills information is also restored. View Lead File Enrollment & Skills
    Note: Historical Enrollment Reporting has not been updated to include families moved to the Lead File.


    Portal & Portal Log: Added Family & Student UDFs

    There are new Portal settings which allow family and student user definable fields (UDF) to be displayed in the portal.. These new settings also give you the ability to allow parents to update the UDF answers. These settings have been defaulted off for all databases. Go to Tools>Customer Portal>Settings to change them appropriately. View New Portal Settings View UDFs in Portal
    The Customer Portal Log report was updated with a new Filter Option for User Defined Field Changes and the report results will include these changes. View Customer Portal Log Changes


    Edit Settings: Split Tax Tuition and Registration Fees into 2 Settings

    The Tools>Edit Settings' "Tax Tuition and Registration Fees" has been split into two separate settings called "Tax Tuition Fees" and "Tax Registration Fees". These can now be set differently if your state requires one to be taxed but not the other. Web registration, quick registration and enrolling within Jackrabbit have all been updated to use both settings. View Tax Tuition and Tax Registration Fee Settings


    SAP/ACH Direct/Forte eCommerce: Added Multiple Cards on File and Refund/Void on Card

    Studio AutoPay/ACH Direct/Forte Payments eCommerce providers now have the following features: Ability to store multiple cards on file per family and process refunds and voids directly to the credit card! Please note that there are additional User Permissions required to access these features. Visit the Help Center > Post a Refund Help for more information.


    Web API for Website Class Listing Tables

    We now offer a JSON API for your website class listings tables. The API provides your web programmer with raw class data in JSON format so that he can create a custom UI for your class listings on your website. If your web programmer would like a copy of the JSON API documentation, email


    User Permissions: Added View Item Cost in List Items

    A new user permission was created called "View Item Cost in List Items". When this is un-checked, users with access to List Items will no longer see an Item's cost. View Permission View Item Cost in List Items


    ECommerce Refunds: Added Refund by Different Payment Method

    When refunding an eCommerce payment, there's now a button to "Refund by Different Payment Method". This button is helpful when a credit card is no longer active and the refund has to be made using a different payment method (check, cash, etc). View eCommerce Refund by Different Payment Method button


    Enroll from Wait List: Added Post Fees

    When enrolling a student from a class wait list, the Enrollment Details and Post Enrollment Fees pop-ups will now appear. This makes it faster and easier to enter this information. View Enroll from Wait List New Options


    Student Advanced Search: Added Primary Contact Email

    Student Advanced Search results now has a column for Primary Contact Email. The Enrollment Detail Report's column for Contact Email was renamed to Primary Contact Email to be consistent. View Student Adv Search New Primary Contact Email


    Costume Module: Added Show/Hide Columns Feature

    Several Costume Module pages now have the Show/Hide Columns feature: Costume Size Entry, Student Costume Listing and Costume Listing


    Class Enroll tab: Ability to Export

    The Class Enroll tab now has the ability to export the enrollment grid information. View Class Enroll tab Export button


    Edit All Classes: Add Show/Hide Columns & Cutoff Date

    The Show/Hide Columns feature was added to make using/viewing the Edit All Classes information easier. The class age Cutoff Date was also added in the yellow global change section and on each row. View Edit All Classes


    General grid speed improvement

    A change went in this morning that will speed up the loading and rendering of our grids (tables) across the board, especially on tabs such as Family-Summary tab, Family-Enrollment tab, Student-Classes tab.


    Post Tuition Fees: Added 6th Multi-Student Discount

    A 6th Multi-Student Discount field was added to Post Tuition Fees and Tuition Defaults. View PTF 6th Multi-Student Discount
    Tuition Defaults allow you to save your tuition discounts to be used each time Post Tuition Fees is ran. To setup Tuition Defaults, go to Tools>Edit Settings>Tuition Defaults.


    User Permissions: New Transaction Advanced Search

    Transaction Advanced Search used to be controlled by the Transaction Reports and Payment Method Summary user permission, however, there's now a separate permission for Transactions Advanced Search. Users with the Transaction Reports and Payment Method Summary permission now also have the Transaction Advanced Search permission. View New User Permission
    To view/edit user permissions, go to Tools>Manage Users and Permissions.


    Email Families: Added (no value) ePmt Method Option

    Email Families has a new ePayment Method option for "(no value)". This means you can proactively email families/accounts missing the ePayment Method to get their payment information before tuition is due, thereby helping you collect revenue faster. View Email Families ePayment Options


    Portal Fees & Payments Tab: Changes

    The Portal's Fees and Payments tab layout has been improved to help your families find information easier. The Balance field was moved and color changed to be more apparent. The Make a Payment button color was changed to stand out more on the page. The Print link was changed to a Print button and the Search by Date ability was moved from a link to the Transaction Filters section at the top of the page. View Portal Fees and Payment tab changes


    Cat1,2,3: New Hide Option

    Category1,2 and 3 can now be hidden from drop-down lists. To do this, go to Tools>Edit Drop-down Lists>Category 1,2,3. Click the Hide checkbox for any category you no longer wish to display in drop-down lists. View Category 1 Hide Checkbox


    Stmts/eComm Receipts: Added Statement Header Setting

    Edit Settings>Statements/eCommerce Receipts has a new setting for Statement Header. When text is saved as the Statement Header, the text will appear in both Print and Email Statements. View Statement Header Setting


    Future Enrollments Grid Added

    Future enrollments were moved from the View Future Enrollments button into it's own Future Enrollments grid in the following places: Family Enrollment tab, Student Classes tab and Class Enroll List tab. The Customer Portal was also improved to show future enrollments in the My Classes tab and My Students pages. View My Classes example, View My Students example


    Online Web Reg Confirmation: Added Show Instructor Setting, Parent Confirmation Emails Updated

    A new setting called' Show Instructor' was added to the Online Web Registration Confirmation settings. When Show Instructor is set to 'yes', the first instructor assigned to the class will be included in the confirmation email sent to the parent from web registration and quick registration. The new setting is set to 'no' for all databases; therefore, if you want Instructor included in the email, you'll need to change it to 'yes' (go to tools>online web registration>settings)

    Other improvements made to the parent email confirmations.

    *Online Web Registrations will include the contact employer information
    *Quick Registrations will include class time, room and date/time of registration
    *Overall format updated to be easier to read
    View Show Instructor Setting, View Online Web Registration Confirmation Example


    New Faster Database Servers

    This past weekend we migrated to a new database servers that are faster. The end result for you, your staff and customers is a more zippy and more responsive database system.


    Students Adv Search: Cell and Transportation Added to Results

    Student Advanced Search changed the search criteria for Emergency Form Completed to Emergency Contact Form Completed and Enrollment Form Completed to Enrollment Form Received. The search results now shows columns for Cell Phone and Transportation. Note: If there are columns which you don't want to see, use the Show/Hide Column button to hide them. View Students Advanced Search


    Online Web Registration: Added Tax on Registration Fees

    Tax will now be automatically added to registration fees from online web registrations when both the Edit Settings "Tax Tuition and Registration Fees" and Online Web Registration "Post Registration Fee(s)" are set to Yes. View Settings for posting Tax on Registration Fees automatically


    Email Statements: Added e-Payment Method (no value) option

    Email Statements has a new option to find families with a blank e-Payment Method. This enables you to easily send statements to families which can't have a payment processed via Process Credit Cards/Bank Accts. To do this, set the e-Payment Method search criteria to "(no value)". View Email Statements e-Payment Method


    Tax Label Updated Throughout JR

    If you have a Tax Label entered (located under tools>edit settings), your Jackrabbit has been updated to use this label instead of the word "tax". View Tax Label Example


    Student Adv Search: Added Start Date From/Through

    Student Advanced Search now has search criteria for Start Date From and Through. This provides a way to identify students who started during a specific date range and is helpful for determining anniversary awards, etc. View Start Date From and Through


    Email Student Schedules: New Options

    Email Student Schedules now has a Membership Type search criteria and the following show/hide display options: Student Start Date, Student Drop Date, Class Start Date, Class End Date, Instructor and Room.


    NEW Email Student Schedules

    The ability to email student schedules is now available under the Students menu! The "Email Families and Email Student Schedules" user permission must be checked in order to view this new feature. There are search criteria to help you find the appropriate families/students, including the ability to select a single family or student. There is also a preview page to view the recipients and their schedules. Note: If a family/student is listed twice in the search results, they will only receive one email. View Students Menu, View Student Schedule Example


    Class Session: New Hide Option

    Class Session can now be hidden from drop-down lists. To do this, go to Tools>Edit Settings>Edit Drop-Down Lists>Class Session. Click in the Hide checkbox for any session you no longer wish to display in drop-down lists. View Class Session Hide Checkbox


    Student Summary tab: Moved Duration Column

    The Student Summary tab now displays the Duration column after the Time column. This lists the columns in the same order as the Family Enrollment tab. View Student Summary Duration


    User Activty Log: Added Permission Information

    When a user clicks on something they don't have the permission to do, an entry to the User Activity Log will now show the missing permission name.. View User Activity Log - No Permission


    Enter Absences: New Expand Button for Roll Notes

    Enter Absences now has an Expand button which displays the Students' entire Roll Notes. View Enter Absences Expand Button


    Customer Portal Log & User Activity Log: Added Payment Method Updates

    Both the Customer Portal Log and User Activity Log now include information when a family's Payment Method changes via the customer portal.


    Adv Transaction Search: New Family ID Display Setting

    Advanced Transaction Search has a new display setting for Family ID. When set to yes, the search results will have a column for Family ID. View Adv Transaction Search Family ID Display Setting, View Adv Transaction Search Results with Family ID


    Edit All Classes: Months added for Min/Max Age

    Edit All Classes was updated with the ability to enter the Min and Max Age Months. View Edit All Classes Min/Max Age Months


    Class Min/Max Age Enhancements

    Several enhancements were made to improve Class Min and Max Age requirements for enrollment.

    1. Class Min and Max Age have a new drop-down box to enter the Months requirement
    2. A Cutoff Date was added to give you more control over the date a student must be a certain age to enroll
    3. Online Web Registration and Customer Portal will now use both years and months to determine a students eligibility to enroll in a class, using the Class Min Age, Max Age and Cutoff Date.
    These improvements ensure only students of the appropriate age are enrolled in classes. View Class Min/Max Age Settings, View Customer Portal Example


    New Student Age Format Setting

    There is a new Edit Settings option which allows you to choose how student ages are displayed througout your database. The setting is called "Student Age Format" and has two options: Display Year Only and Display Year and Month. View Student Age Setting and Examples


    Customer Portal Fees & Payments Tab: New Transaction Search Filters

    Portal's Fees & Payments tab now has filters to give your customers an easy way to find the transactions they are looking for. There is a filter for "Fees & Payments", with options: All Fees, Fees Not Fully Paid, Fees Fully Paid and Payments/Credits. There is also a filter for Fee Type and Student. View Portal Transaction Search Filters


    Customer Portal Settings: New Fees & Payment tab Display Options

    Customer Portal Settings have new options to display the following: Show Session, Show Payment Method, Show Check Number, Show Discounts, Show Unpaid Amount and Show Balance. Your customers will have a comprehensive view of their account activity when all of these options are shown in the portal. View Portal Display Settings, View Portal with All Options Displayed


    Customer Portal Settings: New Hide "Day" Option

    Customer Portal settings now allows the Day search filter when enrolling for classes to be hidden. View Hide Day Setting, View Enrolment page with hidden Day


    Enrollment Detail Report: New "Show Family Zip Code" option

    The Enrollment Detail Report has a new display option for "Show Family Zip Code". The zip code column in the search results can help sort families by area. View Enrollment Detail "Show Family Zip Code" Setting


    New Improved Refunds

    New Refunds Released! This enhancement handles refunds in a smarter and more efficient way:

    -Start a refund from a transaction grid by clicking on the new red "R" icon (available from the family/acct refund button, family/acct transaction tab or transaction advanced search)
    -Ecommerce credit card payments will be voided/refunded directly back to the credit card. You'll no longer need to log into the virtual terminal. This is for all merchant processors, EXCEPT and Studio Auto Pay/ACH Direct/Forte.
    -Family/acct Balances will be adjusted in appropriate refund situations
    -Dashboard revenue charts include refunds
    To see the new refund in action, watch this video: How the New Refund Works


    Drop/Transfer Student with a Family Balance Alert

    When a family has a balance and a student is either transferred or dropped from class, you will see an alert showing the family has a balance. The amount is a link which opens the Advanced Transaction Search which shows the outstanding fees. View Drop Example


    Online Web Reg Settings: Enrollment Option Change

    The Online Web Registration enrollment settings were made simpler by replacing two settings "Ability to Enroll in a Class" and "Require Class Enrollment", with one setting called "Class Enrollment". The Class Enrollment drop-down list options are: Optional(default), Hidden and Required. All databases will be updated according to their current settings. View Class Enrollment Setting


    Copy Classes: "New Registration Start Date" option

    Copy Classes now has an option to set the New Registration Start Date for the new classes created. View New Registration Start Date in Copy Classes


    Event Enrollment: New Email Columns

    The Event Enrollment tab now displays the Family or Student Email of all enrolled families/students. The export feature was also added. View New Event Enrollment Columns


    Refund Enhancement Coming August 10th!

    A smarter way to refund customers is coming on August 10th! Watch How the New Refund Works


    Charts Upgrade

    The Dashboard charts have been upgraded to no longer use Adobe Flash. This means charts are viewable on all browsers and all mobile devices. An added feature: Years can be displayed/hidden in the revenue charts by clicking on the legend.


    Student Tuition Report: New Settings

    The Student Tuition Report has two new search criteria: Student Status and Tuition Status. Also, the search criteria named 'Tuition Allocated to' was renamed 'Payer'.
    Please note: Only clients using Student Based Billing have the Student Tuition Report available.


    Drop Link Permission Change

    The Drop Link userID permission was changed to be called "Drop Student". The permission now also limits the ability to enter a student's Future Drop date. If a user doesn't have the Drop Student permission, they will no longer be able to enter a student's Future Drop date in the Student Class tab, Class Enroll List tab, Family Enrollment tab and Student Summary tab.


    Student Skills tab: Delete Option

    Deleting Student Skills has been made easier! In the Student Skills tab, when the delete trashcan icon is clicked on a skill with sub-skills, you will be asked to either delete only the skill or the skill and all of it's sub-skills. If you click on a sub-skill or a skill without sub-skills, you will be asked if you're sure you'd like to continue with the delete action.
    View Student Skills Delete Option


    Class Listings: Responsive for mobile devices

    We now offer responsive (mobile-friendly) class listings table codes! This is in open BETA which means you may try it and provide feedback to us. If your website is already "mobile-optimized", you can try these codes for your class listings tables. Depending on your website, you may need site modifications from your webmaster. For more information, click on the appropriate link:
    Jackrabbit Responsive Class Listings Help, or for the Jackrabbit Care edition Care Responsive Class Listings Help


    Students Adv Search: New option "Has not had a tuition fee posted since"

    Students Advanced Search has a new search option for "Has not had a tuition fee posted since". This enables you to find currently enrolled students who may have been missed when tuition fees were being posted.


    Time Clock: Update to Classes available for check-in

    The Time Clock's list of available classes for student check-in now uses the Class End Date instead of the Student Schedule End Date. This means that any active class with a class end date of today or after, will be listed as an available class for check-in and if the class end date is before today, the class will be hidden.