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Register City Schooling Our City Schooling program expands the classroom to include the outside world. Join us and learn the incredible and complex nature of LA by encouraging the city to tell its own story. Students travel to a different location around the greater Los Angeles area each week all while learning to use public transportation. Destinations may include: museums & galleries, local beaches, cultural landmarks, and more! Please note: Tap card, transit fare, and admission to attractions is not included in tuition. Fri 10:00am-3:00pm All 12 & up 12 08/22/2022 12/16/2022 2022 Fall 1440.00
Register Cooking Teen cooking classes are a fun, and social way for your teen to learn the important skill of creating meals and learn important skills while gaining confidence and skills that will follow them through their lives. Thu 3:00pm-4:30pm All 12 & up 6 08/22/2022 12/16/2022 2022 Fall 550.00
Register Eat, Sleep, Breathe Art This is a class for the traditional and non-traditional artists in each of us. Art is everywhere, from cereal boxes to graffiti-laced walls to our dreams. A combination of all things art, this class is intended to think outside the box, inside the box, and everywhere in between. Whether discussing classic artists or local living artists, projects will include everything from traditional paintings, to mini dream theme installations, to recycled art sculptures. Thu 2:00pm-3:00pm All 12 & up 6 08/22/2022 12/16/2022 2022 Fall 438.00
Register Fashion Is... In this class we will explore what fashion is. We will look at the history of fashion, cultural influences, and how fashion is also a reflection on social change. There will be an end of semester project where students will create their own vision of what fashion means to them. Fashion is a mirror, reflecting the culture. -Bill Cunningham Tue 10:00am-11:00am All 12 & up 8 08/22/2022 12/16/2022 2022 Fall 405.00
Register Improv - 12+ Join our merry band of improvisational actors! Whether you are curious about this amazing art form or have had lots of experience acting and improvising, we will cover basic skills of listening, agreement, co-creation, vocal projection, and presentation, and jump into some more advanced ideas through short-form games and more. Kids learn to trust their instincts, listen to each other, and have fun! This class will work from the comfort of home or in-person in a classroom, our games and activities games will inspire creativity and play. While online, we will play games that involve creating characters, changing emotions, diving into imagined scenarios, dubbing favorite movies, and even creating our own versions of popular games. Wed 3:00pm-4:00pm All 12 & up 8 08/22/2022 12/16/2022 2022 Fall 405.00
Register Model United Nations - UHSMUN Our MUN program introduces young people to the field of international affairs. Students step into the role of ambassadors as they simulate the actual United Nations in debate and negotiation, all in an effort to address a variety of important issues facing the world today. Think of it as cosplay for ambassadors! Our MUN students become immersed in timely global issues all while studying a blend of history, political science, and current events. They engage in rigorous academic preparation to understand the countries they will represent, the UN committees in which they will represent them, and the key issues to be debated and addressed. Successful students will learn to walk in another’s shoes and fully represent the positions of their adopted countries. MUN builds skills for college and beyond: Research and writing, Debate and public speaking, Advocacy and problem solving. Please note: This class meets twice a week. You can join on campus or online. Conference fees not included. Mon, Wed 9:00am-10:00am All 12 & up 8 08/22/2022 12/16/2022 2022 Fall 652.00
Register Old School Shop Class Old School Shop Class Gone are the days of the high school education that provided scholarly growth as well as skills in manual labor. With the absence of shop class, youth no longer have the practical skills to repair, replace, or understand the tools and machines around them. Because of this, there has been a turn to the DIY (do it yourself) movement and the YouTube craftspeople. These fill the void of the skills that are still necessary in our daily living. Even though YouTube exists, nothing beats hands-on experience and access to tools. This class will fill this void, building practical skills. These skills can also become further occupations for life....or jobs just to get you by in college. Tue 2:00pm-3:30pm All 12 - 18 7 08/22/2022 12/16/2022 2022 Fall 528.00
Register Photography: Life Though a Lens Students explore their world through photography. Each week we work with a different theme to examine light, focus, frame, movement, and emotion. Students work on a personal project that they present at the end of the semester. Students can use a camera or their camera on their phones. Mon 2:00pm-3:00pm All 12 & up 4 08/22/2022 12/16/2022 2022 Fall 405.00
Register Podcasting   Tue 1:00pm-2:00pm All 12 & up 6 08/22/2022 12/16/2022 2022 Fall 405.00
Register Street Art In this class we will explore the history of graffiti, which is what street art is born out of, and how it has evolved into what it is today. We will look at artists from SAMO, Banksy, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf and more. The class will work on group projects and solo projects throughout the semester. There will be a field trip to look at local street art. Tue 11:00am-12:00pm All 12 & up 7 08/22/2022 12/16/2022 2022 Fall 445.00