RegisterClassDescriptionDaysTimesGenderAgesInstructorsClass StartsClass EndsSessionFirst Tuition Payment
9026426Intermediate Monday 5:30PM Intermediate Monday 5:30PM10 & up. Need an evaluation to joinMon5:30pm-6:55pmBoth Phoebe K.12/02/1803/30/192018 Winter90.00
9026427Intermediate Tuesday 4:30 PM Intermediate Tuesday 4:30 PMCall to schedule an evaluation to join.Tue4:30pm-5:55pmBoth Natalie B.12/02/1803/30/192018 Winter90.00
9026421Intermediate Wednesday 5:00 PM Intermediate Wednesday 5:00 PMCall to schedule an evaluation to join.Wed5:00pm-6:25pmBoth Markus C.12/02/1803/30/192018 Winter90.00
9026422Intermediate Thursday 5:30 PM Intermediate Thursday 5:30 PMCall to schedule an evaluation to join.Thu5:30pm-6:55pmBoth Natalie B.12/02/1803/30/192018 Winter90.00
9026423Intermediate Saturday 9:30AM Intermediate Saturday 9:30AMEvaluation needed to joinSat9:30am-11:00amBoth Phoebe K.12/02/1803/30/192018 Winter90.00