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12788251EXPRESS Dance - Heels Class - June 27RegisterEXPRESS Dance - Heels Class - June 27For beginners and experienced dancers alike. Ages 18+Sun4:00pm-6:00pm 2027/06/2127/06/212020-202126.09
12788254EXPRESS Dance - Heels Class - July 25RegisterEXPRESS Dance - Heels Class - July 25For beginners and experienced dancers alike. Ages 18+Sun4:00pm-6:00pm 2025/07/2125/07/212020-202126.09
13149667Adult Ballet II - Intermediate Beginner Adult Ballet II - Intermediate BeginnerBuilding upon Level I, Level II goes deeper into the work and aesthetics of ballet. Barre exercises are longer in length and bring an awareness to building and sustaining muscularity and control. Introduction to the pirouette and new jumps as well as travelling steps across the floor are added in this level.Mon7:00pm-8:00pm 813/09/2104/06/222021-2022450.00
13149701Adult Musical Theatre Adult Musical TheatreFor the beginner or those with experience, Our Adult Musical Theatre Program provides an essential blend of music, acting and movement training. Fundamental curriculum includes voice instruction exploring a variety of genres that include Classical, Contemporary, Jazz, Blues, Pop, etc. A variety of acting techniques coupled with movement training will give participants a well-rounded triple-threat training experience. Mon8:15pm-9:15pm 813/09/2104/06/222021-2022457.00
13149733Adult Lyrical I - Beginner Adult Lyrical I - BeginnerFor the adult beginner, this class will focus on the Lyrical style of Contemporary dance, created by merging many different styles including Ballet and Jazz.Lyrical dancing focuses on the expression of strong emotion, on individual approach and expressiveness of the dancer's movements. Tue8:00pm-8:45pm 1214/09/2104/06/222021-2022414.00
13149837Barre & Stretch Barre & StretchFor the absolute beginner or those with experience, this class will be tailored to fit your fitness goals!Tue7:15pm-8:00pm 1214/09/2104/06/222021-2022354.00
13152850Adult Hip Hop Adult Hip HopFor all levels of experience, this class will focus on the fundamentals of Hip Hop technique. Participants will be lead through a thorough warm-up and will have the opportunity to learn various choreographed combinations. Wed8:15pm-9:00pm 1215/09/2104/06/222021-2022414.00
13153473Adult Ballet III Adult Ballet IIIA progression from Adult Ballet II with new turns, jumps, and diagonal combinations as well as more challenging barre work to increase stamina, strength and flexibility. Participatns in this class should have a minimum of three years recent Ballet training.Wed7:00pm-8:00pm 1215/09/2104/06/222021-2022450.00
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