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8758636Musical Theatre Dance- Ages 7-10RegisterMusical Theatre Dance- Ages 7-10Dance Styles for musical theatre including jazz, ballet and tap or beginner/intermediate.Wed4:00pm-5:00pm Kiersten B.10/03/1805/22/1965.00
8758641Musical Theatre Dance- Ages 5-7RegisterMusical Theatre Dance- Ages 5-7Dance Styles for musical theatre including jazz, ballet and tap or beginner/intermediate.Wed5:00pm-6:00pm5 - 7Kiersten B.10/03/1805/22/1965.00
8758646Musical Theatre Dance- Ages 5-7 ThursdayRegisterMusical Theatre Dance- Ages 5-7 ThursdayDance Styles for musical theatre including jazz, ballet and tap or beginner/intermediate.Thu5:00pm-6:00pm5 - 7Kiersten B.10/04/1805/16/1965.00
7977920Orbit PLAYground - Ages 5-7 - Thurs - FallRegisterOrbit PLAYground - Ages 5-7 - Thurs - FallActing/ Performing Arts Overview for ages 5-7Thu4:00pm-5:00pm5 - 7Tatom P.08/16/1812/13/1865.00
7977947Orbit PLAYground - Ages 5-7 - Wed - FallRegisterOrbit PLAYground - Ages 5-7 - Wed - FallActing/ Performing Arts Overview for ages 5-7Wed4:00pm-5:00pm5 - 7Tatom P.08/15/1812/19/1865.00
7977960Acting OUT - Ages 7-10 Sat - FALLRegisterActing OUT - Ages 7-10 Sat - FALLChildren's Acting- Beginner/IntermediateSat11:00am-12:00pm6 - 11Tatom P.08/11/1812/15/1865.00
7977966Acting OUT - Ages 7-10-Wed - FALLRegisterActing OUT - Ages 7-10-Wed - FALLChildren's Acting- Beginner/IntermediateWed5:00pm-6:00pm6 - 11Tatom P.08/15/1812/19/1865.00
7977975Acting OUT- Advanced-Ages 7-10 - FALLRegisterActing OUT- Advanced-Ages 7-10 - FALLChildren's Acting- Intermediate/AdvancedThu5:00pm-6:00pm6 - 11Tatom P.08/16/1812/13/1865.00
7978019The Dance Factor!-Musical Theatre Dance-Ages 7-10 FallRegisterThe Dance Factor!-Musical Theatre Dance-Ages 7-10 FallBeginning dance in Ballet, Jazz, Tap and musical theatre stylesThu4:00pm-5:00pm6 - 11Antwan S.08/16/1805/16/1965.00
7977998Musical Theatre Prep Track - AUDITION/APPT onlyRegisterMusical Theatre Prep Track - AUDITION/APPT onlyThis class is designed to help students learn all of the essentials of musical theatre in a fun, creative and supportive environment.
It will teach the fundamentals of using drama, song and dance to create characters and tell a story. The course culminates with an informal showcase performance of material covered in class.

An audition and/or appointment is required for this course. Please contact the Orbit Office at 770-693-3641 or email to schedule an appointment.
Wed6:00pm-7:30pm7 - 11Jillian H.08/15/1805/22/1999.00
7978009Orbit PLAYhouse Productions-Ages 7-12-Fall-Audition OnlyRegisterOrbit PLAYhouse Productions-Ages 7-12-Fall-Audition OnlyChildren's Production Session-Audition ONLY- Disney's Cinderella KidsSat10:00am-1:00pm7 - 13Anthony G., Chris H.08/11/1812/15/1899.00