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8483111Buti YogaRegisterButi YogaThis cardio-intensive yoga workout is designed to transform body and soul through the trademark method of Spiral Structure Technique (SST), which forms the basis for Buti yoga's dynamic flow sequence. SST uses spinal movement to tone of the core, rather than the linear movement found in many yoga practices. The spiral movements are thought to be more appropriate for a woman's body. SST is designed target to both the inner stabilizing and outer muscles.
Among yoga styles that are marketed toward women, like Buti yoga, is Curvy yoga, and other yoga styles that use dance as a part of yoga practice are Dance yoga and Hip Hop yoga. Yoga mats are not provided.
Mon, Wed6:30pm-7:30pmBoth 807/24/1807/24/19Fall 2018-Spring 201945.00
8841056Cameron PrivatesRegisterCameron Privates Thu3:30pm-4:30pmBoth 810/04/18 Fall 2018-Spring 201950.00
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