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8419344Adult Barre Stretch and Strength Session #2 (Thurs 6:15 FH)RegisterAdult Barre Stretch and Strength Session #2 (Thurs 6:15 FH)January 10: Free Introductory Class (mandatory for all NEW participants)
March 28: Make Up class due to cancellation for March Break

This class integrates conditioning movements inspired by dance, yoga and Pilates. The low impact, isometric movements increase strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability.
Exercises will help to sculpt the lower body and strengthen the core. Compound exercises as well as upper body toning will be incorporated to increase functional strength and mobility.
Each class will finish with a stretch and cool down.
8419491Adult Beginner Ballet (Wed 7:30 FH)RegisterAdult Beginner Ballet (Wed 7:30 FH) Wed7:30pm-9:00pm09/12/182018-201958.41
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