RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesOpeningsInstructorsClass StartsTuition
96938332 Year Music and Movement Fri.Register2 Year Music and Movement Fri.Fri9:30am-10:15am2 - 34Michelle D.09/16/19259.00
96938312 Year Music and Movement Thurs.Register2 Year Music and Movement Thurs.Thu9:30am-10:15am2 - 35Amy L., Michelle D.09/16/19259.00
96938322 Year Music and Movement Wed.Register2 Year Music and Movement Wed.Wed9:30am-10:15am2 - 36Michelle D.09/16/19259.00
9802261Acro Beginner Tues.RegisterAcro Beginner Tues.Tue4:30pm-5:30pm6 - 93VICTORIA E., Lindsay G., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9801825Acro Intermediate Tues.RegisterAcro Intermediate Tues.Tue3:30pm-4:30pm10 - 122VICTORIA E., Lindsay G., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9802269Acro Junior Tues.RegisterAcro Junior Tues.Tue5:30pm-6:30pm8 - 101VICTORIA E., Lindsay G., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9802278Acro Senior Tues.RegisterAcro Senior Tues.Tue6:30pm-7:30pm12 - 151VICTORIA E., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9801830Acro Tricks Plus TueRegisterAcro Tricks Plus TueTue7:30pm-8:30pm9 - 165VICTORIA E., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9807046Adult Absolute Beginner Tap Thurs.Wait ListAdult Absolute Beginner Tap Thurs.Thu7:00pm-8:00pm 0Christy S., Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
10313590Adult Ballet Term 1 RegisterAdult Ballet Term 1 Sun1:00pm-2:00pm 5Julia A., Michelle D.09/16/19120.00
9807033Adult Intermediate Tap Thurs.RegisterAdult Intermediate Tap Thurs.Thu8:00pm-9:00pm 1Christy S., Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
9801617Adult Modern Tues.RegisterAdult Modern Tues.Tue8:30pm-9:30pm 1Julia A., Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
9809232Adult Pre-Professional Tap Thurs.Wait ListAdult Pre-Professional Tap Thurs.Thu8:00pm-9:00pm 0Amy L., Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
9807036Advanced 1 Tap Thurs.RegisterAdvanced 1 Tap Thurs.Thu7:00pm-8:00pm 4Amy L., Christy S.09/16/19302.00
9807035Advanced 2 Ballet Sat.Wait ListAdvanced 2 Ballet Sat.Sat1:15pm-2:45pm 0Meghan B., Michelle D.09/16/19332.00
9801019Advanced 2 Ballet Thurs.Wait ListAdvanced 2 Ballet Thurs.Thu7:00pm-9:00pm 0Michelle D., Meghan B.09/16/19362.00
9802316Advanced 3 Jazz IP Tues.RegisterAdvanced 3 Jazz IP Tues.Tue8:15pm-9:15pm 2Hillary M., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9801028Advanced Adult Tap Mon.RegisterAdvanced Adult Tap Mon.Mon7:30pm-8:30pm 1Trina J., Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
9801020Advanced Found Tap IP Thurs.RegisterAdvanced Found Tap IP Thurs.Thu4:00pm-5:00pm 2Amy L., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9808548Advanced Foundations Ballet IP Sat.RegisterAdvanced Foundations Ballet IP Sat.Sat1:15pm-2:45pm 1Michelle D.09/16/19332.00
9807044Advanced Foundations Ballet IP Thurs.RegisterAdvanced Foundations Ballet IP Thurs.Thu5:00pm-7:00pm 1Michelle D.09/16/19362.00
9802599Advanced Foundations Jazz IP Tues.RegisterAdvanced Foundations Jazz IP Tues.Tue6:00pm-7:00pm 7Michelle C., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9807034Advanced Foundations Modern Thurs.RegisterAdvanced Foundations Modern Thurs.Thu4:00pm-5:00pm 3Heather M., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
10504182After Care: March Break Camp (ALL AGES)RegisterAfter Care: March Break Camp (ALL AGES)Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri4:00pm-5:00pm3 - 1015 03/16/2050.00
10504191Before Care: March Break Camp (ALL AGES)RegisterBefore Care: March Break Camp (ALL AGES)Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri8:00am-9:00am3 - 1015 03/16/2050.00
10155952Boys Ballet Wed.RegisterBoys Ballet Wed.Wed4:00pm-4:45pm10 - 164Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
9802311Company Apprentice 1 Wed.RegisterCompany Apprentice 1 Wed.Wed7:30pm-8:30pm 5Heather M., Michelle D.09/16/19322.00
9802312Company Apprentice 2 Wed.RegisterCompany Apprentice 2 Wed.Wed7:45pm-8:45pm 1Christy S., Michelle D.09/16/19322.00
9802310Company Intermediate Wed.RegisterCompany Intermediate Wed.Wed7:45pm-8:45pm 1Jade S., Michelle D.09/16/19322.00
9802313Company Junior Wed.Wait ListCompany Junior Wed.Wed7:45pm-8:45pm 0Michelle D.09/16/19322.00
9807031Company Part Time Tween Thurs.RegisterCompany Part Time Tween Thurs.Thu7:00pm-8:00pm 3Heather M., Michelle D.09/16/19322.00
9802321Company Senior A Sat.RegisterCompany Senior A Sat.Sat2:45pm-3:45pm 2Sunshine H., Michelle D.09/16/19322.00
9802511Company Senior B Wed.RegisterCompany Senior B Wed.Wed7:30pm-8:30pm 2Hillary M., Michelle D.09/16/19322.00
9802314Company- Part Time Teen Thurs.RegisterCompany- Part Time Teen Thurs.Thu8:00pm-9:00pm 7Justin F., Michelle D.09/16/19322.00
9807042Dance Buddies Thurs.RegisterDance Buddies Thurs.Thu6:00pm-6:45pm 2Amy L., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
10440445Grad classRegisterGrad class 5:00pm-6:00pm 2Michelle D.09/09/190.00
9801013Grade 1 Ballet Mon.RegisterGrade 1 Ballet Mon.Mon5:15pm-6:15pm8 - 101Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9808385Grade 1 Ballet Sat.Wait ListGrade 1 Ballet Sat.Sat9:00am-10:00am8 - 100Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9802309Grade 1 Ballet Tues.RegisterGrade 1 Ballet Tues.Tue4:00pm-5:00pm8 - 107Jannine S., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9807534Grade 2 Ballet Fri.RegisterGrade 2 Ballet Fri.Fri6:00pm-7:00pm8 - 102Nicole M., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9801616Grade 2 Ballet Mon.Wait ListGrade 2 Ballet Mon.Mon5:00pm-6:00pm8 - 100VICTORIA E., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9808546Grade 2 Ballet Sat.RegisterGrade 2 Ballet Sat.Sat10:30am-11:30am7 - 101Meghan B., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9801012Grade 3 Ballet Mon.RegisterGrade 3 Ballet Mon.Mon5:45pm-6:45pm 4Meghan B., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9808384Grade 3 Ballet Sat.RegisterGrade 3 Ballet Sat.Sat10:00am-11:00am 2Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9805801Grade 3 Ballet Wed.RegisterGrade 3 Ballet Wed.Wed6:30pm-7:30pm 3Heather M., Hillary M.09/16/19302.00
9809192Grade 4 Ballet IP Sat.RegisterGrade 4 Ballet IP Sat.Sat12:45pm-2:00pm 7Heather M., Michelle D.09/16/19322.00
9805808Grade 4 Ballet IP Wed.RegisterGrade 4 Ballet IP Wed.Wed6:30pm-7:45pm 2Michelle D.09/16/19322.00
9801618Grade 4 Ballet Mon. RegisterGrade 4 Ballet Mon. Mon6:15pm-7:30pm 6VICTORIA E., Michelle D.09/16/19322.00
9802315Grade 5A Ballet IP Tues.RegisterGrade 5A Ballet IP Tues.Tue5:45pm-7:15pm 1Jannine S., Michelle D.09/16/19332.00
9801023Grade 5A Ballet IP Mon.Wait ListGrade 5A Ballet IP Mon.Mon6:45pm-8:15pm 0Meghan B., Michelle D.09/16/19332.00
9808547Grade 5A Ballet Sat.Wait ListGrade 5A Ballet Sat.Sat11:30am-1:00pm 0Meghan B., Michelle D.09/16/19332.00
9801024Grade 6 Ballet IP Mon.Wait ListGrade 6 Ballet IP Mon.Mon6:15pm-7:45pm 0Michelle D., Alanna P.09/16/19332.00
9805805Grade 6 Ballet IP Wed.Wait ListGrade 6 Ballet IP Wed.Wed5:00pm-6:30pm 0Michelle D.09/16/19332.00
9808386Grade 6 Ballet Sat.RegisterGrade 6 Ballet Sat.Sat11:45am-1:15pm 2Michelle D.09/16/19332.00
9807540Hip Hop Beginner Sat.RegisterHip Hop Beginner Sat.Sat2:00pm-3:00pm7 - 82Michelle C., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9827213Hip Hop Intermediate 2 Fri.RegisterHip Hop Intermediate 2 Fri.Fri6:00pm-7:00pm12 - 135Jayna M., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9807538Hip Hop Intermediate Foundation Fri. RegisterHip Hop Intermediate Foundation Fri. Fri5:00pm-6:00pm10 - 121Michelle C., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9807539Hip Hop Intermediate Fri.RegisterHip Hop Intermediate Fri.Fri6:00pm-7:00pm12 - 134Michelle C., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9807537Hip Hop Junior Fri.RegisterHip Hop Junior Fri.Fri4:00pm-5:00pm8 - 103Michelle C., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9807541Hip Hop Senior Fri.RegisterHip Hop Senior Fri.Fri7:00pm-8:00pm13 - 166Michelle C., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9826014Intermediate Ballet Mon.RegisterIntermediate Ballet Mon.Mon7:30pm-9:00pm 3VICTORIA E., Michelle D.09/16/19332.00
9802320Intermediate Ballet Tues.RegisterIntermediate Ballet Tues.Tue7:15pm-8:45pm 3Jannine S., Michelle D.09/16/19332.00
9801026Intermediate Found Ballet IP Mon.RegisterIntermediate Found Ballet IP Mon.Mon7:30pm-9:00pm 2Michelle D.09/16/19332.00
9805807Intermediate Found Ballet IP Wed.RegisterIntermediate Found Ballet IP Wed.Wed6:15pm-7:45pm 1Meghan B., Michelle D.09/16/19332.00
9802318Intermediate Foundation 2 Jazz IP Tues.Wait ListIntermediate Foundation 2 Jazz IP Tues.Tue4:00pm-5:00pm 0Hillary M., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9802597Intermediate Foundation 2 Modern Tues.RegisterIntermediate Foundation 2 Modern Tues.Tue7:30pm-8:30pm 2Sunshine H., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9801025Intermediate Foundation 2 Tap IP Wed.Wait ListIntermediate Foundation 2 Tap IP Wed.Wed6:30pm-7:30pm 0Christy S., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9807246Intermediate Foundation Jazz Thurs.RegisterIntermediate Foundation Jazz Thurs.Thu4:45pm-5:45pm 6Jayna M., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9807037Intermediate Foundation Tap Thurs.RegisterIntermediate Foundation Tap Thurs.Thu5:45pm-6:45pm 2Jayna M., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9801017Intermediate Foundations Modern Mon.Wait ListIntermediate Foundations Modern Mon.Mon5:00pm-6:00pm10 - 120Christy S., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9802317Intermediate Jazz IP Tues.RegisterIntermediate Jazz IP Tues.Tue6:15pm-7:15pm 4Hillary M., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9801018Intermediate Modern Mon.Wait ListIntermediate Modern Mon.Mon7:45pm-8:45pm 0Christy S., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9807047Intermediate Tap IP Thurs.RegisterIntermediate Tap IP Thurs.Thu5:00pm-6:00pm 5Amy L., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9801620Jazz 3 Mon.RegisterJazz 3 Mon.Mon5:15pm-6:15pm 3Alanna P., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9805809Jazz 3 Wed.Wait ListJazz 3 Wed.Wed5:00pm-6:00pm 0Christy S., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9809193Jazz 4 Sat.RegisterJazz 4 Sat.Sat11:00am-12:00pm 2Heather M., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9807041Jazz 4 Thurs.RegisterJazz 4 Thurs.Thu5:00pm-6:00pm 7Heather M., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9805800Jazz 5 IP Wed.RegisterJazz 5 IP Wed.Wed5:00pm-6:00pm 1Hillary M., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9801014Jazz/Tap 1 Mon.Wait ListJazz/Tap 1 Mon.Mon4:00pm-5:00pm6 - 80Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9807048Jazz/tap 1 Sat.Wait ListJazz/tap 1 Sat.Sat10:00am-11:00am6 - 80Heather M., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9812858Jazz/Tap 1 Wed.RegisterJazz/Tap 1 Wed.Wed4:00pm-5:00pm6 - 84Christy S., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9805803Jazz/Tap 2 Fri.RegisterJazz/Tap 2 Fri.Fri4:45pm-6:00pm6 - 84Jayna M., Michelle D.09/16/19322.00
9801015Jazz/Tap 2 Mon.RegisterJazz/Tap 2 Mon.Mon4:00pm-5:15pm8 - 103Alanna P., Michelle D.09/16/19322.00
9807535Jazz/Tap 2 Sat.RegisterJazz/Tap 2 Sat.Sat10:45am-12:00pm 1Alanna P., Michelle D.09/16/19321.50
9805804Junior Foundations 3 Modern Wed.RegisterJunior Foundations 3 Modern Wed.Wed4:00pm-4:45pm7 - 98Heather M., Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
9801016Junior Modern Mon.RegisterJunior Modern Mon.Mon4:00pm-5:00pm8 - 103Christy S., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9805806Lyrical Jazz Advanced Foundations Wed.RegisterLyrical Jazz Advanced Foundations Wed.Wed6:30pm-7:30pm 2Hillary M., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9807536Lyrical Jazz Beginner Fri.RegisterLyrical Jazz Beginner Fri.Fri3:45pm-4:45pm 6Jayna M., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9802319Lyrical Jazz Intermediate Found Tues.Wait ListLyrical Jazz Intermediate Found Tues.Tue5:00pm-6:00pm 0Hillary M., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9802577Lyrical Jazz Intermediate Tues.RegisterLyrical Jazz Intermediate Tues.Tue5:00pm-6:00pm 3Michelle C., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9807039Lyrical Jazz Junior Thurs.Wait ListLyrical Jazz Junior Thurs.Thu4:00pm-5:00pm 0Hillary M., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9802598Lyrical Jazz Senior Tues.RegisterLyrical Jazz Senior Tues.Tue7:15pm-8:15pm 3Hillary M., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
10504210March Break Camp (Full Day) Ages 3-4RegisterMarch Break Camp (Full Day) Ages 3-4Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri9:00am-4:00pm3 - 415 03/16/20350.00
10504226March Break Camp (Full Day) Ages 5-6RegisterMarch Break Camp (Full Day) Ages 5-6Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri9:00am-4:00pm5 - 615 03/16/20350.00
10504228March Break Camp (Full Day) Ages 7-10RegisterMarch Break Camp (Full Day) Ages 7-10Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri9:00am-4:00pm7 - 1015 03/16/20350.00
10504236March Break Camp (Half Day) Ages 3-4RegisterMarch Break Camp (Half Day) Ages 3-4Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri9:00am-12:00pm3 - 415 03/16/20250.00
10504249March Break Camp (Half Day) Ages 5-6RegisterMarch Break Camp (Half Day) Ages 5-6Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri9:00am-12:00pm5 - 615 03/16/20250.00
10504268March Break Camp (Half Day) Ages 7-10RegisterMarch Break Camp (Half Day) Ages 7-10Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri9:00am-12:00pm7 - 1015 03/16/20250.00
9807043Musical Theatre Thurs.RegisterMusical Theatre Thurs.Thu6:00pm-7:00pm 5Heather M., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9693830Pre-Primary Ballet Mon.Wait ListPre-Primary Ballet Mon.Mon4:00pm-4:45pm5 - 60Meghan B., Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
9693829Pre-Primary Ballet Sat. Wait ListPre-Primary Ballet Sat. Sat9:00am-9:45am5 - 60Meghan B., Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
9693923Pre-Primary Ballet Sat.RegisterPre-Primary Ballet Sat.Sat12:00pm-12:45pm5 - 66Heather M., Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
9693828Pre-Primary Ballet Tues.RegisterPre-Primary Ballet Tues.Tue5:00pm-5:45pm5 - 65Jannine S., Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
9693825Pre-School 1 Fri.RegisterPre-School 1 Fri.Fri10:15am-11:00am3 - 48Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
9693835Pre-school 1 Sat.Wait ListPre-school 1 Sat.Sat9:00am-9:45am3 - 40Alanna P., Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
9693824Pre-School 1 Thurs.RegisterPre-School 1 Thurs.Thu10:15am-11:00am3 - 43Amy L., Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
9693823Pre-School 1 Wed.RegisterPre-School 1 Wed.Wed1:00pm-1:45pm3 - 43Heather M., Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
9693834Pre-School 1/2 Fri.RegisterPre-School 1/2 Fri.Fri4:00pm-4:45pm3 - 52Nicole M., Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
9693936Pre-School 2 Mon.RegisterPre-School 2 Mon.Mon4:15pm-5:00pm4 - 53VICTORIA E., Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
9693826Pre-School 2 Sat.Wait ListPre-School 2 Sat.Sat9:45am-10:30am4 - 50Meghan B., Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
9693836Pre-School 2 Sat.Wait ListPre-School 2 Sat.Sat11:00am-11:45am4 - 50Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
9693940Pre-School 2 Wed.RegisterPre-School 2 Wed.Wed5:00pm-5:45pm4 - 54Jade S., Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
9809191Primary Ballet Sat.RegisterPrimary Ballet Sat.Sat9:00am-10:00am6 - 72Heather M., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9807533Primary Ballet Fri.RegisterPrimary Ballet Fri.Fri4:45pm-5:45pm6 - 71Nicole M., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9801011Primary Ballet Mon.Wait ListPrimary Ballet Mon.Mon4:45pm-5:45pm6 - 70Meghan B., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9805799Primary Ballet Wed.RegisterPrimary Ballet Wed.Wed4:00pm-5:00pm6 - 74Jade S., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9802322Progressing Ballet Technique Tues. RegisterProgressing Ballet Technique Tues. Tue7:00pm-7:45pm 5Jade S., Michelle D.09/16/1955.00
9801027Senior IP Modern Mon.RegisterSenior IP Modern Mon.Mon6:00pm-7:00pm 1Christy S., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9807032Senior Modern Thurs.RegisterSenior Modern Thurs.Thu6:00pm-7:00pm 4Christy S., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9801021Senior Tap IP Mon.RegisterSenior Tap IP Mon.Mon8:30pm-9:30pm 8Trina J., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9801829Silks Beginner 2 Fri.RegisterSilks Beginner 2 Fri.Fri3:45pm-4:45pm7 - 102Natasha D., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9802224Silks Beginner Tues.Wait ListSilks Beginner Tues.Tue3:30pm-4:30pm7 - 100Natasha D., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9801826Silks Intermediate Foundation Tues.RegisterSilks Intermediate Foundation Tues.Tue4:30pm-5:30pm9 - 121Natasha D., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9801827Silks Intermediate Foundations 2 Fri.RegisterSilks Intermediate Foundations 2 Fri.Fri5:45pm-6:45pm10 - 133Natasha D., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9801828Silks Junior Fri.RegisterSilks Junior Fri.Fri4:45pm-5:45pm8 - 105Natasha D., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9801823Silks Junior 2 Tues.RegisterSilks Junior 2 Tues.Tue6:30pm-7:30pm8 - 103Natasha D., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9844966Silks Senior Fri.RegisterSilks Senior Fri.Fri6:45pm-7:45pm12 - 152Natasha D., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9801824Silks Senior Tues.RegisterSilks Senior Tues.Tue5:30pm-6:30pm12 - 153Natasha D., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9807542Skater's Ballet Fri.RegisterSkater's Ballet Fri.Fri7:00pm-8:00pm11 - 155Nicole M., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9741718Superboys Wed.RegisterSuperboys Wed.Wed5:45pm-6:30pm5 - 73Heather M., Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
9801619Tap 3 Mon.RegisterTap 3 Mon.Mon6:15pm-7:00pm 4Alanna P., Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
9807040Tap 3 Thurs.RegisterTap 3 Thurs.Thu4:00pm-4:45pm 5Jayna M., Michelle D.09/16/19282.00
9808549Tap 4 Sat.RegisterTap 4 Sat.Sat9:45am-10:45am 1Alanna P., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9807038Tap 4 Thurs.RegisterTap 4 Thurs.Thu4:00pm-5:00pm 3Christy S., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9807045Tap 5 IP Thurs.RegisterTap 5 IP Thurs.Thu5:00pm-6:00pm 1Christy S., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9801022Teen 2 Jazz Wed.RegisterTeen 2 Jazz Wed.Wed4:45pm-5:45pm 2Heather M., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9808551Teen Jazz Sat.RegisterTeen Jazz Sat.Sat1:00pm-2:00pm 1Michelle C., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
9808550Teen Tap Sat.RegisterTeen Tap Sat.Sat12:00pm-1:00pm 5Alanna P., Michelle D.09/16/19302.00
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