9090959Week 01 - Week 11-Age 9 Full Summer Registration Week 01 - Week 11-Age 9 Full Summer Registration6/10/19 - 8/23/19 - Join us for an entire summer of fun!
9091018Week 01- Age 9 Star WarsRegisterWeek 01- Age 9 Star WarsJune 10 – June 14
In a galaxy not far from your backyard campers will begin their Padawan training from our Master Yoda.???As a team you will complete missions at SwimWest and Badger Gymnastics as you learn the code that guides all Jedi through the Galaxy.??Learn the techniques to challenge your skills in our many Jedi training games. Test your Padawan skills at Ultrazone Laser Tag (8 – 13 year old) and Pump it up (5 – 7 year olds).???May the Force be with you!
9091019Week 02- Age 9 Swim&Gym Gives Back Week 02- Age 9 Swim&Gym Gives BackJune 17 – June 21
Join Swim & Gym in giving back to the Madison community which has helped us thrive in creating amazing camp experiences for the past 16 years. Throughout the week, campers will create “Stuffed Shirts” and birthday packages for homeless and low income families in the area. Campers will bring their energy and enthusiasm while playing games and crafts with seniors in our community.
9091020Week 03- Age 9 Amazing RaceRegisterWeek 03- Age 9 Amazing RaceJune 24 – June 28
Swim the seven seas, climb the Great Wall of China, and survive crossing the Sahara Desert with us. Campers will become globetrotters this week to conquer the Amazing Race of Swim & Gym. For our final Amazing Race challenge, all campers will make their way to Devil’s Lake and complete a final scavenger hunt.
9091021Week 04- Age 9 Party in the USARegisterWeek 04- Age 9 Party in the USAJuly 1 – July 5 *closed Thursday July 4th – this week has been prorated
Get ready to have some fun as we celebrate America’s favorite pastimes. Join us for ultimate dodgeball, softball games, a trip to the Children’s Museum (5-7 year olds) and Boulders Climbing Gym (8-13 year olds). Splish Splash as you play on the water slide and take a dip in the SwimWest pool. We’ll also play a game of “Stars and Strikes” at Middleton Sports Bowl.
9091022Week 05- Age 9 Secret AgentsRegisterWeek 05- Age 9 Secret AgentsJuly 8-July 12
Operation “Beat the Heat” begins with an interactive show from the Power Rangers! Learn martial arts and see if you have what it takes to be a secret agent. Action and adventure awaits us at Badger Gymnastics with a mock laser beam maze. You will test your strength, agility, and smarts to see if you have the finesse it takes to be a spy. Campers ages 5-7 will test their spy stealth at bowling while 8-13 year old campers will attempt a covert mission at Ultrazone. Decode a secret message to earn your Special Agent Badges in our under cover operation to Devil’s Lake State Park.
9091023Week 06- Age 9 Wisconsin Adventures Week 06- Age 9 Wisconsin AdventuresJuly 15-19
Show off your Wisconsin pride as we discover more knowledge about our Wisconsin roots. We will spend our week learning more about our state’s history as America’s Dairyland with a trip to Sassy Cow Creamery. To top off our week, campers will enjoy a day at Busy Barns Adventure Farm.
9091024Week 07- Age 9 Animal Planet Week 07- Age 9 Animal PlanetJuly 22 –?July 26
Crikey Mate, it’s a jungle out there! Climb like monkeys, run like cheetahs, and jump like a kangaroo at Badger Gymnastics. ZooZort will start off our week with an interactive animal show. Come splash in the SwimWest watering hole! Go on a safari at the Henry Vilas Zoo with a look at the animals and their environments.

9091025Week 08- Age 9 Harry Potter Week 08- Age 9 Harry PotterJuly 29 – August 2
Charms and spells will start your week with a Magic Show from the Swim&Gym wizards! Celebrate Harry Potter’s Birthday with the creation of your own wizard wand. Journey into the magical land of Hogwarts where we will play a fun game of Quidditch (combination of dodge ball, capture the flag, and basketball), and a game of Dueling. Take flight on the air track at Badger and create magical potions. All wizards will take a trip to the enchanting Dream Castle Park in Monona for a tri-wizards tournament. A special Harry Potter letter is sent to each child pre-registered for camp.

9091026Week 09- Age 9 Super HeroesRegisterWeek 09- Age 9 Super HeroesAugust 5 – August 9
A special visit from the Madison Police Department starts off our week. Fly like superman into the foam pit, climb like Spiderman on the ropes at Badger Gymnastics and run like Dash on the field! On Dress-Up Day come dressed as your favorite hero and discover what your super powers are while we learn to be “The Incredibles” with Martial Arts! Camper will have the opportunity to meet local heroes at the Middleton Fire Department.

9091027Week 10- Age 9 Treasure Hunters Week 10- Age 9 Treasure HuntersAugust 12 – August 16
There is treasure at Swim&Gym and it is up to you to find it! Will you discover it as you walk the plank at Badger Gymnastics and fall into the foam pit or as you sail the high seas and dodge cannonballs at SwimWest? Defend your captain as you prepare to set sail for a fossil and rock excursion at the Geology Museum.
9091028Week 11- Age 9 Beach Party Week 11- Age 9 Beach PartyAugust 19 – August 23
Summer fun, we’ll be having a BLAST! Campers will spend a full week enjoying an awesome array of wacky water activities including an inflatable water slide, water balloon toss, swimming, and splashing water games. Our summer beach party takes place at Devil’s Lake State Park, campers come ready for fun! This week will guarantee to leave you cool, wet and enjoying all that summer has to offer.