8564335Red Pollywogs M 3:15Wait ListRed Pollywogs M 3:15 Mon3:15pm-4:00pm5 - 6fullBrittany S.North Gym - Current96.00
8564391Red Pollywogs M 3:15RegisterRed Pollywogs M 3:15 Mon3:15pm-4:00pm5 - 63Samantha W.North Gym - Current96.00
8564406Red Pollywogs M 4:15Wait ListRed Pollywogs M 4:15 Mon4:15pm-5:00pm5 - 6fullSamantha W.North Gym - Current96.00
8564376Red Pollywogs M 5:15 Red Pollywogs M 5:15 Mon5:15pm-6:00pm5 - 6fullSophia B.North Gym - Current96.00
8564403Red Pollywogs M 6:15RegisterRed Pollywogs M 6:15 Mon6:15pm-7:00pm5 - 61Sophia B.North Gym - Current96.00
8564394Red Pollywogs T 3:15RegisterRed Pollywogs T 3:15 Tue3:15pm-4:00pm5 - 62Michelle C.North Gym - Current96.00
8564339Red Pollywogs T 3:15RegisterRed Pollywogs T 3:15 Tue3:15pm-4:00pm5 - 64Brittany S.North Gym - Current96.00
8564390Red Pollywogs T 4:15Wait ListRed Pollywogs T 4:15 Tue4:15pm-5:00pm5 - 6fullBrittany S.North Gym - Current96.00
8564343Red Pollywogs T 5:15Wait ListRed Pollywogs T 5:15 Tue5:15pm-6:00pm5 - 6fullBrittany S.North Gym - Current96.00
8564341Red Pollywogs T 6:15Wait ListRed Pollywogs T 6:15 Tue6:15pm-7:00pm5 - 6fullBrittany S.North Gym - Current96.00
8564369Red Pollywogs W 4:15Wait ListRed Pollywogs W 4:15 Wed4:15pm-5:00pm5 - 6fullNatalia M.North Gym - Current96.00
8564346Red Pollywogs W 5:15Wait ListRed Pollywogs W 5:15 Wed5:15pm-6:00pm5 - 6fullNatalia M.North Gym - Current96.00
8564385Red Pollywogs W 6:15RegisterRed Pollywogs W 6:15 Wed6:15pm-7:00pm5 - 61Natalia M.North Gym - Current96.00
8564337Red Pollywogs Th 3:15Wait ListRed Pollywogs Th 3:15 Thu3:15pm-4:00pm5 - 6fullEmily C.North Gym - Current96.00
8566158Red Pollywogs Th 3:15RegisterRed Pollywogs Th 3:15 Thu3:15pm-4:00pm5 - 62Samantha W.North Gym - Current96.00
8564355Red Pollywogs Th 5:15RegisterRed Pollywogs Th 5:15 Thu5:15pm-6:00pm5 - 61Emily C.North Gym - Current96.00
8564338Red Pollywogs Th 6:15RegisterRed Pollywogs Th 6:15 Thu6:15pm-7:00pm5 - 63Brittany S.North Gym - Current96.00
8564370Red Pollywogs Th 6:15RegisterRed Pollywogs Th 6:15 Thu6:15pm-7:00pm5 - 62Emily C.North Gym - Current96.00
8564362Red Pollywogs S 11:15Wait ListRed Pollywogs S 11:15 Sat11:15am-12:00pm5 - 6fullDavid G.North Gym - Current96.00
8564364Red Pollywogs S 11:15Wait ListRed Pollywogs S 11:15 Sat11:15am-12:00pm5 - 6fullDante D.North Gym - Current96.00
8567045Jump! Dance - RedRegisterJump! Dance - Red**This is a supplement to our Gymnastics Classes**

In this class, students are taught the leaps, turns, body control, posture, and more to improve their gymnastics ability. Dance improves children's memory, focus, and helps them to understand how to isolate and control
different parts of their body. All of this will help them to get their gymnastics' skills quicker and make their floor and beam routines more fluid and poised, right down to their pointed toes.
Sat9:15am-10:00am5 - 62Nikki M.North Gym - Current96.00
9081522Red Pollywogs F 4:50Wait ListRed Pollywogs F 4:50 Fri4:50pm-5:40pm5 - 6fullDavid G.North Gym - Current96.00
9218074Red Pollywogs F 4:50RegisterRed Pollywogs F 4:50 Fri4:50pm-5:40pm5 - 61Dante D.North Gym - Current96.00
9259307Red Pollywogs F 3:50Wait ListRed Pollywogs F 3:50Sign up now for our Red Pollywogs class for the 2019-2020 School Year. Classes will begin August 30, 2019!Fri3:50pm-4:40pm5 - 6fullDante D.North Gym - 2019-2020 School Year96.00
10153912Red Pollywogs S 12:15Wait ListRed Pollywogs S 12:15 Sat12:15pm-1:00pm5 - 6fullDavid G.North Gym - Current96.00