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RegisterClassDescriptionDaysTimesGenderAgesOpeningsClass StartsClass EndsSessionTuition
8678787Free trial classRegisterFree trial classWe will contact you to confirm your free trialMon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat12:00am-5:00amBoth - 708/12/18 2018-2019 
8651292Private tumble requestRegisterPrivate tumble requestRequest your private class here. We will email you back with coach availability and cost 12:00am-1:00pmBoth - 509/09/1812/31/18  
8003485Demo Baby Stars RegisterDemo Baby Stars Summer Monday \nFall TBA\nTumbling included in this class\nLimited spots - Age 3 - 5 only\nComps: \nLevel 1 Demo Mon6:00pm-7:00pmBoth2 - 5107/09/1805/20/192018-201960.00
8594749Intro to tumblingRegisterIntro to tumblingLearn to bridge, walkovers and cartwheels\nLevel 1 \nPrerequisite - NONE \nNo make ups for missed classes\n3 classes only\nNon-Members must pay $35 Registration feeWed7:00pm-8:00pmBoth3 - 13208/01/1808/23/182018-201960.00
8130311Saturday 10am Level 3RegisterSaturday 10am Level 3Learn and master tucks, layouts and running passes \nLevel 3 & 4\nPrerequisite - MUST have mastered level 2 skills including specialty running pass \nNo make ups for missed classes\nNon-Members must pay $35 Registration feeSat10:00am-11:00amBoth3 - 13106/02/1808/18/182018-201975.00
7976948Summer Camp August 13 - 17RegisterSummer Camp August 13 - 17The $175 competitive registration fee does not apply to our camps.\nDesigned for all ages\nLevel 1 5 tumbling and technique, Advanced stunting and flying lessons. Complex motions and dance combos\nLearn to master all jump variations, Strength and endurance drills\n9am 4pm Full day\n$180+HST/Week \n(Extended hrs are available 7:30am-9am and/or 4-6pm for $7 per hour \nMon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri9:00am-4:00pmBoth4 - 15208/13/1808/17/182017-2018180.00
8334554DIAMONDZ PREPRegisterDIAMONDZ PREPCompetitive cheer \nSummer tentative Saturday 10am\nComps: \nLevel PrepSat10:00am-11:00amBoth5 - 11206/16/1805/19/192018-201965.00
8252832Mini 1 QueensRegisterMini 1 QueensSummer Tentative Monday \nElite stream\nComps: \nLevel 1\nBID comp teamMon6:30pm-8:00pmBoth5 - 8306/11/1805/19/192018-2019100.00
8252798Tiny 1 SPARKLERegisterTiny 1 SPARKLECompetitive cheer \nSummer tentative Tuesday 5:30-6:30\nComps: \nLevel 1Tue5:30pm-6:30pmBoth5 - 6306/12/1805/19/192018-201965.00
8252858Mini 2 SassyKatzRegisterMini 2 SassyKatzSummer Tentative Tuesday\'s \nElite stream\nComps: \nBID comp teamTue6:00pm-8:00pmBoth6 - 8306/12/1805/19/192018-2019108.86
8296817Gemz EliteRegisterGemz EliteSummer Wednesday \nComps: \nWed, Fri5:00pm-9:00pmBoth10 - 19106/13/1805/12/192018-2019115.05
8296688RoyalsRegisterRoyalsCompetitive cheer age 12 - 18Thu7:00pm-9:00pmBoth10 - 18806/14/1805/12/192018-2019108.86