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9043834Tuff Guy WinterWait ListTuff Guy WinterThis program is for ages 4-5 year old. (10 kids maximum) This class we will focus more on drills and position than actual moves. Without the right position every move becomes much more difficult. Once the position is down the moves are much more successful. This class will be 45 minutes long consisting of flexibility, wrestling coordination, explosion, drills, gymnastics, position based technique, basic level techniques, strength and of course some FUN. Parents are not allowed in the room. If there is a problem with a kid we will let the parents know. \n6 sessions. No practice on January 23rdWed5:00pm-5:45pmBoth4 - 5001/02/1902/13/1918-19 Season95.00
9043767Cave Man WinterWait ListCave Man WinterThis program is a step above Tuff Guy and a precusor to our Monday night Pre-Elite program. You have to be 5 years old prior to the start of the class. There will be 15 min athletic training, plyos, agility, gymnastics mixed with 30 min of drilling and wrestling. We will be teaching basic moves and positions needed for Pre-Elite Monday group. Parents are not allowed in the room during this class. 6 Sessions, no practice January 23rdWed5:00pm-5:45pmBoth5 - 7001/02/1902/13/1918-19 Season95.00
8215269Youth Pre-Elite 1Wait ListYouth Pre-Elite 1Pre-Elite 1 is on Mondays for 7 yr olds(as of Sept 1st, 2017), 6yr olds by tryout only. This should not be your first year wrestling as you should have at least 1 year of club practice. We will go over basic drills and moves that are important for wrestling, as well as body control. We have increased the time to 1 hr 30 minutes, with the last 15 minutes being all athleticism-agility, gymnastics, flexibility, body control, core strength. Tuition is $1300 if paying monthly.Mon5:30pm-7:00pmBoth7 - 8009/09/1806/03/1918-19 Season1,200.00
8215301Youth Pre-Elite PlatinumRegisterYouth Pre-Elite PlatinumIn addition to your regular Pre- Elite class(Pre-Elite 2 or 3), we will have the following;\n20-25 Wednesdays during the year\nExtra practices before Tulsa Nationals, and Northern Plains\nSept 9-June 3th for Sundays\nWednesday times will vary, sometimes they will be 1 hr, sometimes 1hr30min \n Cost:$1600 if paid in full - $1700 if paying monthlyWed, Sun Both9 - 14109/09/1806/03/1918-19 Season1,600.00
8215381High School During SeasonWait ListHigh School During SeasonOur popular High School During Season Program goes over basic and advanced techniques, as well as troubleshooting the problems individual wrestlers are having during the season. We will have optional time for "open wrestling" after practice if wrestlers would like to wrestle live, but the focus will be on technical issues. All 9th-12th graders are invited, 7th and 8th graders should be wrestling varsity, or should be with our youth. We may have 2 classes, or one combined class. If it is combined it will be at 7PM, if 2 classes it will be at 1:45Sun-Both13 - 19012/02/1802/24/1918-19 Season350.00
8215221High School Platinum High School PlatinumThis program includes the HS Pre-season program(tues, thurs), HS Pre-season Sunday only, HS During Season, and HS Postseason(sun, tues, thur) programs. If you decide to pay monthly, your tuition will be $100 more.\nHere is a breakdown of the savings compared to signing up seperately,\nHS Platinum - Sunday Preseason only($325) + HS Preseason($630) + HS During Season($350) + HS Postseason($795) = $2100 - savings of $300Tue, Thu, Sun Both13 - 19109/09/1806/03/1918-19 Season1,800.00
9124623High School Post Season 7:05RegisterHigh School Post Season 7:05Our popular High School Postseason class is 4 months of training, from the end of the High School Season to the beginning of Cadet/ Junior Nationals. This class is Sundays(choice of time 1:30 or 7), and Tuesday and Thursday at 7:05PM. Go to www.Pinnaclewrestlingschool.com for more informationTue, Thu, Sun Both13 - 191703/12/1907/06/1918-19 Season795.00