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9278182OVER THE RAINBOW HIP HOP M5:45-6:30pm (ages2-4)RegisterOVER THE RAINBOW HIP HOP M5:45-6:30pm (ages2-4)Somewhere over the rainbow is this fun + lively hip hop class for our Tiny Steppers. Your high energy dancers will love the colorful moves and golden grooves (all age appropriate, of course\!) as they enjoy nonstop movement and full-out fun\! Join us for fast-paced fun and super fly rainbow technique for our smallest hip hop crew. Each class will be a different color to celebrate.Mon5:45pm-6:30pmBoth2 - 4.92806/17/1907/08/192019 Summer Session62.00
9278187ROYAL ACADEMY BALLET & TAP M6:30-7:15pm (ages 2-5)RegisterROYAL ACADEMY BALLET & TAP M6:30-7:15pm (ages 2-5)This is not your average prince or princess camp. All of our dancers get the royal treatment and some crown jewels to take home\! This ballet & tap class is designed to make technique fun with fairytale music and awesome games for your prince or princess to clap their hands in delight to play.Mon6:30pm-7:15pmBoth2 - 5.92907/15/1908/05/192019 Summer Session62.00
9278185SWEET TREAT- Ballet & Tap M6:30-7:15pm (ages 2-5)RegisterSWEET TREAT- Ballet & Tap M6:30-7:15pm (ages 2-5)Tiny steppers will journey to the land of candy and enter the Candy Castle in this sweet ballet and tap dance class\! This magical class is full of all things dancing, glittery crafts, and even fun prizes\! It’s sure to be a sweet treat\! Mon6:30pm-7:15pmBoth2 - 5.921006/17/1907/08/192019 Summer Session62.00
9278186ZOO CREW HIP HOP M5:45-6:30pm (ages 2-4)RegisterZOO CREW HIP HOP M5:45-6:30pm (ages 2-4)Time for dinosaurs, unicorns, and even a llama or two\! Get ready to break it down with hip hop moves and animalistic grooves in this volcanic hip hop class\! As a member of the magical Hip Hop Crew, your energetic dancer will explore the land time forgot. Not only will they learn crazy hip hop moves they also dig the unique crafts and games each day in this exciting class\! It’s sure to be a fun vacation with your guide, Miss Melissa.Mon5:45pm-6:15pmBoth2 - 4.92807/15/1908/05/192019 Summer Session62.00
9278194#HIP HOP BACK IN TIME T5:45-6:45pm (ages 5-9)Register#HIP HOP BACK IN TIME T5:45-6:45pm (ages 5-9)Get ready for a summer of old school moves & new grooves. You will learn what your mom did “back in the day” and incorporate some fresh moves to show your mom what you got in 2019\! At the end, we will invite parents in to “battle” their style against yours. Each class we will honor a different decade of hip hop; 80’s, 90’s, 00’s so be prepared to dress the part. The fun is seeing how mom, dad, and even grandmother dressed while they were throwing down at the club\!Tue5:45pm-6:45pmBoth5 - 9.921207/16/1908/06/192019 Summer Session65.00
9278188#HIP HOP REMIX T5:45-6:45pm (ages 5-9)Register#HIP HOP REMIX T5:45-6:45pm (ages 5-9)Bring your BFFs, and get ready to #LOL your summer with our #hiphopREMIX class\! You will learn the coolest moves + grooves in this super fun Hip Hop Class\! At #hiphopREMIX, dancers will flex their creative muscles as they contribute to the artistic process of producing and starring in their own DANCE music video\!\! Our hip hop dance video stars should dress the part and wear their coolest fresh + fun hip hop fashion as we will be filming each day\! Tue5:45pm-6:45pmBoth5 - 9.921006/18/1907/09/192019 Summer Session65.00
9278190END OF SUMMER CELEBRATION JAZZ & LYRICAL T6:45-7:45pm (ages 6-9)RegisterEND OF SUMMER CELEBRATION JAZZ & LYRICAL T6:45-7:45pm (ages 6-9)Wear your shades and get ready to party down with music that makes you want to run for the beach\! You will learn jazz moves for those hot days and lyrical moves for those ocean breeze nights. Think swimming pools, beach towels, beach balls, and sunscreen because this beach trip is going to be awesome.Tue6:45pm-7:45pmBoth6 - 9.921207/16/1908/06/192019 Summer Session65.00
9278189SO YOU KNOW YOU CAN DANCE JAZZ & LYRICAL T6:45-7:45pm (ages 6-9)RegisterSO YOU KNOW YOU CAN DANCE JAZZ & LYRICAL T6:45-7:45pm (ages 6-9)You got the idea so let’s learn the choreography to make this happen\! Have a blast learning audition routines in both lyrical & jazz. These are the popular styles that are shown on TV each week and we know you will look fierce enough at the end of the 4-weeks to take the stage and make it to the end of any competition. Tue6:45pm-7:45pmBoth6 - 9.921306/18/1907/09/192019 Summer Session65.00
9277994Ballet M6:45-7:45pm (ages (8-10)RegisterBallet M6:45-7:45pm (ages (8-10) Mon6:45pm-7:45pmBoth8 - 10.921606/24/1907/15/192019 Summer Session65.00
9278008Hip Hop T6:45-7:45pmRegisterHip Hop T6:45-7:45pm Tue6:45pm-7:45pmBoth8 - 10.921506/25/1907/16/192019 Summer Session65.00
9277989Jazz-M5:45-6:45pm (ages 8-10)RegisterJazz-M5:45-6:45pm (ages 8-10) Mon5:45pm-6:45pmBoth8 - 10.921506/24/1907/15/192019 Summer Session65.00
9277999Lyrical- M7:45-8:45pm (ages 8-10)RegisterLyrical- M7:45-8:45pm (ages 8-10) Mon7:45pm-8:45pmBoth8 - 10.921006/24/1907/15/192019 Summer Session65.00
9278009Tap T7:45-8:45pm (ages 8-10)RegisterTap T7:45-8:45pm (ages 8-10) Tue7:45pm-8:45pmBoth8 - 10.921406/25/1907/16/192019 Summer Session65.00
9278011Tumble T5:45-6:45pm (ages 8-10)RegisterTumble T5:45-6:45pm (ages 8-10) Tue5:45pm-6:45pmBoth8 - 10.92906/25/1907/16/192019 Summer Session65.00
9277974Ballet-M5:45-6:45pm (ages 11 & up)RegisterBallet-M5:45-6:45pm (ages 11 & up) Mon5:45pm-6:45pmBoth11 - 181706/24/1907/15/192019 Summer Session65.00
9277980Contemporary-M7:45-8:45pm (ages 11 & up)RegisterContemporary-M7:45-8:45pm (ages 11 & up) Mon7:45pm-8:45pmBoth11 - 181706/24/1907/15/192019 Summer Session65.00
9278003Hip Hop T7:45-8:45pm (ages 11 & up)RegisterHip Hop T7:45-8:45pm (ages 11 & up) Tue7:45pm-8:45pmBoth11 - 181706/25/1907/16/192019 Summer Session65.00
9277978Jazz- M6:45-7:45pm (ages 11 & up)RegisterJazz- M6:45-7:45pm (ages 11 & up) Mon6:45pm-7:45pmBoth11 - 181706/24/1907/15/192019 Summer Session65.00
9278006Tap T5:45-6:45pm (ages 11 & up)RegisterTap T5:45-6:45pm (ages 11 & up) Tue5:45pm-6:45pmBoth11 - 181806/25/1907/16/192019 Summer Session65.00
9278012Tumble T6:45-7:45pm (ages 11 & up)RegisterTumble T6:45-7:45pm (ages 11 & up) Tue6:45pm-7:45pmBoth11 - 181306/25/1907/16/192019 Summer Session65.00
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